The sky gradually darkened, and the moon quietly climbed into the night.

When Jiang Yanchuan came over, he found himself gnawing on a bone.

He was stunned for a moment, and immediately threw his bones away, and even got up to go to the bathroom. He stood up against the wall and turned on the faucet to wash his mouth.

"Ginger, have you been playing with water?"

Mu Yao leaned on the head of the bed, and saw the little thing go to the bathroom, and when she came out, her whole body was covered in water. She stood up on one foot, "Wait a minute, I'll wipe you with a towel."

Jiang Yan's round dog eyes watched Mu Yao hop on one foot like a bunny, sniffed his nose, ran to the small sofa by himself, and took the towel hanging on the armrest in his mouth.

"Ah, Ginger is so good." Mu Yao saw Ginger's foot towel was put in front of her, the little thing realized that her foot was injured and it was not convenient for her to walk.

She took the towel from its mouth, then hugged the little thing with the towel, and wiped its body.

"Okay, I can't play in the water anymore." Mu Yao let go of it and rubbed its dog's head.

Mu Yao stood up. She took the fruit plate and packed a lot of cherries to wash. Today, because she was busy watching the sports meeting, she didn't have time to eat.

Seeing Mu Yao hopping on one foot to the bathroom, her slender figure is pitiful, the wrinkles on Jiang Yangou's head and forehead are tightly wrinkled, can't she be more peaceful and lie on the bed to rest obediently?

What about the Mu family? Mu Yao was injured, and no one came to take care of her?

Jiang Yan's eyes were dark, inexplicably, a little distressed.

However, this is not the emotion he should have, it must be affected by the stupid dog's body.

Jiang Yan gritted his teeth, worried after all, and followed him to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, under the bright lights, I saw Mu Yao standing by the sink, with her head down, washing the cherries on the fruit plate.

The hair on one side fell down as she lowered her head. Jiang Yan looked up at the dog's head, looked at Mu Yao who lowered her eyebrows and nodded with a peaceful face, and was a little fascinated. It couldn't be connected with her previous arrogant and annoying appearance at all.

Jiang Yan felt that he didn't know Mu Yao in front of him more and more.

Since becoming a dog, she has refreshed his perception of her time and time again.

Jiang Yan gritted his teeth, but none of this had anything to do with him.

"Ginger, open your mouth wide."

Mu Yao saw that Jiang Jiang followed her in, and stood blankly watching her. The little thing looked so cute, and she directly fed a cleaned cherries to its mouth.

Subconsciously, Jiang Yan opened his mouth, a cherries were stuffed in, and the wrinkles on his forehead deepened.

This dog's body is completely out of his control, every time he hears Mu Yao's words, he will respond obediently!

He must hurry up and fully return to adulthood, otherwise, what will happen to him in the future, like this stupid dog, who will be raised as a slave by Mu Yao!

Mu Yao didn't know all the complex emotions in the dog's heart next to her. She carried the washed cherries, leaned on the wall, and walked slowly hopping on one foot.

She sat on the small sofa, put the cherries aside, and then waved to Ginger who came out, "Ginger, come here, let me hug you."

Who cares about her hugging!

Jiang Yan thought that at this moment Mu Yao's feet are not moving easily, even if it doesn't listen to Mu Yao, she can't do anything to him.

"Ginger? Don't you want me to hug you?" Mu Yao smiled and opened her hands towards the little thing.

Under the warm yellow light, the girl's face was fair and full of smiles, and her dark eyes were bright and moist under the light. Jiang Yan licked his mouth, raised his head, and walked towards Mu Yao arrogantly.

Forget it, for the sake of her disability, don't bully her!

But Jiang Yan didn't know it, the tail of the dog behind him was wagging non-stop.

In the next second, he was hugged by Mu Yao, his arms were fragrant and soft, and he had a hot dog face, and had to admit that he was very comfortable lying in her arms. Suddenly, he somewhat understood why that stupid dog liked being hugged by Mu Yao so much.

Thinking of that stupid dog staying so comfortably in Mu Yao's arms during the day, Jiang Yan snorted displeased.

I want to get rid of that stupid dog!

The next day, Jiang Yan returned to adulthood at 5:30.

He was lying on the big gray bed with one hand on his forehead, his dark eyes were clear, and he was not sleepy at this moment.

He knew that Mu Yao couldn't go to school because of her foot injury, and she had asked the school for a three-day vacation.

Jiang Yan pursed her thin lips when she thought that the people in Mu's family didn't take care of Mu Yao, and that she was so stupid that she liked to walk around, restless and recuperate, without the slightest awareness of being injured.

There is a wave of irritability in my heart.

"Is the brat still awake?" Mr. Jiang asked Aunt Hua.

"Already awake. The young master went downstairs very early today and is now in the gym." Aunt Hua replied.


I don't know how long it took. Jiang Yan came out of the gym after exercising. His black clothes were soaked, and the sweat ran down his angular face, across his firm chin, and into his collar. Wanton and sharp.

"It's so early today?" Elder Jiang said in the dining room, "Come over for breakfast."

