It was only a few stations away from the school back to the community. When Mu Yao got out of the car and wanted to rush back to the community, her hands were pulled out from behind, and the rain on her head was also blocked out.

"What are you running?" Jiang Yan's voice became less cold, "I'll take you in." Under the fingertips, the skin on the girl's wrist was tender and smooth.

Mu Yao didn't expect Jiang Yan to get out of the car too.

"Thank you." Mu Yao withdrew her hand naturally.

Most of the umbrellas were leaning towards her, completely blocking the violent rain. Mu Yao looked at the boy next to him, only to find that half of his tall body was exposed in the rain.

Mu Yao was startled.

Only then did she begin to examine Jiang Yan formally. She remembered that he had helped her several times.

Mu Yao felt that Jiang Yan was seriously playing the role of brother, otherwise, she couldn't imagine why Jiang Yan helped her several times.

But she just agreed to Jiang Yan casually before, and didn't take her becoming Jiang Yan's younger sister seriously.

Eyelashes smeared with rain and mist trembled, Mu Yao suddenly smiled and said to Jiang Yan, "Brother, I'm here."

In the rain, the girl's voice was crisp and sweet, which made people's hearts crisp.

Jiang Yan's hand holding the umbrella tightened, his heart contracted, and he stopped, thinking for a moment that he was hallucinating.

He met Mu Yao's smiling black eyes, and asked in a calm voice, "What did you just say?"

"Didn't you ask me to be your younger sister?" Mu Yao's black eyes were clear. She felt that Jiang Yan had helped her so much, and he really treated her as a younger sister. She was not a person who didn't know what was good or bad.

Hearing Mu Yao's words, Jiang Yan's face ached inexplicably.

The girl pursed her red lips and looked at him with glinting eyes. Jiang Yan's eyes were dark, his throat was astringent, and he replied reluctantly, "Yes."

Sending Mu Yao downstairs, a man just walked in, who greeted the girl familiarly.

The man took a look at Jiang Yan, and immediately looked away. He smiled honestly, and said to Mu Yao, "It's raining really hard. I just delivered an umbrella to my wife and almost got wet. This is You friend."

Mu Yao greeted the man twice, but she always felt that the other party was overly enthusiastic, which made her a little uncomfortable.

Mu Yao responded without saying anything.

The man said a few more words and left.

Jiang Yan stared at the man with dark eyes. The way this honest-looking man looked at Mu Yao made him extremely uncomfortable.

"Brother, can you not tell Grandpa Jiang that I'm moving out to live here!" Because of the rainy day, the light in the aisle at the door was a bit dim, Mu Yao looked up at Jiang Yan, her white face was bright and beautiful.

Jiang Yan's heart tightened, and he wanted to pretend he didn't hear Mu Yao's address, so he pursed his lips slightly and finally answered, "Yeah."

With crooked eyebrows, Mu Yao went upstairs with a smile.

After passing through, Jiang Yan happened to see Mu Yao coming out of the bathroom.

She should have just taken a shower, her hair was **** high, and a few pieces stuck to the side of her face, which made her face more supple and fair. She was wearing a white long-sleeved loose cotton nightdress with a Embroidered with a few small carrots, a bit cute.

Mu Yao put the changed clothes into the washing machine, put on a light gray long knit coat, took the tied garbage bag from the trash can, and was about to go out to throw out the trash.

"Wang." Jiang Yan, who was lying on the soft cushion, got up, and he chased after him.

Mu Yao turned her head and said with a smile, "Does Jiang want to take out the trash with me?"

Because it is an old community, the public area in the corridor is not large, and there are not many places to put garbage cans. Residents must go down to the garbage room on the first floor to dispose of garbage.

Opening the door, Mu Yao walked out carrying the trash, and Jiang Yan followed behind her.

The steps of the stairs are a bit high for a short-legged dog. When Jiang Yan went down the stairs, he could only jump step by step, with his little **** wobbling, looking extremely clumsy.

Mu Yao was amused by the little thing's walking posture, but she didn't intend to hug it.

Jiang Yan bit the dog's teeth, the dog's face was hot, and the tip of his right ear trembled slightly, feeling very ashamed. However, when he raised his dog's head and saw the smile in Mu Yao's black eyes, the humiliation in his heart disappeared instantly.

He lowered his dog's head and continued walking.

Because of the heavy rain, no one came to clean up the garbage in the garbage room, and it was already full, so Mu Yao had no choice but to put the garbage in her hand next to the garbage can.

