Before Bin could strike three times, Wu Xiaoyin interrupted: "It looks like Lei Lu and the others will be arriving in a while, you guys do it first, I'll go prepare the things I need for lunch."

After finishing speaking, Wu Xiaoyin got up and got ready, thinking about making sweet and sour pork, sausage stewed eggs, fried sausages with sauerkraut, potato stew, pancakes, oh, and a sweet fruit soup for lunch. Quickly wash and chop the potatoes, sauerkraut, sausage and bacon needed, knead the ground rice flour into dough, heat the pan, and prepare it little by little.

Soon, the three of Lei Lu came back holding two large stone jars. Fortunately, the weather was not bad, otherwise, a trip to the ice cave would have been unbearable.

Wu Xiaoyin quickly glanced at Lei Lu up and down, seeing that nothing was wrong, and asked, "How is it? Is the temperature in the ice cave very low? Does your body think it can bear it?"

Lei Lu's little concern for his family was very helpful, but when it reached the level of worry, Lei Lu felt a little distressed, hugged Xiao Xiao in his arms, and said: "No, we were worried that the temperature would be very low before, but we didn't expect It's a little higher than the temperature outside, but I wonder if the canned fruit has been damaged by the freeze?"

Hearing that the canned fruit might be damaged by freezing, Wu Xiaoyin immediately turned around to check the condition of the canned fruit, but was grabbed by Lei Lu, who dawdled cheek to cheek for a while before letting Xiaoxiao go on. However, when he thought of what Xiaoxiao had promised himself yesterday, but he forgot it in a blink of an eye, Lei Lu expressed his displeasure.

The specific manifestation is that he keeps turning off the air conditioner during lunch, and the rest of the people don't know what's going on. Thinking that he didn't offend Lei Lu, this person has changed from facial paralysis to the current picture since he had Xiaoxiao. The appearance looks a little cloudy and uncertain, and it's not easy to mess with.

However, the delicious food is still stuffed in the stomach, so I feel at ease. I don't know when Leilu will violently drive them out of the cave.

Finally, I drank a bowl of sweet fruit soup. Unexpectedly, the frozen fruit had a rustling taste. Although it was not so crispy, the soft and waxy taste that was more suitable for winter still won the favor of the three females present.

Xiao Kai went home contentedly with the half-made gloves in his hand. Even though Bin laughed at him for not being good at making clothes on the way, Xiao Kai learned this sweet fruit soup.

Xiao Kai said that he has a lot of adults, and if he doesn't care about a female, he is indeed an adult, eh!

Just talking and laughing like this, visiting every day to eat and eat, the first month of the cold season slipped away like this. Although Xiaokai and the others expressed that it was a pity that they didn't eat the meals cooked by Xiaoxiao in the next half month, but Lei Lu's craftsmanship was still good, and he had new dishes that Xiaoxiao thought about. It is still possible to express, of course, if it is Xiaoxiao's own hands, it will be even better!

But will Lei Lu be right? of course not!

Now Wu Xiaoyin is more aware of Lei Lu's desire for dominance. Last time, he accidentally forgot Lei Lu's words. To be honest, Wu Xiaoyin really didn't do it on purpose, but thinking about little females is always more important, but No one else knows how to make sweet fruit soup. Naturally, I have to teach Xiaokai or Bin first. They happen to be there too, so I don’t have to make another trip when I can. You know, the snow in the cold season is as short as it can be. Next, when the time comes, I don't know how long it will be delayed.

It is always better for the little females to have more variety in their rations, especially in the cold season when they can eat fruits rich in vitamins, which are beneficial to the immunity and resistance of the little females. I think Leilu can definitely understand.

In the end, yes, Lei Lu could understand it, but there was still a punishment. That's it, Wu Xiaoyin stayed in Lei Lu's arms for half a month, and walked without taking a step.

Until the arrival of the second month of the cold season, with the heavy snow after another, there are also guests from the north!

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