Ginger is gone!

In the clothing store just now, Mu Yao was picking out thousands of clothes. After paying, she turned around and found that Jiang, who had been obediently waiting by the side, had disappeared.

Mu Yao ran out of the store in a hurry, but she didn't see Jiang, so she anxiously searched for it.

Mu Yao was wearing white flat shoes, and the light blue skirt was constantly fluttering as she ran. Under the skirt, a pair of thin white legs were very eye-catching.

Jiang Yan followed behind her, with a gloomy look in his dark eyes.

"Brother Yan, what kind of dog are you looking for?" Chen Qinghui followed Jiang Yan closely, dazed.

"A stupid dog." Jiang Yan wanted to grit his teeth.

Seeing that Mu Yao was in such a hurry, and the stupid dog was nowhere to be seen by her side, she didn't need to think about it, she knew that the stupid dog was gone.

"Stupid dog?"

Chen Qinghui looked at Mu Yao who was walking anxiously and looking around, he was shocked, "It can't be the dog Mu Yao raised."

"Brother Yan, Mu Yao's dog is gone. It's none of your business. Why do you help her find a dog for no reason? You don't hate Mu Yao, but you also hate that dog, right?" Chen Qinghui's face was full of doubts. .

"You go to the manager of the mall and tell him to let the security guard guard the gate of the mall, and not let any dog ​​out of the gate." Jiang Yan didn't mean to explain.

"No, Brother Yan, you let me..."

"What are you waiting for, hurry up, after the arrangement, ask the security guards in the mall to help you find it." Jiang Yan looked at Mu Yao who was walking away, and continued to follow.

"Brother Yan, Brother Yan..."

Watching Jiang Yan leave, Chen Qinghui scratched his head irritably, what's going on, Jiang Yan suddenly cared so much about Mu Yao?

There are more and more people in the shopping mall, especially when it is close to lunch time, the flow of people starts to increase, many of them are parents taking their children out.

Along the way, Mu Yao attracted the attention of many people. It was hard to ignore such a beautiful girl walking by, especially when the girl was followed by a tall, handsome and dazzling boy.

The outstanding two attracted passers-by to turn their heads one after another.

Knowing that someone would guard the gate and that stupid dog could only stay in the mall, Jiang Yan was not in a hurry, he followed Mu Yao leisurely, keeping a certain distance.

When the dark eyes inadvertently glanced at Mu Yao's fair and slender calves, Jiang Yan's gaze seemed to be burned, and he immediately moved away.

"Brother, brother."

Fu Tongxin turned around again, stretched out his short little fingers, and complained in a childlike voice: "The dog followed us." But she noticed that this ugly puppy was following her.

Fu Zhengran turned around, and there was indeed a dog following them.

"Puppy likes Xinxin, don't be afraid." Fu Zhengran felt that he had seen this dog somewhere before.

"Xinxin is not afraid."

Fu Tongxin blinked his big round eyes, and said softly, "Dogs like Xinxin."

After finishing speaking, the little girl saw the dolls displayed in the toy store next to her, her big eyes fluttered, and she coquettishly said to her brother, "Xinxin is good, can my brother buy a doll for Xinxin?"

Fu Zhengran would never refuse his sister's request, "Okay, which one does Xinxin like?"

When Jiang saw little Bomei stopped, the little thing spread his legs happily, shook his chubby dog ​​body, and ran directly towards it.

"Wow, woof, woof." Jiang Jiang wagged his tail happily, and the dog's head kept rubbing against Bomei's body.

"Wang." Xiao Bomei called out delicately, and moved to the side, ignoring Jiang's intentions at all.

Ginger rubbed it shamelessly.

Little Bomei looked at Ginger with round and bright eyes, and thought this dog was very strange, stupid at one moment, and handsome at another.

And now, it's just stupid.

Little Bomei disliked it very much.

"Wow, woof." Ginger grinned, wagging his tail and kept smiling at Little Bomei, and even wanted to kiss him.

That looks like a little colored dog!


Mu Yao came out from the corner, and she saw the chubby dog ​​in front of the door of the toy store, which kept rubbing against the white little Pomeranian, so she hurried over.

