After a Blind Date with An Omega Rival

After a Blind Date with An Omega Rival


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【Lightning protection】
[Writing scum, writing is a pure hobby. 】
[Private settings are like mountains, A should have none. 】
[If you see something you don’t like, please stop your losses in time, don’t hurt each other, life is difficult, just be happy. 】
【With vice cp~】

Yu Heyi was lying in the hospital when he received the invitation from Omega, whom he had had a crush on for many years.
He had a car accident during the race and had to retire.
Under the double whammy, Yu Heyi accepted his mother’s proposal.
Blind date.
Her mother praised the other party as a flower, saying that she was the best Omega, as beautiful as a flower and soft and gentle.
She found that the blind date is the most hated person, no one!
Her rival – Chi Ruixi.
She hadn’t figured out how her beta rival became an Omega.
Tag her on the day of the blind date.
Or Chi Ruixi crying and begging her to mark…
Afterwards, Yu Heyi said three words.
“I’ll be responsible, I’ll fulfill Alpha’s obligations”
“I’ll be nice and considerate to you”
“But, you’d better not expect too much love”
Chi Ruixi smiled and said, “No need”
Unemployed Yu Heyi was arranged by her mother to be a cook in the cafeteria of xx middle school.
I found out that the gentle and delicate language teacher was actually Chi Ruixi?
But Chi Ruixi, who spoke coldly, made her feel strange and uncomfortable.
Yu Heyi thought that what attracted her to Chi Ruixi was the pheromone, otherwise how could she see Chi Ruixi as a bridesmaid at the wedding more charming than the bride she had liked for many years.
And then confused and permanently marked Chi Ruixi.
Chi Ruixi has been waiting for that stupid Alpha to admit that she loves her, but her stupid Alpha is really stupid.
Disgusting body and integrity

Content tags: a soft spot, a match made in heaven, sweet text
Search keywords: Protagonist: Yu Heyi, Chi Ruixi ┃ Supporting roles: Jiang Qi, Chi Shengxi, Chi Ying, Zhan Yuan ┃ Others: Du Ruo, Lao Yu
One sentence summary: I tagged her after a failed blind date with my rival
Purpose: Do not forget the original intention, face life positively

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