Hearing Lei Lu's sigh, Wu Xiaoyin raised his head to touch Lei Lu's face and said, "This year we will be able to get through this cold season safely!"

Hearing the comfort and confidence in Xiaoxiao's words, Lei Lu said, "Of course, you brought us all this, Xiaoxiao."

After Wu Xiaoyin heard this, even though he heard similar words for countless times, Wu Xiaoyin was still a little embarrassed every time he heard it. After all, what he did to the Juhu tribe was not as good as the acceptance of the entire Juhu tribe. Give yourself the warmth of a home, with Lei Lu, father, father, and friends like Xiao Kai and Bin, Wu Xiaoyin is very content.

So, Wu Xiaoyin changed the subject to: "I just heard a burst of noise coming from outside. Isn't it time for everyone to gather fruits and vegetables to eat, and when the males go hunting?"

Lei Lu saw that the tips of Xiaoxiao's ears were reddish, and he knew that his words made Xiaoxiao feel embarrassed. Xiaoxiao still didn't realize how precious the things he brought to the entire giant tiger tribe were, and could be compared with that female Not too much. However, it was Xiaoxiao's ignorance that made Lei Lu's heart move, thinking about it, he couldn't help kissing Xiaoxiao who was looking at him for an answer.

Wu Xiaoyin calmly wiped off the saliva on her face, and said, "You haven't answered my question yet?"

Seeing that Xiaoxiao pretended to be indifferent, but the pink color spreading from her neck revealed Xiaoxiao's true emotions, Lei Lu followed the small question and replied: "It was Hu Yi Hu Er who brought back the first batch Giant rice and giant cabbages are back, and the females are gathering in the square to sort and dry, so there's a lot of noise at this hour."

Hearing this, Wu Xiaoyin nodded to show that he knew, then broke free from Lei Lu's arms, washed his face and brushed his teeth, ate the warm breakfast that Lei Lu had warmed before, thinking that he could go to the square later and teach the clansmen how to make sauerkraut. Delicious, Wu Xiaoyin ate a lot faster.

After Wu Xiaoyin finished his breakfast, he discussed with Lei Lu: "Lei Lu, I'll finish my lunch later, and I want to go to the square to teach the clansmen how to make sauerkraut with giant cabbages, okay?"

After finishing speaking, he looked at Lei Lu eagerly. Being looked at by Xiao Xiao like this, Lei Lu's heart almost softened, but thinking of the last time Xiao Xiao gave the tribe how to make pickled fruit and dried fruit, his body suddenly felt weak. Some couldn't bear it, so they kept a sullen face and said nothing.

Seeing Lei Lu's appearance, Wu Xiaoyin knew that Lei Lu must still have lingering fears last time, so she leaned up and kissed Lei Lu's cheek, rubbed her own cheek against Lei Lu's face, and kept asking: "Lei Lu let me go, okay, okay?"

Lei Lu had been kissed by Xiaoxiao for a long time, and he couldn't come back to his senses, he nodded subconsciously in a daze, and he didn't come back to his senses until Xiaoxiao's excited cheers came, and said : "Let Xiao Xiao go, it's okay, but Xiao Xiao just needs to tell me how to operate, and then I will do it. Big guys, see the specific operation steps, do you understand?"

Wu Xiaoyin hurriedly agreed, and quickly cooked the giant pigs with sweet and sour pork ribs, potato stew, and honey barbecue. After a quick lunch, Wu Xiaoyin ate breakfast in his arms and then had another full lunch. Stomach, shaking hands, striding, striding towards the square!

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