Jiang Yan's senses have always been sensitive, and now he is in the body of a dog, so when a figure flashed by the corner of the stairs, he immediately noticed it.

I saw the man staring straight at Mu Yao.

The girl was wearing a skirt, and because of bending over, one corner of the skirt was lifted up a little bit, revealing a pair of slender and tender calves, which was very eye-catching.

"Wow, woof, woof."

Jiang Yan stared fiercely at the man with a pair of dog eyes, and barked loudly at the man a few times. The chubby dog's body was tense, and one short leg stepped back, posing an attacking posture.

When Mu Yao heard Jiang screaming loudly, she immediately turned her head to look! Looking around, I was surprised to find a person standing at the top of the stairs, the man upstairs.

The other party stared at her with uncomfortable eyes.

Mu Yao immediately picked up Jiang and stood up.

The man smiled honestly, and he came over with a black plastic garbage bag in his hand, "You are also throwing out garbage. You don't have to run down so much trouble in the future. If you want to throw out garbage, put the garbage bag outside the door. I will come down." When the time comes, I can throw it away for you by the way.”

She hugged **** tightly and walked away quickly.

When the girl passed by, the corner of the skirt was blown lightly by the wind, setting off a gust of fragrant wind.

The man watched Mu Yao go upstairs.


It wasn't until the girl disappeared at the stairs that the honest-looking man slowly looked away.

He sniffed the girl's sweet scent in the air a few times, then smiled and threw the garbage bag aside, and went upstairs with his hands in his pockets.

Back in the house, Jiang Yan's dog body trembled, he was angry, he wanted to bite the man, and from the other's eyes, it was clear that he had bad intentions towards Mu Yao.

Jiang Yan watched Mu Yao go back to the room, he jumped on all fours, bit her skirt, and pulled her.

"Ginger, what's wrong?"

Jiang Yan wanted to tell Mu Yao to pay attention to that man and stay away from him. However, the words that come out can only be "Wow, woof, woof."

Involuntarily, Jiang Yan let go of Mu Yao's skirt, and scratched her dog's head with two small paws in frustration.

"Ginger wants me to scratch you"

Jiang Yan choked for breath, feeling depressed in his chest.

Mu Yao hugged Jiang to the sofa, "I'll scratch Jiang."

The fragrance of the tip of the nose came, and Jiang Yan lay softly on Mu Yao's lap, her four short legs were spread wide, revealing her pink and tender belly.

This little thing is usually very proud, and she doesn't like to let her rub her belly.

At this time, it was very obedient, with a bit of shyness in its dog eyes, and opened its belly to Mu Yao.

Mu Yao happily poked the soft, pink belly with her fingertips, the dog's body trembled, and the little belly shrank visibly, it's so cute! up.

Mu Yao rubbed her belly, and then gently scratched it with her fingertips, only to see Jiang's two short legs covering her eyes, how cute and cute that shy look was.

There was a crispy, itchy light scratching sensation on the stomach, which was both comfortable and uncomfortable. Jiang Yan couldn't help it, and shrank his stomach, and kicked his two short legs uncomfortably.

"Ginger is so cute." It was so cute that she trembled.

The next day, when Mu Yao woke up, she still found Ginger lying in her arms, a small fleshy ball, still snoring, sleeping very comfortably and leisurely.

She smiled helplessly, and had no choice but to carry it back to the kennel.

It was still raining heavily.

When she went to the classroom where she had class today, Mu Yao found that everyone was talking about something enthusiastically.

"Everyone has heard that the school belle is coming to the school today." From Xu Yan's point of view, if the photo of Mu Yao's campaign for school belle hadn't been deleted, there is no doubt that the school belle of S University is Mu Yao.

"You sure don't know that the school flower girl Mu Xiaoxue was selected before, and the other party is not only rich, but also a recently promoted little flower with quite a lot of traffic."

"Yes, yes, there is a star in our school, and everyone is talking about getting an autograph." Fang Zishan said excitedly, "However, the school belle's surname is Mu, and Xiaoyao and your surname are also Mu, so why is everyone surnamed Mu like that?" pretty"

Mu Yao was not surprised that Mu Xiaoxue came to school. After all, the other party was a student of S University. But when Mu Xiaoxue appeared at the door of their class after class, Mu Yao realized that Mu Xiaoxue came to school. To find her.

Seeing Mu Yao and Mu Xiaoxue leave, everyone in the class exploded.

Fang Zishan was stunned, "Yanyan, tell me, why did Mu Xiaoxue come to Xiaoyao?"

Li Feifei always only likes to study and has no heart to gossip, but this time she intervened rarely, and said, "Both of them are surnamed Mu, what do you think?"

