Kos used the excuse of darkness to be rejected immediately, and he couldn't think of any reason to make Xiaokai leave Leilu and Xiaoxiao's house immediately. He thought desperately that it would not be bad if he could get a dinner, after all, he had a meal It's better to be beaten again for dinner than nothing, right?

So, the dinner time started smoothly like this. Wu Xiaoyin thought about what Xiaokai said just now, is it possible to make some new dishes with the ingredients at hand?

After looking at the materials in the hole for a while, Wu Xiaoyin thought about making stewed meat with dried vegetables and sweet and sour pork. The dried vegetables and canned fruits that were dried before finally came into use. Because sweet and sour pork is to be made, the canned fruit needs to be taken out from the cave where it was stored before, and it takes a while to go back and forth, and it is so cold that it will soon be dark, so Wu Xiaoyin crossed this dish out of his mind.

Thinking of the sausages I made before, I can simply make a sausage stewed egg. I believe Xiaokai and Bin will definitely like to eat soft stewed eggs. As for the males, bratwurst and bacon can be cooked with jumbo rice to make bratwurst rice. Add a dried vegetable broth and you're done.

Finally, when Xiaokai left, he wiped his mouth contentedly and smacked his lips. He felt that he could have another bowl of stewed eggs with sausages, but Xiaoxiao had already eaten everything, so he could only look forward to the next meal!

Kos also left very satisfied, but thinking of Lei Lu's warning eyes before leaving, his heart tightened immediately. After touching his stomach and heart, he still felt that it was more important to fill his stomach. Lei Lu just beat himself up. There was nothing to lose, so he happily followed Xiao Kai back home.

Bin Hefeng's appetite was satisfied. Seeing Xiao Kai and Kos's funny faces made his eyes and soul happy. The two looked at each other. What a wonderful winter season!

It didn't take long before Wu Xiaoyin's clothes style became popular in the whole tribe. Of course, this was the first day when the patriarch Kun braved the second heavy snowfall and came to Wu Xiaoyin and Leilu's cave in person. In exchange for the huge rice, animal skins, and animal meat reserves, the cave of the two of them was full at once. Except for the bed, the fire for cooking, and the aisle for walking, there was no place to set foot.

It took half a month for the second heavy snowfall to stop. During this period, Lei Lu still braved the wind and snow to sweep the snow, otherwise the thickness of the snow would almost block the entrance of the cave. Leilu prepared thick giant bull skin outer layer, giant goat skin gloves inside, black giant rabbit skin hat, and giant cow skin boots, the inner layer is warm giant rabbit skin .

For this reason, every time Lei Lu finished sweeping the snow in his own house, he would sweep the snow in the square for a while and shake it, which made other people in the tribe jealous. After all, not everyone's females have such good craftsmanship as the little females of the Leilu family, especially the females in the Orc Continent are taller, and their hands are relatively less flexible. They can make clothes and pants. What can still make do.

But more delicate gloves and hats are more difficult. Therefore, when I saw Lei Lu's full armor, I wanted to take it off and put it on by myself, but the force value is not as high as Lei Lu, and I can't even fight. , can only be suppressed and beaten. Therefore, even if his teeth itch with hatred, he has nothing to do with Lei Lu. Lei Lu is like this every day in front of everyone, don't mention how beautiful it is~

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