Xu Yan couldn't borrow a coat, and when she came back miserable, she saw that Mu Yao was already wearing a black coat.

"Xiao Yao, why do you have a coat?" Xu Yan was instantly delighted.

"A classmate borrowed it from me just now." Jiang Yan had already left because he had to prepare for the next competition.

"Who lent it to you?" Xu Yan was curious.

The black coat on Mu Yao was very big, it didn't look like a girl's coat, Xu Yan looked carefully, and felt that the coat looked familiar, as if she saw someone wearing it.

"A kind classmate." Mu Yao didn't want to cause misunderstanding, "Don't you have a competition later? Let's go back and prepare."

"Yes, I have to go back quickly." Xu Yan said anxiously.

On the other side of the sports field, Chen Qinghui saw Jiang Yan leaving with a dark face, but now when he came back, there was a faint smile on his mouth, he was completely confused, "Brother Yan, where is your coat?"

"Give it off." Jiang Yan walked towards the starting line.

"Send... to someone?" Chen Qinghui was dumbfounded, who did he give it to?

There were also many people watching the women's 100-meter hurdles. Mu Yao watched Xu Yan running fast, stepping over one hurdle after another with agility, and was the first to rush to the finish line. She hurried forward to support Xu Yan, "Yan Yan, you are amazing!"

Xu Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and said arrogantly: "I used to take the first place in the 100-meter sports meeting."

"Come on, I'll help you go and have a rest."

Back at the base camp of the class, Xu Yan took the prepared snacks and ate them, her spirit recovered instantly, "Xiaoyao, I will cheer for you when you compete in the afternoon, you must get good grades."

"Thank you." Mu Yao was not hopeful.

Sports is not her strong point, Mu Yao knows that she will definitely not be able to win the first place, but she will work hard to finish the competition.

"The track has started to be cleared. It will be the men's 5,000 meters later. I heard from those girls that Jiang Yan also participated in this event." Xu Yan had potato chips stuffed in her mouth, "Jiang Yan has rarely shown his face before, why is this?" It’s really strange to take such an active part in the sports meeting for the first time.”

"However, when he was a man of 100 meters, I saw that his explosive power is super strong, no wonder our squad leader can't match him." She said again.

"I seem to hear someone mentioning me?" A clear male voice sounded from behind.

"Pfft." Xu Yan was so frightened that she almost spat out the potato chips in her mouth, "Squad leader."

Fu Zhengran was wearing a light gray sportswear, with wrists of the same color on his hands, and he was as gentle and handsome as ever, "This is the milk tea that the deputy squad leader bought for you girls. It's hot. He said that you have worked hard today It's game."

"Wow, thank you monitor, thank you assistant class." Xu Yan took the milk tea happily, and poured it before she had time to take a few sips of the cup. She didn't expect to drink it again, which is great.

"This cup is yours." Fu Zhengran handed it to Mu Yao.

There was a faint smile in his eyes, and when his eyes fell on the black coat on Mu Yao's body, he paused when he handed over the milk tea.

"Thank you." Mu Yao took the milk tea.

"I remember you came in a white coat this morning." Fu Zhengran said.

When Xu Yan heard the class monitor's question, she interrupted and said guiltily, "Ah, I accidentally soiled Xiaoyao's clothes. Fortunately, a kind person lent Xiaoyao a jacket."

"So that's how it is." Fu Zhengran's eyes flashed, he looked at Mu Yao with a smile, "Be careful in the afternoon game, everyone will cheer for you."

"Well, I will."

The people on the track were cleared, and everyone gathered around the side of the track, and the next thing was the men's 5,000-meter race.

"Oh my God, there are so many people watching there, it's impossible to squeeze through." Xu Yan was eating potato chips and drinking milk tea. Seeing the crowd, she felt a headache. Those girls were too crazy.

"Xiaoyao, let's go, let's go and have a look." The man's 100-meter situation was very intense just now, and she really wanted to continue watching Jiang Yan's performance.

"En." Remembering Jiang Yan's words, Mu Yao took a new bottle of mineral water.

The surroundings were crowded with people, Xu Yan dragged Mu Yao to the finish line, and squeezed to the front, "Xiao Yao, we can just watch the sprint here."

On the starting line, Jiang Yan was like a beast ready to go. He stood there quietly, and the athletes on both sides felt oppressed inexplicably.

However, the sports student standing on the far side didn't feel this way at all.

From the point of view of the sports students, other people have weak hands and feet, especially Jiang Yan, who just has a pretty face. It doesn't mean anything that he won the men's 100 meters just now. Long-distance running is not only about speed, but also lung capacity and physical fitness. Many people give up or fall down before reaching the finish line.

In the eyes of sports students, it is inevitable to win the first place.

The moment the starting gun sounded, the athletes rushed out.

The athletes competed to run, but no one gave their all, except for a tall figure in white clothes.

"Ah, ah, Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan."

"Jiang Yan, come on! Jiang Yan, come on!"

"Wooooow, Jiang Yan is so handsome. God, he runs so fast."

The girls beside the runway were screaming, except for those in this class, almost all were cheering for Jiang Yan.

