"Sell it for the money, sell it for the money!"

"As long as 1 yuan, the whole place is on sale!"

"Come and see, come and see, everything is cheap!"

Accompanied by the buzzing sound of hawking downstairs, Wu Xiaoyin fell asleep. At the moment before losing consciousness, Wu Xiaoyin was still thinking: Tomorrow after receiving his graduation certificate, he can go to see the newly rented house, after all, the rented house is relatively close to the company. See what is still missing, and you can also buy the things you need to buy at the nearby supermarkets, and you are finally about to start a new life.

However, when the chirping of insects and birds and the morning breeze awakened Wu Xiaoyin, the surrounding environment made Wu Xiaoyin at a loss. In front of him at a distance of 0.00000001 centimeters, a colorful giant tiger stared straight at Wu Xiaoyin with its huge eyes.

In the next moment, Wu Xiaoyin swallowed a mouthful of saliva with difficulty, and tilted his head slightly. This tiger was 10 times bigger than the tiger seen in "Animal World", and the eyes staring at Wu Xiaoyin were comparable to Wu Xiaoyin's head. Great!

Not only after a moment, but also for a long time, Wu Xiaoyin felt that his eyes were extremely sour, and even tears fell down his thin face. With the idea of ​​dying early and being reborn sooner, Wu Xiaoyin gave up trying to struggle. After all, comparing the running speed with this huge tiger is a rhythm of looking for death every minute, not to mention that there is nothing worth nostalgic in this world.

After her parents divorced at the age of 7, only the income from her monthly account proved the existence of her parents. The nanny took care of Wu Xiaoyin until she was 16 years old, and Wu Xiaoyin began to live alone. Therefore, family affection, the biggest fetter in the world, does not exist in the first place.

Of course, Wu Xiaoyin used to be very eager for family affection. After all, how lonely and anxious a person's life is, ordinary people can't understand it. However, when Wu Xiaoyin found out her parents' addresses from her parents' friends, she realized that the parents who were either silent or quarreling fiercely in his memory could laugh so carefree and so real in front of others. There is also the gentle and loving look in the eyes of the parents towards their children after they got married.

Wu Xiaoyin couldn't help wondering if the parents in his memory really existed?

From then on, Wu Xiaoyin never wanted anything other than money from her parents.

As for love, Wu Xiaoyin's body does not seem to secrete dobutaol, and he seems to have never experienced the feeling of shortness of breath and rapid heartbeat. I don’t know if it’s because her parents’ life has too much negative energy on Wu Xiaoyin. Wu Xiaoyin’s attitude towards love is very pessimistic. Either love and life exist for the convenience of life and moral constraints, or the desire to reproduce and the temptation of money Lead to the generation of love and the necessary meaning of existence.

Therefore, for Wu Xiaoyin, love is a non-existent thing in life. Yes, it is neither a luxury that is beyond reach, nor a necessity that exists to have, but a non-existent substance that cannot be believed and cannot be believed.

Finally, about friendship, this is the most difficult course in Wu Xiaoyin's study career. I don't know why he never tires of the theme of a certain goddess or a pure love school girl in the budding period between boys. For those games that seem to be full of enthusiasm, day and night, sleepless nights, forgetting to eat and sleep, the momentary pleasure and sense of accomplishment that you get at the end disappears too fast, and it is too late to grasp, and finally lost in a mess. Wu Xiaoyin said that she couldn't get involved in such a unique taste and joy of life.

The author has something to say: Newcomers, update irregularly, as a freshman who just graduated from university, full of confusion about the future, I want to find out whether there is a new world from the text.

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