"What?" Chen Qinghui was so shocked that he didn't care about his teammates, and stared at Jiang Yan dumbfounded.

"Brother Yan, my ears didn't work for a moment just now, maybe I heard it wrong, can you say it again?" He swallowed.

"How can you be nice to someone?" Jiang Yan repeated in a low voice.

"Brother Yan, are you kidding me?" Chen Qinghui was dumbfounded.

Jiang Yan looked at him with dark eyes.

"I'll go, really? Brother Yan, do you like a girl and want to please her?" Chen Qinghui touched his chest, not sure.

Jiang Yan didn't explain.

Chen Qinghui really felt that he was dreaming.

"No, Brother Yan, if you really like a girl, just smile at her directly, which girl won't be devoted to you? Do you still need to please her?"

It's not that he's exaggerating, but that he's known Jiang Yan for so many years, he knows Jiang Yan's tormented face, and he also knows how popular Jiang Yan is with girls.

This guy has been confessed since elementary school, and has occupied the position of the school grass all year round.

However, Jiang Yan was naturally indifferent and didn't like girls. Even if so many beautiful girls tried to attack him, none of them succeeded. Even once, when a school girl confessed to him, this guy even asked others to stand away from him, saying that the smell of the other party's perfume hurt his nose and it smelled bad.

In the end, the schoolgirl's face turned pale with shame, and she ran away crying.

Therefore, Jiang Yan simply lost his handsome face for nothing.

Jiang Yan glanced at him indifferently.

Chen Qinghui shivered, and quickly said: "It's very simple to please a girl. Send her flowers, beautiful clothes, or expensive cosmetics, and she will be happy."

The thin lips were slightly pursed, and Jiang Yan frowned slightly.

"Do you understand what you like?" Chen Qinghui thinks that he is not as good at studying as Jiang Yan, but he is an expert in chasing girls.

"Yeah." Jiang Yan's dark eyes shone slightly, and Jiang Yan curled his lips.

"Miss, someone outside the gate sent a large bouquet of roses and a box of cherries, saying it's for you, miss." The butler asked someone to bring in the flowers and cherries.

"Did you tell me who sent it here?" Mu Xiaoxue just didn't have to film or class today, so it was rare to be able to read the script at home.

"No explanation, the card is only written to Miss Mu." The housekeeper replied, "I have checked this bouquet of flowers and this box of cherries, and there is no problem."

Mu Xiaoxue glanced at the card, it was very ordinary.

She smiled softly, "It may be a gift from my fans. You can ask someone to send me a copy to my room, and you can share the rest."

Recently, because she will act as the second female lead in a play, she has gained a lot of fans.

"Yes, miss."

"By the way, give Xiaoyao a copy as well, she seems to like eating cherries." Mu Xiaoxue gave another order as she thought of something.

"Okay, I'll have someone send it over later."

The cherries that Mu Yao bought earlier had already been eaten this morning, and the servant just brought over a set of cherries, each dark red and plump, small and bright, even the handles of the cherries were fresh green. She tasted one, and the dark red cherries were sweet and refreshing, delicious.

"Ginger, come here." Mu Yao picked up one, and said to the little thing lying on the floor with a sleepy expression.


When I woke up today, Ginger found that the nails on his paws had become short, and he was depressed for a while. Obviously, his paws were majestic and beautiful, but now they suddenly became ugly.

"Do you want to eat this?" Mu Yao teased the little thing.

"Wow woof."

Jiang walked over obediently, and instantly left the matter of the ugly paws behind the dog. It shakes its chubby dog ​​body and walks over. As a puppy that loves to eat, it is never picky about food.

Mu Yao ate a piece of ginger, and the little guy kept wagging his tail happily.

When Jiang Yan crossed over, he was caught off guard and fed a cherries by Mu Yao. The sweet juice spread in his mouth. Jiang Yan glanced at Mu Yao faintly. Turning the cherries on, he smiled and grinned.

"Ginger, I'll take you out for a stroll tomorrow, okay?"

Tomorrow is Saturday, there is no class, she is going to buy some new clothes, and today I took Ginger to check the wound, the doctor said it is recovering well, and the stitches can be removed in a few days, as long as there is no strenuous exercise , no big problem.

Because she has to go to class, Jiang can only be bored in the room all day, and she also wants to take small things out for a walk.

Mu Yao wants to take this stupid dog out? Jiang Yan's eyes darkened.

However, he has given up the idea of ​​stealing the dog. Since the condition for becoming an adult is to treat Mu Yao well, it would be more beneficial for him to stay by her side.

As long as he endured it for a while, after he fully recovered to an adult, he no longer needed any contact with Mu Yao.

The next day, the sun poured into the house through the plain white window screens, and a little star spots fell, embellishing the tenderness of the room.

Because she didn't need to go to class, Mu Yao woke up late, she checked the time, it was already nine o'clock, and Jiang was still fast asleep on the floor next to the bed.

She walked lightly and walked into the bathroom.

In the mirror, compared to the black and ugly when she passed through, now she looks different. The facial features are exquisite and the complexion is fair.

The bangs are already long, piercing the eyes very uncomfortable. She pinched the bangs on her forehead with a small clip, her black eyes were watery and bright, full of light, like autumn waves flowing, very beautiful.

Although the current appearance is not as stunning as before she came here, she knows that if she continues to eat cherries or cherries, and small red fruits such as cherry tomatoes, she will continue to become more beautiful.