The sports student looked at Jiang Yan, who had put all his strength into it from the very beginning, leaving everyone far behind, and couldn't help but find it funny. This idiot probably wanted to show off.

Everyone knows that long-distance running does not require too much explosive power at the beginning, because it is necessary to retain physical strength for the final sprint.

How eye-catching the figure running far ahead is now, how embarrassing it will be later.

Many people on the field thought the same way. They maintained a steady speed and looked at the figure that was far ahead. They already know that it won't take long, and they will soon lose their strength, so slow down.

As Jiang Yan ran, his dark eyes searched the crowd.

After a while, the dark pupils brightened slightly.

In the crowd, a slender figure in a black coat stood in front of everyone, with his snow-white face half buried in the neckline.

The corners of his lips curled up, and Jiang Yan continued to exert force, faster than before.

Everyone was dumbfounded.


Is the one in front of you an idiot? Do you understand the need to conserve energy? Now it's not 100 meters, but 5,000 meters!

"Jiang Yan didn't save his energy. He ran out of energy at the beginning, and it's hard to hold on later." Xu Yan said, although the opponent looks so far ahead and looks handsome, but the opponent really doesn't know how to run long distances.

The delicate chin was buried in the neckline, revealing only a pair of watery jet black. Mu Yao blinked, she felt that Jiang Yan seemed to have glanced this way just now.


two laps.

three laps.

Everyone's attention was focused on the tall figure running at the front, wondering when his speed would slow down and when he would run out of strength.

However, on the fourth and fifth laps, the opponent's speed remained unchanged.

"Brother Yan, come on, you are the best." Chen Qinghui turned into a fanboy. Others didn't know it, but he knew that Jiang Yan had been thrown into army training by Mr. Jiang before, let alone running five kilometers, even ten thousand meters. Don't be afraid.

Don't look at his deceptive and deceptive face, Jiang Yan is a devil.

six laps.

seven laps.

The athletes who were left behind were both surprised and helpless when they saw the figure passing by them again and again. Is this man a devil? No matter how fast it didn't slow down at all.

At this moment, they vaguely realized that Jiang Yan was not stupid, but that he had strength and arrogant capital.

But the sports student gritted his teeth, he didn't believe that this person's physical strength was so good that he could accelerate all the way to the finish line.

"Jiang Yan is awesome, Jiang Yan is amazing."

"Ah, come on, Jiang Yan."

"Oh my god, Jiang Yan is too powerful and handsome, from now on I only have Jiang Yan in my eyes."

Sweat slid down the sharp-edged outline, and Jiang Yan's expression remained unchanged. Every time he passed Mu Yao, his pace would slow down a little, and after passing, he would speed up again, as if to see her faster in the next lap.

Chen Qinghui has always been familiar with Jiang Yan. He followed Jiang Yan's gaze and saw a slender figure on the side of the runway showing half of his small face, with big, moist and bright eyes.

His eyes moved down, and the next second, his eyes widened in shock.

The black coat on that girl belongs to Jiang Yan!

Others don't know, but how could he not know? Every piece of Jiang Yan's clothes is custom-made by a special person, and a red "j" letter is embroidered on the neckline.

The girl's neckline was obviously embroidered with this letter, and it was the coat Jiang Yan wore in the morning.

No wonder Jiang Yan said that the jacket was given away, but it turned out to be this girl.

Chen Qinghui touched his chest and felt that the girl looked familiar.

In the next second, the girl next to the girl said something to her, and then the girl showed her little face, smiling and responding to the girl next to her.



Chen Qinghui gasped, it was Mu Yao!

As the number of remaining laps became less and less, everyone on the field became more and more excited. Jiang Yan was really too good.

Contrary to what everyone had guessed, Jiang Yan not only did not lose his strength, but instead maintained his starting speed with a relaxed expression, and was far ahead. Even if other athletes tried to exert their strength now, it would be difficult for them to catch up.

With the last half lap left, everyone watched excitedly as Jiang Yan accelerated towards the finish line.

"Ah, Jiang Yan is number one!"

"He's just too scary."

"I only know that he has super physical strength!"

Watching Jiang Yan sprint, the athletes with a few laps left were hit hard, especially the sports students. He never thought that this boy who looked like a boy with such a good physical strength could easily finish the 5,000 meters.

Apart from being shocked, he was more admired.

"Jiang Yan, Jiang Yan..." Many girls crowded towards the finish line.

"Get out of the way, get out of the way." Chen Qinghui wanted to separate the crowd.

Jiang Yan's breathing was unsteady, sweat kept slipping from Qingjun's brows, even the bangs on his forehead were wet with sweat, under the sun, he was **** and handsome in a mess.

The delicate eyebrows were full of alienation, and Jiang Yan didn't pay attention to the girls who rushed over. His black eyes searched the crowd.

Mu Yao was squeezed into the crowd, if Xu Yan hadn't held her hand, she might have been squeezed down.

Seeing the girl who wanted to hand water to Jiang Yan, Mu Yao tugged at Xu Yan's hand, "Yanyan, let's go, there are too many people."

