The trading day soon came to an end. Wu Xiaoyin saw the animal skins that had been rolled into hills and bags of herbs in the camp of the Juhu Tribe. I don't know how tough and difficult the cold season is, but from Xiao Kai and Bin's description, I know that the cold season represents an ominous omen of death.

So, seeing Xiao Kai and Bin, and even Sko and Feng looking at these supplies with bright eyes, they wished they could laugh three times to express their inner joy. Even Lei Lu's eyes were shining. Happy and content to see.

Compared with the national celebration of the Giant Tiger Tribe, the coarse salt trade of the Giant Snake Tribe is much worse this year, because the emergence of pickled animal meat meets the needs of the orcs for animal meat and coarse salt. It has dropped, so the amount of herbs and animal skins exchanged by the Giant Snake Tribe this year is a full 20% less than in previous years. This is undoubtedly a huge blow to the cold season.

Therefore, until the end of the trading day, all the orcs of the Giant Snake Tribe were in a bad mood. As the team leader, Ken’s mood can even be described as resentment. After making a meritorious service, he got the news that the giant tiger tribe can make salt and marinated animal meat by itself. This made Ken unable to hide his panic while being angry. After all, the giant snake tribe has relied on coarse salt for too long, and a lot of herbs Both herbal medicine and animal skins come from trading, and the demand for herbs and animal skins in the cold season is too great.

Thinking of the Giant Tiger Tribe threatening the survival of the Giant Snake Tribe, Ken felt that he must discuss with his father how to deal with the Giant Tiger Tribe after returning home. However, before leaving, I still have to give some benefits to the person who revealed the news to me. By the way, I can place an extra eyeliner in the Juhu tribe. My uncle Qi and younger brother Xin must have been secretly monitored and controlled in the Juhu tribe. , so the importance of this eyeliner is self-evident.

The giant tiger tribe on the other side is slowly packing up animal skins, herbs, and tents. This year, the giant tiger tribe's transactions are much faster than in previous years. Most of the things have been packed before, and now they are just dismantling the tents. , bundled together, and then they can be put on the orc's back together with herbs and animal hides to set off.

Holding Wu Xiaoyin in his arms, Lei Lu saw the unstoppable smiles on the faces of the clansmen and their relaxed movements, and said, "Pack up quickly, we are leaving soon, and we have to reach the first foothold before the sun goes down tonight. .”

Hearing Lei Lu's words, everyone moved a lot faster, but the smile on their faces never faded. After cleaning up quickly, Lei Lu turned into a beast shape, carefully placed his little one on his back, and roared up to the sky, the giant tiger tribe flew into the sky in a mighty manner, flying towards the direction of the giant tiger tribe go.

Ah Lu, who was a step behind, saw the black shadow gradually disappearing from the sky, and couldn't help complaining: "Li, I told you to bring me here quickly, you are still dawdling, look, I can't catch up now, I haven't talked to Xiaoxiao properly yet. Woolen cloth!"

Hearing what his younger brother said, Li rolled his eyes and muttered: "You are the one who has to come here by yourself. If I come here behind your back, it will not take a while..."

Hearing Li's muttering, Ah Lu gave Li a hard look, and said, "I've grown up now, I can't just sit on the back of an orc casually."

Hearing the words "casually", his anger rose slowly, his usual calmness and rationality disappeared, and he said: "You are my brother, I am your brother, we are relatives, how can I Could it be any orc?"

After speaking, without waiting for Alu's rebuttal, he took Alu's hand and went back to the camp of the giant wolf tribe. After a while, the giant wolf tribe also set out to fly to the north.

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