Walking out of the villa, the cold wind blows past at night, making one's bones shiver with cold.

Mu Yao's beautiful red lips curled up, obviously in a good mood.

"Ginger, let's go, go back and pack our luggage." Mu Yao happily rubbed the little thing's dog's head with her clean face.

Suddenly getting close to Mu Yao intimately, Jiang Yan felt itchy at the apex of his heart, as if being gently scratched by a cat's paw, scratching his heart a bit.

"Xiao Yao, wait a minute."

At this time, Mu Xiaoxue chased her out.

Panting slightly, she said to Mu Yao: "Xiao Yao, don't take it to heart if Dad gets angry for a while, you are his daughter, how could he really drive you away? My mother and I will persuade him, After a few days, he will calm down, don't do such a stupid thing as running away from home."

"Why don't you listen to your father and leave Mu's house, where can you go?" Mu Xiaoxue looked at Mu Yao sincerely.

This younger sister is the cannon fodder character in the book. When she was reading the book, she sympathized with Mu Yao, the cannon fodder female supporting role. She felt sorry for her unpleasant character and pitied her final fate. Now that Mu Yao is arguing with her father, this will only accelerate his father's dissatisfaction with her.

This is not a good thing for Mu Yao.

As much as she could, Mu Xiaoxue hoped to help this cannon fodder sister.

Mu Yao touched Sheng Jiang's dog's head, and her soft voice was cool in the dark night, "If Dad asks you to quit the entertainment circle, will you agree to him?"

"Huh?" Mu Xiaoxue was slightly stunned, but when she realized it, she raised her eyes to look at Mu Yao.

"You won't agree. I am the same. I like to make fragrances, and I won't give up easily because of his obstruction." Mu Yao looked directly at Mu Xiaoxue, "Thank you for your concern, but you also What I can’t do, I can’t do either.”

After finishing speaking, Mu Yao turned around and left with Jiang in her arms.

The night was thick, and under the bright moonlight, her slender waist was slender but straight.

After returning to the small building, Mu Yao opened the suitcase, and she was not going to take out the luggage inside. She packed a few sets of clothes that she bought later, and some daily necessities in the closet, and packed them quickly. luggage.

Mu Yao never thought that she could move out of Mu's house so soon.

Before, she thought that after saving enough money, she would have to break up with Mu Wanhai when she moved out of Mu's house. Unexpectedly, now Mu Wanhai suddenly let her go, which provided her with a good opportunity and excuse.

"Ginger, we're getting out of here, awesome."

Mu Yao put the luggage aside, lifted the little thing lying on the ground high, and turned it around in a circle, with bright black eyes, obviously very happy.

In mid-air, Jiang Yan's eyes were full of Mu Yao's smiling face, and she was dazzled by her.

The next day, Mu Yao asked the counselor for a day's leave. The counselor knew that this was the student representing the school to participate in the competition in S city and won the first prize, so he immediately agreed.

"I'll leave the key to you. Our community is very safe, and there is an old lady living across the street, so she is easy to get along with. Girl, you can live in my house, so don't worry." The landlord is a middle-aged A woman with a loud voice but a kind face.

"Thank you, Aunt Huang."

Mu Yao is very satisfied with this house, although it is not big, but it is cleaned and tidy, and even the layout is warm and simple, it is very suitable for her to live alone. She had been paying attention to whether there was a house for rent near the school before, and she had taken a fancy to this one at that time, but she didn't expect it to come in handy so soon.

"You're welcome, my house will be handed over to you."

The landlord, Auntie Huang, is very satisfied with Mu Yao as a tenant. The little girl is more beautiful than a flower, and her voice is also very nice.

After Mu Yao sent the landlord away, she closed the door and began to look at the house.

She heard from the landlady that the house was furnished by her youngest daughter, but her daughter had gone abroad, and the house was vacant and wasted, so it was rented out. Therefore, the layout of the house is in line with the girl's taste.

The main color is white, and the sofa is foggy blue, which matches well with the plain white curtains printed with dark flowers.

