When Xiaokai heard Wu Xiaoyin's greeting and was about to speak, Bin saw Wu Xiaoyin's light footsteps, and when he kept his eyes on the giant squirrel not far in front, he knew what he was going to do, and moved quickly. Covering Xiaokai's mouth, he pointed at the giant squirrel in front of him, and only after confirming that Xiaokai saw the giant squirrel did he put his hand down.

So, led by the giant squirrel, Wu Xiaoyin and the three came to the tree hole of the giant squirrel, and saw all kinds of nuts and fruits piled up in the tree hole, and a large part of it was the giant rice held by the giant squirrel just now.

Wu Xiaoyin confirmed the giant rice, but Xiaokai and Bin were still at a loss. They just believed that Xiaoxiao was always right. This belief followed Wu Xiaoyin to the tree hole of the giant squirrel. Xiaokai immediately expressed doubts and lowered his voice. : "Xiao Xiao, what are we doing here with this giant squirrel?"

Wu Xiaoyin carefully watched the movement of the giant squirrel, saw the giant squirrel put the giant rice into the tree hole, turned around and came out, and immediately pulled Xiao Kai and Bin to hide behind a big tree that could cover the three of them tightly , and then answered Xiao Kai: "This giant squirrel held rice in its arms before, but compared with the rice on the earth, it is at least 10 times larger, so I followed this giant squirrel to find out the giant rice. source of rice."

When Xiao Kai heard the words "giant rice", he almost exclaimed. Fortunately, Bin covered Xiao Kai's mouth, and Xiao Kai gasped, almost choking to death. Glancing at Bin, he rolled down the hand covering himself, and said softly, "Let's follow quickly, so as not to lose the giant squirrel."

So, when Lei Lu, Kos and Feng saw that Wu Xiaoyin and others had disappeared, and hurriedly followed the scent to find them, they saw three little females running slowly behind a giant squirrel with their butts pouted. funny look.

However, how can other males see this cute look of their own female! So, the three males picked up their own female in unison. Wu Xiaoyin and the three of them were taken aback, but when they saw the blackened faces of the three males, they knew that they had touched their bottom line. Within the range of the male's line of sight, who knew that the figure of the little female was lost in the blink of an eye, how could he not be in a hurry? Why does his face look so good now?

With a low voice, Lei Lu asked while holding Xiao Xiao in his arms, "Why did you come here? I don't know if I'm worried? Xiao Xiao, huh?"

Frightened by the elongated "um", Wu Xiaoyin knew he was in the wrong, softened his voice, and said, "We saw this giant squirrel holding the rice we were looking for earlier. , that's why I ran out of your sight, I didn't mean it, don't be angry, okay?"

It was rare to hear his own soft and coquettish voice, Lei Lu was already secretly delighted in his heart, but his stern face was obviously not in line with his heart, and he said with a firm voice: "Even if this is the case, you should still be with me. Said, I will take you to find, you three females don't know anything in the strange forest, what if some wild beast suddenly rushes out and we are not here, what will you do?"

Hearing such a long passage from Lei Lu, at the same time, Wu Xiaoyin knew Lei Lu's impatience and worry, and felt sore and warm in his heart, that there is always someone in the world who centers on you and always focuses on you Wu Xiaoyin couldn't help but raised his hand to touch Lei Lu's face, comforting Lei Lu, and promised: "Lei Lu, I didn't think carefully this time, I should tell you first, and then we will go find it together For giant rice, I promise there will be no next time, okay?"

Lei Lu's answer was to hold Xiao Xiao tightly, without saying a word for a long time.

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