66 Tracking

“Thank you.” Yin Tao could still feel the warmth in the coat, and she felt the anxiety easing.

“Boss, we seem to be trailed.” Ji Yu’s driving skills were very good. He drove very quickly, but at this moment, there was a black car about ten odd meters away from them, following them at a constant speed.

Yin Tao and Feng Jing saw the car behind them through the rearview mirror.

“Could it be that Jiang Xing from just now?” Yin Tao felt that he was a person who was capable of doing something like this.

“No, that car doesn’t cost more than 500,000 yuan. It should be from the casino.” Feng Jing became vigilant. He leaned forward and entered a new address into the GPS. He said to Ji Yu, “Drive the car here first and then we’ll talk.”

Ji Yu nodded and sped up.

“Did the casino discover our identities?” Yin Tao felt that tonight’s experience was a little unreal. She had never been in such a situation before.

“No, they’re just more vigilant.” Feng Jing looked at Yin Tao and comforted her, “If they had really discovered our identities, they wouldn’t have let us leave.”

Looking at Feng Jing beside her, Yin Tao felt that there were still many things about him that she didn’t understand.

“Brother Feng, have you really been to a casino before? Why do you know so much?” Yin Tao has asked something that Ji Yu was also curious about. As he drove, he pricked up his ears to listen to the conversation between Feng Jing and Yin Tao.

“Of course not. It’s not as if these things are hard to learn. I’ve come into contact with many criminals who are addicted to gambling, so I especially want to understand some simple rules of gambling.” Feng Jing undid two buttons on his collar. He was usually in casual wear when he worked. After wearing formal clothes for the entire night, Feng Jing felt uncomfortable.

“But you’re too amazing. You can win so many times just by simply understanding the rules.” Yin Tao thought of Feng Jing’s behavior at the gambling table and felt that perhaps Feng Jing was really talented in this aspect.

“Even if you played today, you would also continue to win.” There was a deeper meaning in Feng Jing’s words. He looked at the puzzled Yin Tao and asked, “Xiaoyin, have you carefully observed the few people at the gambling table?”

Hearing Feng Jing’s question, Yin Tao nodded her head. She had indeed observed everyone at the gambling table.

“That red-haired Jiang Xing should be an out-and-out wealthy heir. He looks less than 30 years old. Judging from his dressing, he’s an arrogant young master.”

Seeing Feng Jing nod his head, Yin Tao continued, “The President Lei that Zhao Hui mentioned should be a minor boss. His figure is slightly plump, and the style of his clothes and belt are brands that only a nouveau riche would choose. Looking at the way he was panting and perspiring, it is likely he keeps late nights or leads a decadent life. His health is clearly not good.”

“That’s very accurate. What kind of person do you think President He is then?” Feng Jing looked at Yin Tao and asked.

“Although President He has a smile on his face, he exudes an uncomfortable air.” Yin Tao recalled the man with glasses and a kind smile. She added, “Actually, he is the weirder one. Whether he was losing or winning, there wasn’t any obvious change in his expression.”

“Even Jiang Xing, who doesn’t care much about money, will have some unhappy expressions when he loses money. However, this President He seems to take money very lightly. However, he might be putting up a front. After all, how many people who really don’t care about money would come to gamble?”

Yin Tao didn’t know if her analysis was correct. She looked at Feng Jing anxiously, hoping that he would tell her the truth.

“Has it occurred to you that it’s not that President He doesn’t care about money, but that he didn’t lose any money at all?” Feng Jing reminded Yin Tao. As a forensic doctor, Yin Tao’s observation skills were quite good.

“He didn’t lose…” Yin Tao pondered for a moment before she suddenly came to a realization and said to Feng Jing, “He’s in cahoots with the people from the casino. This game was deliberately set up by President He. he controlled who won or lost.”

When Feng Jing saw Yin Tao’s enlightened expression, the corners of his mouth unconsciously curled up as he agreed, “That’s right, so the outcome of this game had already been decided.”

“Boss, why did they let you win?” Ji Yu also got what Feng Jing meant as he drove.

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