When they saw the achievements of Wu Xiaoyin and others, even Lei Lu and others who had known them before were very surprised. However, when everyone wanted to pickle the prey drastically, Wu Xiaoyin raised a question: "Lei Lu, we don't have enough salt in our house, which could have been used for the entire cold season. Such a large amount If you use coarse salt too much, the stock of coarse salt will not be enough."

After hearing this, Lei Lu frowned.

Seeing Lei Lu like this, Wu Xiaoyin asked, "Where did the salt in the tribe come from before?"

The patriarch Kun is the one who has the most say, and replied: "It was exchanged from the Giant Snake Tribe before, and the asking price was the price of a piece of animal skin in exchange for a family's usage for a month. In this case, this time On the exchange day of the harvest season, we must pay a lot of fur and animal meat to meet the demand for salt."

When everyone heard this, they couldn't help but become dignified. The people of the Giant Snake Tribe were extremely cunning. As a female of the Giant Snake Tribe, Mu silently lowered her head.

If this year's exchange day, the amount of coarse salt exchanged by the Giant Tiger Tribe is too much more than the previous year, it will arouse suspicion, especially under the current situation where the relationship between the Giant Tiger Tribe and the Giant Snake Tribe is not very good. And there is also the cunning giant fox tribe, which is even more difficult to guard against.

Although the orcs in the Orc Continent have always been watching and helping each other, the Giant Tiger Tribe is still on the premise of protecting the interests of their own tribe. You can see that the Giant Snake Tribe has firmly grasped the method of making salt in their own hands. There is a light gauze technique of the giant fox tribe, which is inseparable.

Feeling the atmosphere of silence, Wu Xiaoyin raised her hand weakly. As the only female present, Wu Xiaoyin expressed that the pressure was a little heavy and her heart couldn't bear it.

Lei Lu kept holding Xiao Xiao, watching Xiao Xiao, and said, "Xiao Xiao, what do you want to say?"

Wu Xiaoyin coughed, pulled everyone out of the gloomy atmosphere, and said, "If it's about coarse salt, I can help a little. I know roughly how to make it."

As soon as Wu Xiaoyin's words fell, everyone's eyes fell on Wu Xiaoyin's face, as if they could tell whether Wu Xiaoyin could really make coarse salt by looking at Wu Xiaoyin's face.

At this time, Lei Lu saw everyone's eyes and asked, "Xiao Xiao, do you really know how to make it? This is a matter of great importance to the entire tribe."

Although Lei Lu wanted to protect Xiaoxiao well, after seeing Xiaoxiao's efforts to contribute to the tribe, he didn't stop much, but just tried his best to take care of Xiaoxiao's body. Salt making is really important for the whole tribe, especially it is difficult for females and cubs to get enough salt from fresh flesh, and the body will become weak, so coarse salt is often for females and cubs. Cubs are prepared, and females and cubs are the guarantee and foundation of the existence of the tribe.

That's why Lei Lu asked Xiao Xiao so seriously, but Lei Lu's eyes showed confidence and complacency, uh... yes, complacency.

Seeing Lei Lu's serious trust, Wu Xiaoyin felt warm in his heart, but seeing the faint complacency in Lei Lu's eyes, he felt amused again, Wu Xiaoyin said it was very sour!

However, Wu Xiaoyin still answered Lei Lu's question very solemnly, and said, "Yes, when I was traveling in a seaside city, I saw how to make sea salt. Of course, there is an easier way, just to see if it is It is not the existence of saline-alkali land, salt lakes and other places that can solve our urgent needs."

After hearing this, Kun thought for a while and said, "If this is the case, is it too late for us to start now?"

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