After washing, Mu Yao woke up when she saw Jiang.

Mu Yao asked her family's driver to take her to a nearby shopping mall. Today is Saturday, even in the morning, there are many people in the mall.

"Wow woof."

There were people coming and going on the street, before the three-month-old Sheng Jiang either stayed in the ambulance station or stayed in Mu Yao's room, rarely met so many strangers, the little thing was a little nervous, and the chubby dog ​​was stiff Living.

"Don't be afraid, Jiang, just follow me." Mu Yao finally put the dog necklace on the little thing, lest it will disappear when there are many people.

With short legs, Sheng Jiang cautiously followed Mu Yao's side. It wasn't until after a while that it realized that there was no danger, the little thing raised the dog's head, shook the dog's body, and happily followed Mu Yao, adapting quickly.

There are many clothing stores on the second floor, and Mu Yao chose a niche brand store to enter.

"Welcome, may I help you?" The saleswoman saw a girl with a dog in her arms, and her eyes lit up.

The girl in front of me is so beautiful.

"I want to pick some clothes." Mu Yao glanced at the clothes in the store, most of them were girlish, very suitable for her age, and there were many good-looking styles.

"Miss, please follow me here."

The female salesperson picked up a light blue dress, "This dress is a new model that just arrived yesterday. There are only two of them. You can try them on."

Light blue is suitable for girls with fair skin. Even a little dark skin can't be suppressed, and it will only appear darker. The saleswoman's eyes fell on Mu Yao's slender and white arms, and she felt that this dress must be very suitable for the girl in front of her.

"Then I'll try it." Mu Yao also thought this dress was pretty, so she told Jiang to wait for her obediently, and she walked into the fitting room.

The skirt just reached her knees, so Mu Yao changed into it and walked out.

The saleswoman couldn't hide her envy, "Miss, this dress suits you very well."

A guest came here just now and also took a fancy to this dress, but his complexion was a bit dark, and he didn't have the stunning feeling of the girl in front of him at all.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Mu Yao was also very satisfied with the skirt on her body.

In fact, the original owner's figure is very good, but her complexion was dark before, so no one noticed her figure at all. After she wore it, she also wore a large shirt and trousers all day long, completely covering up her figure.

But now after changing into a skirt with a waist, her figure is suddenly revealed.

Mu Yao looked at the overly prominent parts of her upper body, she was a little unaccustomed to it, she used to be able to hold it with one hand, but now it is so plump, it impacts her vision like this, and her face can't help but feel a little hot.

Under the skirt, a pair of straight and slender legs, and now the skin color has turned white, against the light blue skirt, the calf is more radiant and white, very beautiful.

"I want this dress, do you have any other recommendations?" Seeing her beautiful and exquisite appearance, Mu Yao was in a good mood.

"Yes, please follow me."

The female salesperson is very active, and she feels an indescribable sense of satisfaction seeing customers look so good in their shop's skirts.

Chen Qinghui noticed that Jiang Yan had changed a lot recently. Not only had he not gone out with them for many nights, but he had asked him how he could please girls yesterday, and now he even asked him to go shopping with him?

He had been in class for a week, and he wanted to sleep in during the holidays, but he still didn't escape the fate of getting up early.

"Brother Yan, what do you want to buy, just let the people in the store deliver it to Jiang's house directly, there is no need to come out by yourself." Chen Qinghui yawned, "No, you don't want to go out and buy gifts for girls by yourself Bar?"

Thinking about it this way, Chen Qinghui almost thought that he hadn't woken up yet and was still dreaming.

"Am I so bored?" Jiang Yan's complexion was not good, and he slapped Chen Qinghui who was approaching him away with one hand.

Originally, he thought that if someone gave her flowers and Mu Yao's favorite cherries, his recovery time today would be brought forward. However, when he woke up today, he saw that it was still nine o'clock and nothing had changed.

Could it be that he guessed wrong?

Suddenly, a figure ran out from the nearby women's clothing store and bumped into Chen Qinghui.

"Do you have eyes..."

He was originally sleepy, but now that he was bumped into him for no reason, Chen Qinghui would not be in a good mood, he just opened his mouth and wanted to curse. The next second, when his eyes fell on the person who hit him, his voice stopped abruptly.


This girl is too juicy and beautiful!

The girl in front of her was wearing a light blue dress, with fair skin and black hair, her legs were thin and white, and her small face was pure and tender, even more beautiful than the school belle he was chasing after the school next door.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to."

Mu Yao immediately bent down to pick up the bag that fell on the ground, and when she saw that the person hit was Chen Qinghui, she quickly said, "Student Chen, I'm really sorry, I still have something to do, I will apologize to you when I go back to school .”

After finishing speaking, Mu Yao left in a hurry.

"She, she..."

Chen Qinghui felt that he was dumb. Looking at Mu Yao's leaving figure, he swallowed hard, and then said: "Is it Mu Yao who knocked me down just now?"

"I'll go, I haven't noticed recently, why has she become so beautiful?"

Chen Qinghui couldn't believe it.

Jiang Yan looked at the direction Mu Yao was leaving, and frowned, ignoring what Chen Qinghui said next to him. With her thin lips tight, Jiang Yan stepped forward with two long legs and chased in Mu Yao's direction.

"Brother Yan, where are you going?" Chen Qinghui hurried to catch up.

The deep voice was full of displeasure, and Jiang Yan's firm and perfect jaw line tightened, "Look for a dog!"

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