After walking out of the patriarch's house, Lei Lu sent the priest back to the priest's house, and then turned back to his own cave. And Wu Xiaoyin, who woke up from a nap in the cave, was looking at Leilu's Adiexi, and they couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief when they heard Leilu's footsteps coming back.

When Lei Lu returned to the cave, he saw four eyes looking at his little female and Dad, at this moment Lei Lu explained to Xi: "Daddy, the little female just came here, and she doesn't know what to say here yet. "Speaking, he slowly approached the little female, picked the little female up from the giant rabbit skin, and said slowly to the little female, "This is Daddy, Daddy." Wu Xiaoyin knew that this was teaching herself to call the opposite He asked the person’s name, so he opened his mouth and said: "Adie." Although it is not very standard, but you can tell that it is called Xi Adie, so Xi happily replied to the little female: "Hey."

Lei Lu was also very happy. Although he understood that the little female didn't even know the meaning of the word, it didn't matter that he would let the little female understand in the future, and let the little female keep barking. Lei Lu said to Xi: "Father, the little female is not feeling well, so I won't visit you these two days."

Xi immediately responded: "It's okay, is the little female's body okay? The little female's body is important." Lei Lu tightened his hands holding the little female, and replied: "I just caught a cold, and the priest said that I only need to drink medicine for three days , take a good rest for a while, and you’ll be fine.” After hearing this, Xi breathed a sigh of relief: “It’s good that it’s fine, the female’s body is still so weak, so it needs to be taken care of. Let’s just leave it at that, I have to go back and see you Is my father back yet? I'll go first."

Lei Lu carried the little female to send Xi to the door, and said, "Father, when the little female recovers, I will bring him to see you." After Xi left, Lei Lu carried the little female back to the Giant Rabbit Beast. Put the little female on the skin, sit down, put the little female on her lap, and seeing that the little female's face is not bad, she said: "My name is Leilu, Leilu." .

Wu Xiaoyin understood that this was Lei Lu's name, so she learned: "Lei Lu." When Lei Lu heard the little female calling his name, he felt soft, not to mention how happy he was. Repeated again: "Lei Lu, Lei Lu." Wu Xiaoyin followed suit and learned: "Lei Lu." After saying Lei Lu's name, he also pointed to himself and said, "My name is Wu Xiaoyin."

After listening to it, Lei Lu found it difficult to learn, and at the same time wanted to show his closeness to the little female, and said, "Little." After hearing this, Wu Xiaoyin couldn't help puffing up her cheeks, as a girl with a smaller frame The boys who fight together are only 170 centimeters tall. This is the point. Boys, who likes to be called "little".

However, when Wu Xiaoyin was sulking, in Lei Lu's eyes, Xiaoxiao was so cute, and the little face with puffed cheeks really wanted to be touched. However, knowing that this was the expression of the little female's anger, Lei Lu didn't dare to express his smile and love, but just asked, "Xiao Xiao, do you want to go out and have a look?"

After finishing speaking, without waiting for Wu Xiaoyin to understand or answer, he walked out of the cave with the little female in his arms, and started to stroll around.

Wu Xiaoyin, who was distracted, saw that the surrounding plants were different from any plants on the earth, or the overall environment was far away, and he didn't know where to look for a while. At the same time, silently wailing in my heart: I really have traveled to a primitive tribe...

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