Mu Yao looked at the room again, there were two rooms in total.

One is the master bedroom, which is equipped with a small balcony where some potted plants can be placed. Another room, Mu Yao is planning to use it as a guest room.

"Wow, woof, woof." Jiang let go, and began to scurry around the house happily.

Seeing that the little things also liked this place, Mu Yao couldn't help being more satisfied. Next, Mu Yao started to pack her luggage and clean the house.

In the past, she was pampered. Even when she went to Mu's house, her room was cleaned up by servants. Now relying on herself, her hands-on ability is not too bad.


Chen Qinghui unwrapped Jiang Yan's unwanted snacks and threw them into his mouth casually.

Since Jiang Yan participated in the sports meeting last time and shined brightly in the venue, the girls in the school have been like crazy, asking every day what class Jiang Yan has that day, which teaching building, which classroom he will go to, and which seat he will sit in.

Then they would secretly stuff the love letter and various food and small gifts into the drawer in advance. However, Jiang Yan didn't pay much attention to these things at all, and he was the one who got the cheapest in the end.

"Do you have a house in the Tianya community near the school?"

"It seems that my mother gave me a birthday present a few years ago." Chen Qinghui said vaguely with a lollipop in his mouth, "What's wrong?"

"Let it to me." Jiang Yan thought that Mu Yao would move out, and Chen Qinghui's house was very suitable, close to the school and safe.

"Let it to you?" Chen Qinghui raised his head, took the lollipop from his mouth, and jokingly said, "Brother Yan, you don't mean to come to the golden house to hide your beauty, do you?"

Jiang Yan glanced at him faintly, and stretched out his hand: "The key."

"Fuck! Is it really Zangjiao?" Chen Qinghui was curious, and he asked tentatively, "It can't be...Mu Yao, right?"

Jiang Yan glanced at him coldly.

Chen Qinghui clicked his tongue secretly, "There is no key, I will tell you the password of the door."

Unable to hold back, Chen Qinghui said again: "Mu Yao is going to move out of Mu's house?"

Facing Shang Jiangyan's dark eyes, Chen Qinghui smiled and said, "Don't gossip about me, don't I care about my sister?"

Jiang Yan frowned and snorted coldly: "Who is your sister?"

"Mu Yao, she is your sister. I am a good brother to you. Rounding up, isn't she my sister?"

Jiang Yan directly patted Chen Qinghui's approaching face away, "Don't dream before it's dark."

"Brother Yan, when did you become so stingy." Chen Qinghui leaned on the back of the chair and teased, "Okay, okay, Mu Yao is just your younger sister."

The sky gradually darkened.

At night, when Jiang Yan opened his eyes again, he realized that he was not in Mu Yao's room. If he hadn't smelled the faint fruity fragrance in the air, he would have thought that stupid dog had wandered somewhere again.

In the kitchen, Mu Yao is preparing dinner, she is better at cooking than cleaning.

"Ginger, why did you come in?" When Mu Yao turned her head, she happened to see the little thing standing at the door, staring at her in a daze, cute and cute.

"Are you hungry?"

The fish soup in the pot was boiled until it was boiling white, fragrant and rich, very attractive. Mu Yao put the soup in the pot into the crisper, "You go out first, you can eat later."

Jiang Yan's eyes darkened, he didn't expect her to find a place so quickly.

After filling the soup, Mu Yao put some steamed snacks in another fresh-keeping box. Today she heard from the landlady that there is an old lady living opposite, and she will be a neighbor in the future. She wants to send some food to the old lady and say hello.

After covering the fresh-keeping box, Mu Yao went out with two fresh-keeping boxes, and Jiang Yan, who was staying in the living room, immediately followed after seeing this.

Coming to the opposite door, Mu Yao rang the doorbell next to the door.

After a while, the door was opened from the inside. The next second, what appeared in front of his eyes was a familiar handsome face.

"Squad leader?"

The male voice in front of him was wearing a white shirt and an apron, which didn't look feminine at all, but was a little warmer.

Mu Yao cried out in surprise, her dark eyes widened, "Squad leader, do you live here?"

