A Scale of Sapphire

A Scale of Sapphire

42 Chapters Ongoing Status
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Aiden has been having nightmares. Dreams of painful sunlight and scales of deep blue, but somehow those dreams are still less painful than his reality. There's something there, buried deep inside, begging to be let loose. Of course, none of that matters when a sudden flash of light across the sky changes billions of people, plants, and animals into monsters straight out of fairy tales. The whole world's in chaos, and one guy's nightmares don't mean much in the grand scheme of things, do they?

Hooooo boy! I don't really write much, but I have an idea in my head and I wanna write it down. This is my first serious writing in pretty much ever, and definitely my first time trying to throw together something trans oriented, but I'm trans, I like the idea of a magical apocalypse, and I like the idea of such an apocalypse leading to gender, so here we are. Feedback appreciated, call out any spelling or grammar errors I might miss, but please bear in mind that this is a hobby and I'm really just trying to push myself creatively. I hope y'all enjoy!


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