Mu Yao fell directly across the finish line, and her whole body fell to the ground.

There was burning pain in the palms and knees, and the pain was severe.

"Student, how is it? Is the injury serious? Can you move?" The physical education teacher standing near the finish line hurried forward to check.

Mu Yao propped it up with one hand, and was about to respond, when the next second, she was hugged by a tall figure.

"I'll take her to the school infirmary." After Jiang Yan said this, he carried her away.

"Jiang Yan." Mu Yao looked up, only to see Jiang Yan's perfectly lined jaw, "You put me down, I'll go by myself." In front of the whole school, being hugged by Jiang Yan made Mu Yao extremely uncomfortable.

"Are you sure you can walk by yourself?" Jiang Yan hugged her tightly and left the stadium quickly.

Mu Yao lowered her eyes, her foot was sprained, and she really couldn't walk now.

"Thank you," she said softly.

Jiang Yan snorted softly, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

The young man's chest is strong, he is wearing a thin shirt, the scorching heat leaks out from the thin shirt, and the close distance makes Mu Yao's ears feel hot from embarrassment.

Although it was not the first time she was hugged by Jiang Yan, but the last time she was so sick that she was dizzy and unconscious, and she didn't care so much at that time.

The way to the school infirmary was very quiet. At this time, everyone was watching the game on the sports field, and there were not many people on the way.

The sunlight penetrated through the gradually withered branches and leaves, and fell on the path, forming star spots. Stepping on the fallen leaves, Jiang Yan looked down at Mu Yao in his arms, the sunlight fell on her small face, causing her to close her eyes. The two small fans with long and thick curls are fluttering, which is a bit cute.

Going to the school doctor's office, the school doctor checked her. Mu Yao's hands and knees were scratched, but they were not serious. The main thing was that her ankle was sprained, and it was a little swollen. She needed to recuperate for a few days.

"The feet have been bandaged, and the wounds on the hands and knees must be disinfected. Try not to get wet for a few days."

Mu Yao's palm was pink and white, because of scratches, it was covered with tiny scratches, and some of the skin was scratched. When the school doctor applied the disinfectant on it, it hurt so much that she couldn't help shrinking her hands.

"Take it easy." Jiang Yan frowned, and his cold voice was a bit fierce.

"Apply disinfectant, the wound will sting." The school doctor looked at Jiang Yan with a stern face, with anxious eyes, and she smiled: "Why don't you come?"

"No need, I'll do it myself." Mu Yao didn't have the nerve to ask Jiang Yan to rub the medicine on herself.

Seeing Mu Yao's disgust, Jiang Yan's thin lips tightened, as if he was willing to wipe her, he hummed softly, and turned his face away.

"Turn up your trousers." The school doctor said to Mu Yao.

The knees of the sweatpants were not scratched, but there was a big gray stain. Mu Yao carefully lifted up her trousers, her knees were red and scratched.

It stands to reason that she was wearing long trousers, so she shouldn't have scratched her skin, but now she not only scratched her skin, but also hurt very much.

I don't know if it's because she often eats cherries, but Mu Yao feels that her body is not only becoming more and more beautiful, but also more delicate and sensitive to pain. It was painful to touch it lightly before, not to mention rubbing it now.

The school doctor took the medicine and began to disinfect Mu Yao's knee.

The disinfectant dropped on the wound, causing Mu Yao's legs to shrink back.

"Be patient, it's a little stinging."

If it was normal, the school doctor would definitely reprimand these students for just a little wound, why are they so delicate. However, the little girl in front of her looks soft and weak, like a tender little flower bud on a branch, which makes people really reluctant to reprimand her.

Jiang Yan turned around and saw Mu Yao sitting by the bed with her trousers rolled up and her legs bent, obediently asking the school doctor to administer the medicine.

Under the bright light, the thin section of the calf was white and smooth. And on the knee, because of the scratched skin, a large area was red, which was in stark contrast to the milky white skin around it, and it looked like a serious fall.

His eyes were burning hot.

Mu Yao raised her eyes, and saw Jiang Yan's dark eyes staring at her feet.

For no reason, Mu Yao felt extremely uncomfortable and wanted to put down the bottom of her trousers.

"Okay, you sit down for a while, wait for the disinfectant to dry, and then put down the trousers." The school doctor explained, and went out.

The school doctor room fell silent.