"The two of them are sisters," Xu Yan said doubtfully, biting a potato chip.

Mu Yao was taken by Mu Xiaoxue to the gazebo in the botanical garden. It was raining continuously, and the gazebo became more and more quiet.

"You have something to do with me?" Mu Yao asked.

"You moved out these few days, and my parents and I are very worried about you, Xiaoyao, you can move back, my father is not angry with you anymore." Mu! Mu Xiaoxue said to Mu Yao sincerely.

"No need." Mu Yao directly refused, she finally moved out of Mu's house, how could she move back.

Mu Xiaoxue sighed, and asked with concern, "Then have you found a place? I'm worried about where you live these few days, do you need me to help arrange a place for you?"

Only then did Mu Yao start to examine Mu Xiaoxue. She knew that the other party was the heroine of this book. She had a kind and gentle personality. She knew what happened to the other female cannon fodder in the book.

If you really have to worry about a person, it won't be after so many days that you will say these afterthoughts.

Mu Yao shook her head, "I've found a place to live, it's near the school."

"How's the safety? Living with a girl, you must pay attention to safety." Mu Xiaoxue was a little worried, "I'm very busy every day, and sometimes I have to catch up with two or three announcements a day. When I have free time, I will I’ll go and check it out for you, if it’s not safe, I’ll find you a new place to live.”

Mu Yao smiled and didn't say much.

She found that Mu Yao no longer had the timid, dark and earthy appearance when she was brought back from the countryside, and even stood in the living room of the villa, with nowhere to go.

And Mu Yao in front of her was wearing a pure white coat and a soft light yellow scarf around her neck, making her soft, pure and beautiful face.

Obviously she used to be very dark, but now she has become porcelain white and flawless

Mu Xiaoxue opened her eyes wide and inspected. At such a close distance, she didn't see any blemishes on Mu Yao's face. On the contrary, the other party's eyes were black and watery, and her small nose was cute, so bright and beautiful that people wanted to hug her. on the heart.

Mu Xiaoxue had to admit that Mu Yao was prettier than her.

This kind of cognition made her feel slightly sour, as if she had won the first place all the year round, and suddenly, her ranking was snatched away by the person with the lowest age.

No one will be convinced.

Mu Xiaoxue was also unconvinced, but it was only a momentary emotion.

In her opinion, she is the heroine of this book and has the koi system, while Mu Yao is a cannon fodder, even if she changes! If you become beautiful, you will end up miserable in the future.

Thinking about it this way, she has only sympathy for Mu Yao.

"Xiao Yao, your photos are very popular on the Internet, and your image is very good, do you want to enter the entertainment circle?" Mu Xiaoxue looked at Mu Yao, "But Dad may not like us both entering the entertainment circle."

Mu Yao shook her head, "I'm not interested in the entertainment industry."

When school was over, the sky was heavy, and it began to rain heavily again.

Chen Qinghui approached Jiang Yan with a smile, "Brother Yan, Xiaoxue came to school today, let me invite you to have dinner together."

"No." After speaking, Jiang Yan walked out of the classroom.

Looking at the tall and haughty back of the other party, Chen Qinghui was at a loss. It was so cold-hearted. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Mu Xiaoxue was interested in Jiang Yan, but Jiang Yan was still the same as before, showing no affection to every girl.

in the car.

"Master, do you need to drive the car to the opposite side?" the driver asked.

Jiang Yan looked at the slender figure at the bus station, and a smile flashed in his dark eyes, "No, just drive directly to the bus station."

The driver was surprised, but didn't ask further, "Yes, master."

Mu Yao looked at the black car parked at the bus stop, the windows were lowered, revealing the young man's sharp side face.

"Jiang Yan"

"Get in the car, I'll take you home."

"Parking is not allowed here." Mu Yao was holding an umbrella, and she didn't know if her fair face was wet from the rain, it was tender and tender.

The corners of Jiang Yan's lips curled slightly, and his voice was low, "Hurry up and get in the car."

Mu Yao was worried that the bus was coming, so she didn't confront him anymore, she opened the door.

On the other side of the school gate, Chen Qinghui called out to Mu Xiaoxue, "What are you looking at so preoccupied? I called you three times. Didn't you tell me to invite me to dinner? Let's go."

Mu Xiaoxue gradually withdrew her eyes, she turned her head and asked Chen Qinghui, "You said that Jiang Yan came home, and you don't want to agree to have dinner with me, right?"

"That's right, Brother Yan has been like this for more than a month, going home as soon as school is over."

