Wu Xiaoyin was no stranger to Lei Lu's behavior of holding her in his arms all the time. So, he wrapped his hands around Lei Lu's neck obediently.

After hearing Lei Lu's question, Wu Xiaoyin didn't want to deny it, and said truthfully: "Lei Lu, I feel that something is wrong with me recently. Didn't you tell me at the beginning that I caught a cold? The reason for the discomfort is this, but it has been a month, and the body is almost adjusted according to the reason. Why do I feel very tired and feel tight in the chest after walking from the tribe to the outskirts of the forest? I feel weird about my body, and I can’t use my strength.”

After Lei Lu heard Xiaoxiao's words, the corners of his mouth tightened, and he buried Xiaoxiao in his arms, silently resting his head on his shoulder, and said: "Xiaoxiao, you are not from the Beastman Continent." You have grown up, so there is still a big gap between your body and the females in the Beastman Continent. Bin and Xiaokai are both the same age as you, and their bodies are much better than yours."

Hearing this, Wu Xiaoyin refuted Lei Lu, saying: "But when I was living on the earth, my health was not so bad. It is impossible for me to get so bad when I catch a cold in the Beastman Continent. What is going on? Woolen cloth?"

Lei Lu was silent for a while, patted Xiao Xiao's back with one hand, and said: "Xiao Xiao, because you don't belong here, the Beast God brought you here, but the Beast God can't change your body. , your body may be healthy in the place where you lived before, but it cannot adapt well to the Beastman Continent. This is something that even the Beast God can't change at once. So, little you have to accept this, of course , It’s my fault that I didn’t wait for you to fully understand the common language of the orcs before explaining it to you again, so you were confused.”

After Wu Xiaoyin heard Lei Lu's explanation, he was stunned for a while, until Xiao Kai who had dispersed to collect food yelled, Wu Xiaoyin came back to his senses: "Little, look, I found the giant spicy fruit here. Alright, I’m good, there are so many here!”

Wu Xiaoyin took the words subconsciously, "Okay, I'll be right over."

After speaking, he glanced at Lei Lu, and Wu Xiaoyin could clearly feel Lei Lu's worry: "Lei Lu, I know, my body is still not used to the Beastman Continent, is it? I still need to recover slowly, yes That means, right?"

Lei Lu nodded affirmatively after hearing this, and said: "Yes, Xiaoxiao, you will gradually get better, but this process will take a long time, and your height may not be like that of ordinary females. It's so tall, but it should be able to grow longer, it should be..."

Speaking of this, Lei Lu couldn't help but feel a little guilty, because after the age of 20, the height of females generally won't change much. Mostly, their bodies become stronger and they adapt to the life of husband and wife with males after adulthood.

But Wu Xiaoyin didn't notice the twinkle in Lei Lu's eyes, she really thought she could still grow taller, and was very excited.

Seeing Xiaoxiao's happy appearance, although Lei Lu couldn't bear to spoil it, he still followed the principle of not cheating females, and said, "Xiaoxiao, the probability of this is already very small, after all, most of you will be in the next 5 years. In order to take care of the body, the possibility of supplying it to the height is relatively small."

Wu Xiaoyin was immersed in joy, echoed Lei Lu and said: "I know, it is possible, that is to say, it is not impossible. I will exercise more in the future, and I will definitely grow taller again. You I don't even know how envious I am when I see you grow up so tall!"

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