Mu Yao tried her best not to touch the disinfectant, and slowly lowered the bottom of her trousers. She stood up and wanted to leave.

"If you sprain your foot, don't move around. Do you want to be crippled?" Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows.

Mu Yao was so frightened that she didn't move anymore.

Jiang Yan stepped forward and picked her up, "I'll take you back." Today he sent Mu Yao to the school infirmary, so his recovery time should be advanced to 5:30 tomorrow. Thinking of this, the anger in his chest subsided a little.


Mu Yao is not a person who doesn't know what to do, she really can't walk now, and she also thinks that there is no one else who can help her. Pursing her lips, she nestled in Jiang Yan's arms, and could only keep as still as possible so as not to hurt him.

The girl in his arms was very light, and Jiang Yan easily picked her up and walked outside.

The sun on the road was very dazzling, Mu Yao slightly closed her eyes.

Jiang Yan looked down at her, only to see her hands folded on her body helplessly, quietly, suddenly, her chest seemed to be bumped, and it felt a little numb.

"Your arms around me."

Above the head, a low voice sounded.

Mu Yao opened her eyes and looked at him.

"I will drop you later, and you will also hurt your other leg. I will not be responsible." Jiang Yan looked ahead and said in a calm tone.

Mu Yao understood what Jiang Yan meant, she responded lightly, and stretched out her hand embarrassingly.

Looking at her thin white fingers grabbing the clothes on both sides of his waist, Jiang Yan felt that if she wasn't worried that she would fall, would Mu Yao wish she had no contact with him?

The thin lips were pursed tightly, and the little red mole disappeared between the lip lines in anger. Jiang Yan hugged her and walked straight to the gate without looking at her again.

When he arrived at Mu's house, Jiang Yan carried Mu Yao back to her room very familiarly.

Putting Mu Yao down, watching the girl sitting delicately on the light pink bed, the air is filled with the fruity fragrance of her body. And he was standing here tall and big, suddenly, he felt like a gangster beast breaking into the girl's boudoir.

"Wow, woof, woof."

When Jiang heard the movement, he ran in from the small balcony. When the little thing saw Jiang Yan, he immediately clung to him, rubbing his chubby dog's body against Jiang Yan's feet.

Mu Yao found that every time she met Jiang Yan, Jiang liked him very much and was not afraid at all.

"Ginger, come here." Mu Yao waved to the little thing.

"Woof." Hearing the master's voice, Jiang let go, turned and ran towards Mu Yao.

Holding it in her arms, Mu Yao raised her head and said to Jiang Yan, "Thank you for sending me back today." She owes Jiang Yan another favor.

Seeing that stupid dog loitering about in Mu Yao's arms, Jiang Yan's eyes darkened, feeling particularly annoying.

"Wang..." Sheng Jiang lay obediently in Mu Yao's arms, with his tail flicking, looking happy.

Jiang Yan's dark eyes glanced at the stupid dog. Inexplicably, he felt a sad feeling of being robbed of his position.

Repressing the urge to pick up the stupid dog from Mu Yao's arms and throw it away, Jiang Yan said coldly: "Since your foot is injured now, don't hug the dog, lest it rub against your wound."

"Woof." Jiang turned his head and looked at Jiang Yan with innocent dog eyes.

"It's okay, it's very good." Mu Yao rubbed Jiang's dog's head.

"Woof." Ginger will be very good.

"Whatever you want." Putting the medicine prescribed by the school doctor on the bedside cabinet, Jiang Yan said awkwardly, "You change the medicine on time." Then he left.

The next day, the school's forum exploded.

I don't know who put a photo on the colonel's flower campaign, which aroused heated discussions among everyone.

The photo is a bit blurry, it should be taken from a distance, it shows a girl running in a white sportswear, only her delicate side face is photographed.

Some people complained that the photo was too blurry and did not meet the standards, so they could not participate in the selection.

"Lord, I have a photo of this girl, and I took it at the time."

Soon, the person who left the message posted a photo of Mu Yao standing on the starting line. Under the sun, the girl was wearing a white sportswear, and she was blinking her ponytail. The breath of a pure girl rushed towards her face, and her pair of jet-black eyes were full of water, which was indescribably beautiful.

"I'm crying, begging to tell you which major and which class the school girl is from, this looks so good!!!."

"I don't think there is any need to choose the school belle. She is not a school belle, it's hard to tolerate."