Chen Qinghui saw Mu Xiaoxue's slightly disappointed look, he touched his forehead, and comforted him, "It's not like you don't know Brother Yan's character, he doesn't like to touch girls."

Chen Qinghui's words stopped abruptly, he thought of Mu Yao. It's not that Jiang Yan doesn't get in touch with girls. Mu Yao had an accident at the school sports meeting, and Jiang Yan immediately ran to pick her up. And the day before yesterday at the swimming pool, Jiang Yan also went crazy and stepped forward to save Mu Yao.

Mu Xiaoxue looked at Chen Qinghui who stopped suddenly, "What do you want to say?"

"It's nothing, let's go, I've had class all afternoon, and I'm starving to death." Chen Qinghui yelled, without saying anything more.

Jiang Yan turned to look at Mu Yao.

She was sitting by the car window with a straight posture and a quiet profile.

"It will rain these days." His cold voice sounded in the car.

"Yeah." Mu Yao turned her head and blinked her eyes. He looked at Jiang Yan inexplicably.

"No, I can"

"If you don't want me to see you off, I'll tell grandpa." Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows, slightly hooked his thin lips, and threatened, "You move out by yourself."

Mu Yao's watery eyes widened in disbelief, she almost forgot that Jiang Yan was originally a bad character.

Seeing the girl's watery eyes filled with disbelief, Jiang Yan pursed the corners of his lips that were about to turn up.

The old community is not far from the school, and now it takes less than ten minutes to arrive without taking a bus.

Jiang Yan followed Mu Yao out of the car, and the two of them each had an umbrella, no longer the embarrassment of yesterday.

"Go in, wait for me at the school gate tomorrow." Jiang Yan looked down at her, the girl buried half of her face in the scarf, her small face was set off by the light goose yellow scarf.

Mu Yao didn't refuse any more, "Then it's raining for a few days and I'll trouble you, brother."

The dark pupils shrank, and the smile disappeared.

With a soft voice, like a slap on Jiang Yan's face, the irritability that rose from the bottom of his heart suddenly surged, and he squeezed his fingertips tightly to suppress the strange emotions.

"Go in." Jiang Yan's voice was cold.

"En." Mu Yao didn't notice any changes in Jiang Yan, so she turned and went upstairs.

Because it is an old house, the light at the stairs is not good on cloudy and rainy days.

When Mu Yao first went up to the third floor, she suddenly found a person standing in front of her door. When the other person saw her, a smile appeared on his loyal face.

"You're back! Yes, I've been waiting for you for a while," the man said.

"What's the matter?" Mu Yao frowned, subconsciously raised her vigilance towards this man.

"My wife made some dumplings. She said that it is not easy for you to live as a little girl, and she said that she would share some for you to try."

Mu Yao saw that the other party was indeed holding a crisper in his hand, "Thank you, I don't like dumplings very much." Mu Yao directly refused.

Mu Yao hurried to the door and took out the keys from her bag.

In the next second, there was a "snap", as if something fell to the ground.

Mu Yao was sent back to the back, strangled her neck, and covered her mouth.

"Hmm..." Mu Yao's black eyes widened, and Mu Yao began to struggle.

The man clasped Mu Yao and led her upstairs, "I have never met a girl as beautiful as you, and your mermaid photos are also very good-looking. No one would have thought that the mermaid lives downstairs in my house."

Mu Yao stretched out her hand and desperately grabbed the handrail of the stairs, and put one foot on the step of the stairs to prevent the other party from pulling her up. However, her strength is not comparable to that of a man who often does rough work

The other party clasped her neck, and easily separated Mu Yao's little hand that was clinging to the armrest with the other hand.

Mu Yao reached back to grab the man's face, she tried her best to open her mouth wide, and bit the man's hand hard.

"Hiss." The man let go of his hands in pain.

"Help, help" Mu Yao shouted loudly, and immediately broke away from the opponent.

"want to run"

The man rushed forward in two strides, pulling Mu Yao's hair from behind, "Ah."

The scalp was so painful that Mu Yao's eyes burst into tears, and her mouth was covered again.

The man bit the back of his hand and wanted to bleed, he was angry, but he was reluctant to do something to such a pretty face as Mu Yao, "Be good, otherwise you will suffer."

Knowing that the girl's hands were restless, the man clasped her hands with one hand and covered her mouth with the other.

This time, he vigorously pulled him upstairs.


Mu Yao continued to struggle, her black eyes were calm and cold, not as helpless and flustered as other girls when they were in trouble.

She had to find a way to escape.

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