Lei Lu had already felt the temperature change when he got up this morning, so he quickened his pace while on the road, and accelerated the frequency of his wings flapping within a small tolerable range.

During this period, Wu Xiaoyin and others encountered a team sent by the patriarch Kun to pick giant rice. The team was led by a tiger and a tiger who were familiar with the situation. Even the giant cabbage outside was brought back to the tribe. I believe that the orcs' style of thrift and not wasting a little food will definitely bring the giant cabbage back to the tribe.

Therefore, when the two teams met in the air, Lei Lu used the exclusive animal language between male orcs to exchange simple greetings and exchanges. Small wishes too!

After communicating with each other, Lei Lu and his team set off and rushed back to the Giant Tiger Tribe on the evening of the third day. They each dispersed and returned to their own caves, and Lei Lu directly carried the drowsy Wu Xiaoyin back to his own caves in the shape of a beast.

After returning to the cave, Lei Lu transformed into a human form, put Xiaoxiao, who was not in a good state of mind, carefully on the wooden bed inside the cave, covered it with two layers of giant rabbit skins, and then turned to make dinner.

During the time when Lei Lu and Xiao Xiao went out, Lei Lu's Adiexi came over to clean it from time to time, knowing that they would be back in the past two days, and brought some fresh giant cabbage and giant potatoes, so Lei Lu Lu quickly prepared the giant cabbage broth, baked potatoes and potato stew.

Walking to Xiaoxiao, wanting to wake up Xiaoxiao for dinner, but seeing Xiaoxiao's tiredness that could not be concealed even though he was asleep, he silently thought about whether it was the right decision to take Xiaoxiao out this time? However, when he thought of the little sparkling eyes looking at him, Lei Lu said that he couldn't resist it at all!

More importantly, Xiaoxiao's desire to go out of the giant tiger tribe to see it, in Lei Lu's view, as long as he takes good care of Xiaoxiao, it is completely achievable. However, seeing the situation of Xiaoxiao's body now, Lei Lu put a question mark on it?

Unable to resist Xiaoxiao's wet desire, but also concerned about his small body, Lei Lu made up his mind that next time Xiaoxiao begged him, he would only agree once in three times. After getting an answer that satisfied him, Lei Lu just hugged the sleeping Xiao Xiao and sat by the fire, and fed Xiao Xiao a snack for dinner. Enjoy it!

Therefore, when Wu Xiaoyin was woken up by the noise outside the cave the next day, he was still in a fog until Lei Lu came back with the clean giant pig beast and giant deer beast, what Lei Lu saw was Xiaoxiao looks ignorant and cute, rubbing her eyes, trying to open them, but why can't she open them again, expressing that she rubbed her eyes in the past!

However, the prey on his shoulders prevented Lei Lu from moving, and Lei Lu lowered his voice, fearing to scare Xiao Xiao who had just woken up, and said: "Xiao Xiao, get up quickly, I'm calling the giant you like Deer beast!"

Wu Xiaoyin heard Lei Lu's voice, followed the source of the voice, and listened sideways. After a while, she mumbled back: "I'm so tired, I feel like I can't get enough sleep."

After finishing speaking, he wanted to lie down and sleep again, holding the giant rabbit skin for a while, Lei Lu saw Xiaoxiao's appearance, and thought it was cute, at the same time, he was a little worried about the little belly.

Sure enough, Wu Xiaoyin reluctantly came out of the bed when he heard the loud drumming sound of his stomach, but was stimulated by a gust of cool wind, shivered, opened his eyes, and said, "I feel that the temperature today seems to be warmer." It has dropped a lot!"

Lei Lu put down the animal skin used to wipe his hands, wrapped Xiao Xiao in the animal skin, hugged Xiao Xiao and said, "Yes, there are still two days left, the first heavy snow is coming!"

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