Behind him, a tall figure moved faster than Mu Yao.

Jiang Yan had long legs, and he walked to the door of the toy store in no time. He was unceremonious and picked up the stupid dog directly.

"Wow, woof." With four legs struggling in the air, Jiang was extremely reluctant to leave little Bomei.

"Be quiet."

Jiang Yan held Ginger's neck, and the expression on Qingjun's face was not good-looking. Could it be that he is a step late, this stupid dog is about to kiss another dog?


Mu Yao came over, "Jiang Yan, this is my dog."

The sarcasm stopped on his lips, and Jiang Yan said unnaturally: "Be optimistic about it in the future."

Mu Yao felt that he was baffled. She took Ginger and couldn't help reprimanding, "Little things really don't have a long memory. Why did you run around again? You just broke your ribs before. Haven't you learned a lesson yet?"

Beside him, Jiang Yan's face became inexplicably hot.

"Woof, woof, woof." Sheng Jiang lay pitifully in Mu Yao's arms, his dog eyes still looking at little Bomei on the ground reluctantly.

It's a pity that Jiang almost kissed him.

Little Tong Xin, who was picking out a doll, turned his head and saw Mu Yao, the little guy's **** eyes suddenly opened wide, as if they would shine.

She joyfully walked to Mu Yao's feet and pulled her skirt, "My sister is so beautiful, Xinxin likes her."

Even though Xiao Tongxin is only four years old, she likes beautiful things, as long as she is good-looking and cute things, the little guy likes them all. Now seeing the beautiful Mu Yao, Xiao Tong Xin really likes her.

"Sister, go to Xinxin's house. Xinxin has a lot of cakes. You can treat your beautiful sister to eat." Bai Nennen's small hand held Mu Yao's skirt, and little Tong Xin looked at Mu Yao with big eyes.

Mu Yao didn't expect to be acted like a baby by a little girl suddenly, she was very cute, white and tender, with big eyes wide open, and a sweet smile, like a little angel, Mu Yao's heart melted instantly up.

Subconsciously, her voice softened, and Mu Yao said softly, "Is your name Xinxin?"

"I'm Xinxin."

Fu Tongxin spoke in a childlike voice, she pulled Mu Yao's skirt, and her small nose took a deep breath, "Sister Xiangxiang." The beautiful sister is sweet, like Xinxin's favorite cake. There are fruits.

Like a little koala, she hugged Mu Yao's thigh.

"Xinxin, come here." Fu Zhengran didn't expect his sister to like the girl in front of him so much. He walked over and said apologetically, "Sorry, my sister disturbed you."

"It's okay, she's cute." Mu Yao couldn't help smiling when she met Tong Xin's big bright eyes.

"We met at the pet hospital before." That's why he felt the dog in her arms looked familiar just now.

"I remember." Mu Yao looked at the little Pomeranian on the ground, it was the one she met in the pet hospital.

So, Jiang ran away when he saw little Bomei?

This little thing that emphasizes color over master, forgets its master when it sees a dog! If one day Jiang wants to elope with other dogs, Mu Yao won't be surprised.

Jiang Yan recognized this man at a glance, he was as annoying as his dog.

The dog has been found, Jiang Yan glanced at Mu Yao who was chatting with this man, and he left.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

"Master, do you still need to continue sending flowers and cherries?"

Jiang Yan turned around, only to see Mu Yao was kissed by that little girl, with a piercing smile on her fair face, "No need."


"Wait a minute, the flowers are removed, and Che Lizi will continue to be sent over." Jiang Yan spoke again.

"Yes, master."

In the dining room.

Recently Mu Xiaoxue has been busy filming, so she went out early for a long time. Today she looked at Mu Yao who hadn't seen her for a long time, and she was dazed for a while.

Why did Mu Yao become so much whiter? Moreover, her facial features are exquisite, as if she has changed.

"Xiao Yao." Mu Xiaoxue couldn't help but speak.

Mu Yao raised her head slightly.