"Wait a minute."

Soon, Jiang Yan went upstairs and changed his clothes and came down, feeling refreshed all over, and obviously took a shower.

Jiang Yan sat down beside Mr. Jiang.

After eating the glutinous and fragrant chicken porridge in the bowl, Jiang Yan said slowly, "Mu Yao fell and hurt herself at the sports meeting."

Mr. Jiang raised his head and asked hastily, "Is Xiaoyao's child injured?"

"I don't know." Jiang Yan said calmly, "I didn't pay much attention."

"You brat, even if you break off the engagement with Xiaoyao, you can't treat her like a younger sister and care about her?" Mr. Jiang can't wait to beat Jiang Yan, this cold-hearted bastard.

"Oh." Jiang Yan replied, "Yes."

"What?" Mr. Jiang glared at him angrily, but didn't react.

"It's your old man who asked you to treat Mu Yao as your younger sister, so I agree." Jiang Yan replied slowly.

"Then you go to Mu's house today to see if she is injured, and if so, how is the injury?" Mr. Jiang suppressed his anger.

He originally thought that Jiang Yan would have to be beaten up to cure this brat, but he didn't expect Jiang Yan to be straightforward, "Okay."

Over there in the small building.

The sun had already shone into the room through the glass window, and Mu Yao slowly opened her eyes. She asked for a few days off from school, and she didn't go to school today, so she slept in late.

"Wow woof."

Ginger yelled at the door.

"Ginger, is someone outside?"


There was still hazy drowsiness in her dark eyes, Mu Yao got up, she didn't wear shoes, she stepped on the floor with her bare feet, and walked over to open the door with her bare feet.

The door is opened.

The next moment, Mu Yao looked at the tall figure outside the door in surprise, "Why are you here?"

Taking advantage of her height, Jiang Yan looked down at Mu Yao condescendingly, and saw that her fair face was flushed with rouge, and she was wearing a white nightdress. I don't know if it was because she just woke up, but her wide neckline Crooked, revealing the white and round shoulders.

She looked at him in astonishment.

"Grandpa knew you were hurt, so he asked me to take care of you." Jiang Yan said coldly.

"Ah?" Mu Yao quickly refused, "I don't need to take care of you."

"Go and tell my grandfather, anyway, I'm just listening to him." Jiang Yan's dark eyes fell on Mu Yao's exposed half shoulder, his eyes were deep, "You plan to let me stand at the door all the time?"

Mu Yao thought that Jiang Yan had only helped her yesterday, so she had no choice but to open the door, "You can come in, but I really don't need to take care of you."

"Wow, woof." Jiang saw that Jiang Yan was coming again, and the little thing was so excited that he spun around him happily.

Jiang Yan was not polite, and went directly to Mu Yao's small sofa and sat down. Because of his tall stature, the small sofa looked very narrow, and there was no place for Jiang Yan's long legs to fit.

"The floor is so cold, why don't you wear shoes?" Jiang Yan's eyes fell on Mu Yao's feet, where he held and measured them, they were small and cute. Seeing Mu Yao directly stepping on the floor with bare feet, his brows subconsciously frowned.


Mu Yao slowly walked back to the bed, put on soft-soled slippers, realized that she was still wearing pajamas at this time, her face blushed slightly, "Sit down for a while."

After washing and changing her clothes, Mu Yao walked out slowly, limping.

"This is the medicine that grandpa asked me to bring you." Jiang Yan took out the medicine, "Have you changed the medicine for your feet?"

"Please help me to thank Grandpa Jiang." Mu Yao didn't expect the old man to care about her so much, she decided to wait for her foot injury to heal, and make more delicious food for Grandpa Jiang.

Jiang Yan took the medicine and walked towards Mu Yao, "Sit down, and I will change the medicine for you."

Mu Yao directly refused: "I can do it myself."

"Whatever you want, this is medicated oil, you need to rub it **** the sprain." Jiang Yan reminded.

Mu Yao took the medicine, "Thank you." Because of the injury on her foot, she was wearing a pair of loose, straight beige trousers and a **** pink shirt on her upper body, which was soft and gentle.

She sat down by the bed, poured the medicated oil on the palm of her hand, and began to rub her sprained ankle.

"You look like this, it won't work at all." Jiang Yan snorted coldly.

"I know."

Of course she knew, but she was more afraid of pain. Just touching it hurts, how can she be willing to use force on herself?

Frowning slightly, Jiang Yan took the medicated oil from Mu Yao's hand. He pulled the small wooden chair beside him, and his tall body sat on it. In Mu Yao's astonishment, he directly grabbed Mu Yao's ankle and placed it on his on the thigh.

"Even if it hurts, bear it." Jiang Yan poured the medicated oil on Mu Yao's ankle, and rubbed it vigorously with his big hands.

Biting her lip and holding back for a while, tears came out of the corners of her eyes, but Mu Yao couldn't hold it back, she hummed in pain: "Pain, pain, pain." She shrank her feet, but her ankle was held tightly by Jiang Yan, where is she? Can you break free?

