Wu Xiaoyin's doubts were promptly answered by Lei Lu, because Lei Lu couldn't bear to see his little frown, and didn't want to see it for a second. Therefore, Leilu said: "This is because in the contest between the giant lion tribe and the giant leopard tribe, the male characteristics of the giant lion tribe are to challenge powerful prey, but the males of the giant leopard tribe are not as powerful as In the giant lion tribe, often one male of the giant lion tribe can solve the giant bull beast, and the giant leopard tribe may need two or even three males to cooperate to solve it. So..."

Datta followed Leilu's words: "So, in order to keep competing with the males of our tribe, the giant leopard tribe wants to win by numbers. And the prey are not big in size, but they are huge in number when they are piled up. "

Wu Xiaoyin heard Leilu and Data's explanation, and asked: "Since the strength of a single male in the giant leopard tribe is insufficient, and I know that the prey should not be very difficult to catch after seeing the animal skin, then why is the giant leopard tribe ranked first?" The third place in the entire Beastman Continent? Is it also the same as the giant wolf tribe with strong teamwork ability?"

Datta, who knows the giant leopard tribe best, returned: "No, Xiaoxiao. The strength of a single giant leopard tribe is insufficient, but its speed can make up for it, and it has the most innate ability to attack. Therefore, the giant leopard tribe can row In third place."

Wu Xiaoyin nodded, expressing his understanding, and asked Lei Lu: "Don't we need to trade some animal skins? The dried and pickled fruits we brought are not traded."

Lei Lu expressed that he didn't want Xiaoxiao to wear the skins of prey captured by other orcs, but how could Lei Lu tell Xiaoxiao his true thoughts frankly! So, Lei Lu said: "The amount of animal skins in our family is completely enough. Didn't Xiaoxiao ask about it before?"

Wu Xiaoyin nodded in the affirmative, but it would be a fool not to take advantage of the advantages. Thinking of such a large transaction, he might exchange fewer items for more animal skins, and said: "We don't need to make all the animal skins into Bedding such as clothes or quilts can also be made into other warm items such as hats, gloves, and hand warmers, and the size of the animal skins of the giant leopard tribe is more suitable."

When Lei Lu heard Xiaoxiao talk about warm items, and that the animal skins of the giant leopard tribe were more suitable, he knew that Xiaoxiao didn't really need the animal skins of the giant leopard tribe, but these animal skins made Xiaoxiao think of it. It's just for other purposes, so I deftly shifted my eyes and changed the subject.

Thinking of the dried and pickled fruits in the previous novel, I said: "Xiaoxiao, didn't you say that the dried and pickled fruits we brought have not been traded yet? We have seen all the tribes, let's go back, See if anyone wants to trade our dried and pickled fruit."

Datta has been paying attention to the conversation between Wu Xiaoyin and Lei Lu, and when he heard something about fruit, he asked, "Xiaoxiao, what are dried and pickled fruits?"

At this time, Xiao Kai played his chattering function, and clattered out what dried fruit and pickled fruit were, but Xiao Kai, who was still cautious in his heart, did not say how to make it, but only said that it can preserve fruit for a long time. One point made Data very excited. He thought that the Juhu Tribe's long-term preservation of animal meat was already amazing, but he didn't expect to be able to preserve fruits.

So, Datta hurriedly took Xiao Kai and walked towards the camp of the Juhu Tribe.

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