"It's so beautiful, why didn't I know there is such a beautiful junior in our school? Licking the screen like crazy."

"There's no need to choose, I unilaterally decided that the school belle is her!"

"Ah, was she the one who fell at the finish line? It hurts so much."

"I saw it too. It seems that someone rushed up to carry her to the school infirmary."

"I was near the finish line, and the person who took this beautiful girl away was Jiang Yan. I just watched Jiang Yan rush up, looking very anxious!!"

Jiang Yan has been a prominent figure on the forum since the first day he entered school. Even when he was walking on the road, he would be secretly photographed and posted on the forum. However, most of the photos are just profile photos. Even if the frontal face is taken, who would dare to post it?

Moreover, Jiang Yan has an outstanding appearance, but he has always been cold and cold. He has never had contact with any girl, so that he pays more attention to him. Who doesn't want to be his just in case? Therefore, everyone in the school pays a lot of attention to him. As long as his post appears, it will definitely cause heated discussions.

But now, Jiang Yan rushed up to the girl and carried her away when she fell down. How could such breaking news not attract the attention of others.

The forum immediately exploded, and everyone began to speculate about Jiang Yan and Mu Yao.

On set, the atmosphere was tense.

"Director, I didn't act well in the scene just now, why don't I do it again, is that okay?" Xiao Hua, who played the lead actress, asked the director with a smile.

"Ah, she clearly wants to bully you, Miss Xiaoxue." The little assistant's face was displeased, and there was a bit of resentment on his face.

In that scene, the heroine slapped the second female lead. It was originally said to be a borrowing, but that Xiaohua slapped Mu Xiaoxue directly. Fortunately, Mu Xiaoxue reacted quickly, and it looked like she was being slapped. In fact, Xiaohua didn't slap her at all. Met Mu Xiaoxue, that's why the other party wanted to start over.

Mu Xiaoxue sat on the armchair, with a smile on her lips, she didn't care, "It's okay, it depends on the director's opinion, if the director thinks it's not good, it really should be re-shooted."

The little assistant gritted her teeth, a little annoyed, but Miss Xiaoxue's personality was too gentle.

The director watched the replay of the shot, "The shot just now is very good, there is no problem, and I am ready for the next one."

Xiaohua choked for breath, with a forced smile on her face, "Okay, director."

"The director is really discerning, he must have seen her intentions." The little assistant whispered to her beside Mu Xiaoxue.

Mu Xiaoxue took out her phone, smiled, and didn't say much. She has a koi system, how could that little flower's little thoughts hurt her?

She took the lemonade handed over by the little assistant, and opened the school's forum while drinking it.

Although she went to school less often, she would pay attention to school affairs and read posts about Jiang Yan on the forum. Moreover, a school belle campaign was recently launched on the forum. Even if it was just a school belle name, she needed to win it.

Entering the forum, Mu Xiaoxue found a new hot post with an eye-catching title: "Pure School Flower X Jiang Yan".

Slightly taken aback, she clicked in.

The first thing that came in was a photo of a girl wearing a white sportswear, it was Mu Yao! I haven't seen her for a few days, she seems to be beautiful again. She saw that under the photo were all messages of praise from licking the screen.

Slowly sliding the post with her fingertips, Mu Xiaoxue's eyes became darker and darker. She saw someone posted a photo, it was a boy hugging Mu Yao, and the boy's side face was sharp and angular, she recognized at a glance that the person was Jiang Yan.

Suddenly, the lemonade in her mouth became sour and astringent, and Mu Xiaoxue took back her phone.

"Sister Xiaoxue, the director asked you to prepare and take a shot later." The little assistant ran back and said to Mu Xiaoxue.

"Well, I see." The smile on Mu Xiaoxue's delicate face faded, and she asked, "What's the schedule for tomorrow? Do you still have my camera?"

"The next scene is a rivalry scene with the male lead, but it is scheduled for the day after tomorrow. There is a commercial shooting tomorrow morning, and there is no schedule for the afternoon." The little assistant looked at the schedule.

"Okay, I have something to do tomorrow afternoon, so I don't need to arrange it. I'm going home."

The little assistant looked at her suspiciously, "Do you need to tell Brother Feng?" Mu Xiaoxue's itinerary was arranged by her manager, Fang Feng.

"You tell him." Mu Xiaoxue lowered her eyes: "Just say that my sister was hurt, I'll go back and see her."

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