Lian saw that she was showing favor to Lei Lu one after another, but Lei Lu turned a blind eye. She couldn't help being anxious, and she couldn't bear it anymore, so she turned her head and left. There is a mixture of ambition and contempt, it seems that Wu Xiaoyin's being in Lei Lu's arms can't prevent him from finally becoming Lei Lu's female.

Lian left, followed by a large group of Lian's admirers.

Wu Xiaoyin, who was carried away by Lei Lu, looked at Lian with her chin raised, and she was completely different from before in front of Lei Lu. She couldn't help but feel that this acting skill is currently the only one in the Orc Continent, compared to Qi from the Giant Tiger Tribe. His ability has increased by more than a period!

When he arrived at the place where the giant fox tribe placed the herbs, Leilu took a few glances, pointed to the ones that were needed, and said to the orcs guarding the herbs: "We want as many of these as we want, and someone will come to take the animal skins." exchanged with you."

Under Leilu's aura, the giant fox orcs guarding the herbs didn't dare to do anything wrong, but they couldn't ignore the orders of the leader Lin, so they told Leilu what Lin said: "This year, our herbal medicine deal The items can be increased to ten pieces of giant bull hides or twenty pieces of giant rabbit hides, or five pieces of giant deer hides and a bag of herbs."

After hearing this, Lei Lu said, "Let Lin come over, I think we need to talk."

The orc felt Lei Lu's momentum, and immediately ran to Lin's tent. After a while, Lin appeared in front of Lei Lu, with the corner of his mouth raised, and said, "What's the matter, do you have any questions about trading herbs?"

Lei Lu looked at Lin and said, "Why has the price of herbal medicines increased so much? Last year, wasn't it possible to trade a bag of herbal medicines for six giant bull hides?"

Hearing Lei Lu's question, Lin smiled and said, "It's because it's not easy to pick herbs this year. When the harvest season just entered this year, some prey trampled a lot of herbs in the area we usually pick. So the number has decreased, and the number of animal skins exchanged has naturally increased."

Hearing Lin's words, Wu Xiaoyin couldn't help but think that the people of this giant fox tribe really have a lot of thoughts. Obviously, the white lotus flower said that this year's herbal medicine picking seems to be a bumper harvest. Why is there a shortage of herbal medicine in Lin's mouth now? Woolen cloth!

So, Wu Xiaoyin said, "But that's not what the female said before." After finishing speaking, she pointed to the white lotus in the distance, and said, "I heard that you have more herbs this year than last year. .”

When Lin saw where Wu Xiaoyin was pointing, he knew that Lian had probably told Wu Xiaoyin and his party about the specific condition of the herbs. After all, Lin knew that since Lian saw Lei Lu on the trading day three years ago, she liked Lei Lu very much. He doesn't even look down on him, but this is not good for him to compete for the next patriarch. After all, if he can pair up with the patriarch's only female, then the next patriarch must be himself. However, Lian didn't like her. Even though she tried her best to show her love and flattery for Lian, this female just set her eyes on Lei Lu.

Thinking of this, Lin was more determined not to change his words, and said: "Although Lian picked herbs along with her, she didn't know the exact amount of herbs. More than half of our tribe's herbal picking areas were destroyed by prey this year. This is a fact. If you don't believe me, ask Ask people in our tribe to know if what I say is true."

Wu Xiaoyin sees this picture of Lin, do you like to buy it or not, anyway, I am Lin at this price, I absolutely cannot accept the extra animal skins, who made Wu Xiaoyin a miser, although there is no money in this world, but animal skins Isn't it equal to money!

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