As soon as she finished speaking, the mineral water in Mu Yao's hand was snatched away.

"Go away, stay away from me." Jiang Yan's voice was low and cold.

"Everyone spread out, what are you doing here, the athletes need to rest." The teacher came over and dispersed the crowd.

"Brother Yan, whose water did you take?" Chen Qinghui was about to pass water to Jiang Yan, but found that there was an extra bottle of mineral water in his hand at some point.

The thin lips hooked slightly, but Jiang Yan didn't hum.

In the afternoon, the sports meeting was in full swing, and the next event was the women's 800 meters.

The coat on her body was too big for running, so Mu Yao took off the coat.

"Xiao Yao, come on." Xu Yan stood aside and shouted loudly.

"Mu Yao, come on."

"Mu Yao, come on, come on."

The boy who was usually shy to talk to Mu Yao in the class let go of his courage and loudly cheered for Mu Yao, which caused people in other classes to look sideways to see who was so charming.


Everyone saw a beautiful **** the starting line.

The other party was wearing a white sportswear with a high ponytail. Under the sun, his complexion was as fair as snow, and his facial features were exquisite. Among athletes, he was particularly eye-catching.

"Which class is that girl from? I don't know why there are such beautiful girls in our school."

"Ah, so shuiling, is she smiling at me, oh my god, it's too sweet."

"This is simply my ideal type. After the competition, I will ask for her contact information."

"Isn't there a campaign for the school beauty on the forum recently? Why is there no picture of this girl?"

"Her photo still needs to be selected? This is a proper school flower."

Fang Zishan had just returned from the high jump competition, and seeing more and more people paying attention to Mu Yao, she sighed, "Xiao Yao's popularity is very high."

"Of course, who doesn't like to see beauties." Xu Yan stopped eating snacks and concentrated on cheering up Mu Yao.

Beside the runway, Chen Qinghui put his hands in his pockets and said with a smile: "Mu Yao is getting better and better.

The more beautiful it is, the more pleasing it is to stand on the starting line like this. "

Jiang Yan glanced at him coldly.

"Brother Yan."

Chen Qinghui stretched out his arm and put it on Jiang Yan's shoulder, "I saw it, your coat is for Mu Yao to wear."

Jiang Yan didn't hum.

"Brother Yan."

Chen Qinghui seemed to have discovered some terrible secret, he laughed and said: "Have you fallen in love with Mu Yao? That's right, now Mu Yao has completely changed, not only is she more beautiful, her temperament is also different, her personality It's not as arrogant and brainless as it used to be, but now it looks pleasing."

Jiang Yan snorted coldly, and pushed Chen Qinghui's arm away, "Thinking too much."

"Although you said you were nice to Mu Yao before, it was because of... the task Mr. Jiang gave you, but I found that you really treat her differently."

Her dark eyes were fixed on the slender figure on the starting line. Under the sun, her fair face was quiet and soft. Jiang Yan twitched the corners of his lips, and said coldly, "That's because Mu Yao is my sister now."


Chen Qinghui was shocked.

Mu Yao is Jiang Yan's younger sister? When did this happen?

When the starting gun sounded, the athlete leaned forward and rushed out instantly.

Mu Yao reacted quickly, but her speed was not as fast as the other girls, and she fell behind by a few positions.

The ponytail swayed with Mu Yao's running, and the soft hair tip brushed her slender and fair neck, she bit her lip and tried to rush forward.

"Mu Yao, come on."

"Xiaoyao, go ahead, come on."

"What to do, Xiaoyao is about to fall to the last place." Fang Zishan looked nervous, wishing she could step forward and run for her.

"It doesn't matter. If you want to participate, it doesn't matter whether you get the first place or not." Fu Zhengran said warmly, looking at the thin figure running up.

"The monitor is right."

After a lap, Mu Yao was out of breath, with a **** taste in her mouth. Her breathing became heavier and her pace became heavier and heavier. She gritted her teeth, and there was still one lap left.

"Mu Yao won't be the last one." Chen Qinghui watched Mu Yao being overtaken by girls one after another, and couldn't help saying, "I thought she came from the countryside and she should be very strong, but I didn't expect her to be so weak."

Those slender legs and hands seemed to be broken when they were folded.

Jiang Yan's eyes were dark, and they were glued to the slender figure.

Soon, Mu Yao ran past him again and was about to rush to the finish line.

However, just as she was rushing towards the finish line, Mu Yao's foot turned for some reason, and she fell forward, just passing the finish line.

"Ah, Xiaoyao fell down." Xu Yan cried out in shock.

"Quickly, quickly, find someone to check on her injuries." Someone urgently urged.

In the next second, Fu Zhengran, who was wearing a light gray sportswear, rushed towards the finish line.

"Mu Yao fell down."

Here, before Chen Qinghui finished speaking, Jiang Yan who was beside him had already galloped out, faster than in the morning competition.

Seeing Jiang Yan rushing towards Mu Yao like a beast, and hugging Mu Yao under the shocked eyes of everyone, Chen Qinghui curled his lips, "Brother Yan still said that Mu Yao is a younger sister? This is clearly a love sister!"

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