When her eyes touched Mu Yao's **** eyes, Mu Xiaoxue was shocked. Mu Yao usually has bangs that go past her eyebrows, but now she suddenly clips her bangs back, her eyes are not covered by anything, they are watery and bright, full of light.

The female lead in the crew is the popular Xiaohua, who has attracted many fans because of her beautiful eyes. Now looking at Mu Yao's beautiful almond-shaped eyes, Mu Xiaoxue feels that the eyes of that popular little flower are not half as good as Mu Yao's.

"Is something wrong?" Mu Yao looked at her.

Mu Xiaoxue realized that she had lost her composure, so she quickly came back to her senses, "Xiao Yao, you've become white recently, and you're even more beautiful."

"Well, I got tanned in the countryside and military training before, but I've been indoors recently, maybe it's because I've covered myself." Mu Yao has tried her best to control her appetite for fruit, otherwise, she feels that the changes will be even greater.

"Girls should pay attention to sun protection. By the way, I went back to school yesterday, and I just heard from the professor that the test results for changing majors are out. I will help you check the results. Congratulations, Xiaoyao, you passed the written test." Mu Xiaoxue said with a smile.

"Did you take the exam yourself, or did you cheat?" Mu Wanhai thought that Mu Yao's change of major was just a talk, and she expected that she would not pass the exam.

To Mu Wanhai's questioning, Mu Yao didn't take it seriously, "I'm afraid I don't have the ability to cheat in the examination room with three people."

"How many points did she get?" Mu Wanhai still didn't believe it.

Mu Xiaoxue looked at Mu Yao in embarrassment, "Xiao Yao has never been exposed to spices and essences before, and it is already very good to get sixty points in the exam."

"That's just passing."

"Father, Xiaoyao can pass in such a short period of time. It seems that she has studied hard." Mu Xiaoxue rescued Mu Yao, "However, I heard that there is still an interview, and you can only be considered successful after passing the interview. , Xiao Yao, come on."

"Thank you." The score was within Mu Yao's expectation, and there was not enough time, so she had a lot of empty questions and didn't have time to complete them.

At this time, the butler asked someone to come in with a box of cherries.

"Miss, yesterday's people sent another box of cherries."

"I heard it was sent by Xiaoxue's fans, and the fans have already found out where she lives?" He Xiumei asked.

The butler reported: "The one who came today is the same fruit shop clerk as the one who came yesterday. I have checked and there is no problem with the gift."

"Mom, don't worry. Fans will only give me gifts if they like me. Even if they know the address of my home, it won't do me any harm." Mu Xiaoxue is not worried at all. She has a koi system, no matter what happens, She can resolve it smoothly.

"Xiao Yao, you like to eat cherries, I'll send someone to give you one later." Mu Xiaoxue smiled.

"No need, this is a gift from fans." Mu Yao refused. It turned out that the cherries sent by the servants yesterday would also be given by Mu Xiaoxue's fans.

Mu Xiaoxue didn't force it either, she took out her phone and took a photo of the box of cherries, and posted it on Moments: Thank you every fan for your support and love, I will work hard!

At night, when Jiang Yanchuan came over, he found half of a ham sausage in his mouth.

He immediately threw the ham sausage away in disgust.

At this time, Mu Yao just came out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

Jiang Yan casually raised the dog's head, and the next second, the dog's head moved away uncomfortably.

Because I bought a lot of new clothes in the mall yesterday, even the nightgown on her body was newly bought, a white cotton suspender nightgown, knee-length, with a few fresh flowers embroidered on the skirt, simple and comfortable , full of girlishness.

Barefoot, she walked towards Ginger, "Ginger, have you finished your ham sausage?"

Looking inadvertently at Mu Yao's slender calves in front of him, Jiang Yan lowered his head with deep eyes. However, her eyes still saw her pair of feet, small and white, with smooth and round toenails, glowing with a light pink healthy luster.

Little Foot took another step towards him.

In the next second, Jiang Yan fell into the sweet and fruity embrace, which was extremely warm and soft, and Mu Yao's soft hair fell on his right ear, making the dog's ear itch.

Jiang Yan tensed the dog's body, clenched the dog's teeth tightly, and uncontrollably, the dog's tail behind him shook.

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