Her ankle became hot from being rubbed, tears welled up in the corners of Mu Yao's eyes, "It hurts so much, take it easy!"

Jiang Yan looked up, and saw the delicate eyebrows of the girl beside the bed were tightly frowned, and her dark eyes seemed to be filled with tears, pitiful, so delicate? He only exerted less than half of his strength.

Jiang Yan opened his mouth, his low and cold voice coaxed a little, "Pain is effective."

"Thank you, but I don't want to wipe it anymore." Mu Yao struggled to take it back.

The ankle in the palm was white and slender, and felt weak. Jiang Yan held it down, but withdrew a little strength, lest he accidentally break it.

Facing Mu Yao's watery black eyes, Jiang Yan's heart suddenly softened, "Be gentle, don't move around." Then, he poured the medicated oil on his palm and rubbed it against his ankle.

This time, Jiang Yan's force was much lighter, and Mu Yao's little toe curled up slightly in pain, but she didn't struggle anymore.

"Wow, woof, woof." At this moment, Jiang yelled towards the door.

"Ginger, what's the matter? Is there anyone outside the door?" Mu Yao clutched the pillow tightly with one hand to ease the pain.


"Someone is here, I'll open the door." Mu Yao said to Jiang Yan.

"I'll open it." Jiang Yan then let go of Mu Yao's ankle, got up and opened the door.

Mu Yao breathed a sigh of relief.

"Xiao Yao..."

The door was opened, and Mu Xiaoxue's words stopped abruptly when her eyes touched the handsome face in front of her.

A heart sank.

Jiang Yan opened the door and made way.

Mu Xiaoxue tried her best to suppress the shock in her heart, "Jiang Yan, why are you in Xiaoyao's room?"

"Grandpa Jiang asked Jiang Yan to bring me the medicine." Mu Yao put her foot down, and there was a burning pain on her instep and ankle, which became a little numb.

"So that's the case."

Mu Xiaoxue walked in, and she looked at Mu Yao's moist and moist eyes, the corners of her eyes were flushed with red, as if they had been rouged, fresh and beautiful, very annoying. She tightened her hand holding the bag slightly, and said in a gentle voice, "I heard you were injured in the sports meeting, did you hurt your foot?"

Mu Yao nodded, "Yes, I sprained it."

"Ah, did you apply the medicine? Do you need me to help you?" Mu Xiaoxue's delicate face was stained with worry, "How about I send you to see a doctor?"

"No need, I have already seen the school doctor yesterday, and just applied the medicine." Mu Yao asked, "What can you do for me?"

"I didn't know you were injured until I saw the school's forum this morning. I was worried about you, so I wanted to come back to see you." Originally, she had a commercial shooting this morning, but it was postponed to the afternoon because of something on the commercial side, so She came to look for Mu Yao.

Unexpectedly, instead, she bumped into Jiang Yan appearing in Mu Yao's room.

Her eyes darkened a little, Mu Xiaoxue thought of the picture of Jiang Yan holding Mu Yao she saw on the forum, and felt a little more uneasy in her heart, she always felt that something was beyond her control.

"By the way, I also saw that on the forum, someone posted a picture of you holding Xiaoyao, Jiang Yan, and everyone is guessing about the relationship between the two of you." Mu Xiaoxue looked at Jiang Yan, and her eyes fell on him. On his face, he tentatively said: "Some people say that Jiang Yan, you and Xiaoyao are a couple."

"Ah? This must be a misunderstanding. Jiang Yan and I are now in the relationship of sister and brother." Mu Yao explained, but she didn't expect to be photographed yesterday.

Hearing this, Jiang Yan's eyes darkened.

Obviously he was the one who suggested it at the beginning, but at this moment when Mu Yao heard the word "brother", it was extremely annoying.


Mu Xiaoxue turned her head in surprise. Contrary to Jiang Yan, there was a faint smile on her lips. Mu Xiaoxue has always been smart, so after thinking for a few seconds, she asked with a light smile, "Grandpa Jiang asked Xiaoyao to be Jiang Yan's younger sister, right?"

Mu Yao nodded.

Jiang Yan left Mu's house with a dark face. As soon as he walked to the gate, he received a call from Chen Qinghui, "Brother Yan, do you know that there are rumors about you and Mu Yao on the forum?"

"En." Jiang Yan responded coldly.

"Hey, you also know? But don't worry, as your good brother, I have clarified it for you."

On the other end of the phone, Chen Qinghui claimed credit: "I have replied to everyone on the forum, you are Mu Yao's brother, now the whole school will not misunderstand you anymore, how about it, let me be smart."

The pitch-black eyes were bottomless, and Jiang Yan's deep voice was filled with gnashing of teeth, "You mean, everyone in the school knows that I am Mu Yao's elder brother?"

"That's right, don't worry, no one will spread any rumors about your relationship with Mu Yao..."

Before Chen Qinghui finished speaking, Jiang Yan hung up the phone, "Hello? Hello?"

What's going on, he helped a lot, but Jiang Yan suddenly hung up on him?

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