"Nice to meet you here." Fu Zhengran had the same gentle smile on his face as always, "My grandma lives here, how about you?" His eyes fell on the two fresh-keeping boxes Mu Yao was holding.

"I moved here today, and I live across the street. I wanted to say hello to the old lady, but I didn't expect such a coincidence that this place is your grandmother's house, monitor." Mu Yao explained.

As for Jiang Yan who was following behind Mu Yao, he looked up at the dog's head and saw Fu Zhengran appearing behind the door, his eyes immediately darkened.

"Brother, who is it?"

Little Tong Xin, who hadn't waited for her brother for a long time, poked her head out from behind the door, and when she saw that the person standing outside the door was Mu Yao, her big eyes lit up instantly, "Sister Xiangxiang."

The small body immediately came out from behind the door, and the little Tong Xin hugged Mu Yao's leg, "Tong Xin misses my sister so much."

"Little Tongxin, long time no see, my sister misses Xinxin so much." Mu Yao held two fresh-keeping boxes in her hands, and she had no hands to spare, so she could only let Xiaotongxin hug her legs.

Fu Zhengran took the two fresh-keeping boxes from Mu Yao's hand in a gentlemanly manner, and said with a smile, "Do you want to come in and sit down? We are just about to eat."

"No need, I've already prepared the meal." Mu Yao hurriedly refused, she didn't have the nerve to go in, she was the one who came to deliver the food.

"Sister Xiangxiang eats with Xinxin, and Xinxin wants to be with her sister." Little Tongxin hugged Mu Yao's thigh, unwilling to let go, and looked at Mu Yao eagerly, "Sister, eat together, eat together."

Xiao Tongxin couldn't bear to let go of his hand.

"Come in and eat together?" Fu Zhengran smiled slightly, and looked at Mu Yao tenderly, "I'm cooking today, how can I save face?"

"My brother's cooking is delicious." Xiao Tongxin praised in a childish voice.

Facing the earnest gazes of one big and one small, Mu Yao stopped when she wanted to refuse.

"Woof, woof, woof." Jiang Yan stared at Fu Zhengran with round dog eyes, and he even asked Mu Yao to eat at his house?

Definitely uneasy.

"Then I'll send the **** back first, and come over later, okay?" Mu Yao lowered her head and said to the little Tong Xin who was hugging her tightly. It is not very good to suddenly go to someone's house as a guest and bring pets with you.

"Okay, okay, Xinxin is waiting for my sister to come over for dinner." Little Tongxin happily let go of her two little hands this time.

Mu Yao turned around, ready to take Ginger back, but the little thing saw that Fu Zhengran had no intention of leaving, "Ginger, go back, I've prepared something delicious for you."

She bent down to pick up the little thing, and turned back.

"Woof, woof." Jiang Yan yelled twice angrily, extremely unwilling.

"I have prepared a delicious meal for you."

Mu Yao knew that Jiang didn't like to eat dog food at night, so she cooked meals for two.

She put the rice in a newly bought bowl with a cute dog's head printed on it, and put some beef, corn, and cucumber diced in it. The color of the food looked very beautiful and it was also very fragrant.

"Eat here obediently, I'll be back later." Mu Yao put the rice bowl in front of Sheng Jiang.

"Woof, woof." Jiang Yan stared at Mu Yao with dark dog eyes, she was going to leave his own dog here, and she went to eat with that little boy next door?

Mu Yao touched the little thing's dog's head, then got up and left.

The door was closed, and Jiang Yansa ran to the door, angrily shouting at the door several times: "Wow, woof, woof."

The living room fell silent, and Jiang Yan clenched his teeth in anger.

A sense of astringency surged up in his chest, and the apex of his heart was even more painful, so uncomfortable that he hung his head down.

The dog's eyes were dark, and Jiang Yan didn't look at the rice bowl on the ground. He quietly and stubbornly squatted in front of the door alone with a dog, his right ear trembling slightly, as if he heard the laughter from the opposite side.

The astringency in the chest became more prevalent.

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