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The night gradually darkened.

At Xu's house, after eating, Xu Yan couldn't wait to go back to her room.

Xu Yan began to introduce Mu Yao's perfume to everyone in the live broadcast, "Ms. Mermaid made the perfume herself. The name is Sweet Moonlight. I like hazy, mysterious, and sweet fragrance. You can buy it. You will never regret it. I love this perfume." Guaranteed, it is no worse than a big-name perfume, and the price is two hundred and eighty."

Netizens did not expect that Xu Yan, who has been eating and broadcasting, would start selling things.

"I think it was hype before, but now there is fan traffic, and I immediately sell things and advertise."

"The reason why you don't enter the entertainment industry is to sell goods. Internet celebrities all have a routine."

"The first bottle of perfume I bought happened to be used up, and I wanted to change to a new one. However, I am used to using big brands."

"Jibo actually sells perfume?"

Xu Yan looked at the comments of netizens, she was a little displeased, she could not see others slandering Mu Yao, even Mu Yao's perfume.

She explained: "I don't accept advertisements. The reason I'm selling this perfume now is because Mu Yao can make fragrances. These perfumes are all made by her. Even if I sell goods, I only sell Mu Yao's perfume. I saw some netizens Speaking of only using big-name perfumes, I can sincerely tell you that this perfume made by Xiaoyao, my little family, is definitely not inferior to big-name brands. Moreover, this is a perfume created by her, and the fragrance is not available on the market. "

"The link has been released, because they are all prepared by themselves, and they cannot be mass-produced. Currently, only 100 orders are accepted, and the specification is 30ml. You can place an order if you need it."

After Xu Yan finished speaking, in less than two minutes, the 100 bottles of perfume were gone in seconds.

"Ah, I'm still thinking about it. Why did it disappear all of a sudden? It's really a second."


"Miss Mermaid is amazing. I read online that she still won the first place in the fragrance competition. Her perfume must be very good."

"I arrived in seconds. I'm so lucky. I just want to change my perfume and support Miss Mermaid."

"Ms. Mermaid is good-looking, and she can even perfume. I heard that there are only a hundred perfumers in the world. It's really amazing."

"I turned around and took a sip of water, and it was sold out. I thought that everyone would not buy it. Will it be sold in the future?"

When it first opened, Xu Yan thought that everyone was not interested. She didn't expect that 100 bottles of perfume were sold out in just two minutes. It seems that beauty is justice.

Xu Yan recovered from her surprise, "There are no more in stock, only 100 bottles are available. After that, it depends on Xiaoyao's intentions. After all, Xiaoyao is the only one who mixes fragrances. There are too many orders, and she can't handle it."

After downloading the live broadcast, Xu Yan couldn't wait to share the news with Mu Yao.

"Sold out?" On the sofa, Mu Yao hugged Ginger. She had just taken a shower, her hair was wet, and a lot of broken hair stuck to her side face, making her small face even more porcelain white.

"Yes, in less than two minutes, it has already been finished in seconds."

Xu Yan's voice was full of uncontrollable excitement, "I have increased your original price a little, and changed it to two hundred and eighty-one bottles."

The price Mu Yao previously set was two hundred and thirty. She felt that the perfume was very good and definitely not worth the price, so she couldn't help but raise the price a bit.

The most important thing is that although Mu Yao didn't say anything, she felt that Mu Yao's older sister was not a good person from the hot search last time. She noticed that Mu Yao used to be picked up by her family's driver to school, but now she Take the bus every day.

The Mu family is rich, but Mu Yao can only take the bus, presumably her situation in the Mu family is not good.

That's why she came up with the idea of ​​helping Mu Yao sell perfume.

With the price raised, Mu Yao can earn a little more.

"Thank you, Yanyan."

Mu Yao is a transparent and intelligent person, how could she not know Xu Yan's thoughts? In the past, she was obsessed with fragrance blending in her family, and she didn't have any friends who were too social, let alone such friends who always cared about her.

"Xiao Yao, don't be too polite, anyway, I get a share of the money, and I don't lose money at all."

Xu Yan took the potato chips next to her, ate them happily, and said, "Besides, I'm trying to get Xiaoyao to be a model for me." She also prepared all kinds of clothes, I really want to Find an opportunity to let Mu Yao wear it for a photo.

Mu Yao smiled and rolled her eyes, "I know."

After hanging up the phone, Mu Yao was also in a good mood. If all the 100 bottles of perfume she ordered this time can be sold, it will be 28,000 yuan, and 20% will be given to Xu Yan. She can get 22,400 yuan, deducting the cost of the fragrance. And the cost of the perfume bottle, she can basically earn 20,000.

In the past, Mu Yao would not have cared about such a small amount, but now it is already a huge sum of money to her.

Now it is just the beginning. After more people recognize her perfume works and sufficient funds, she will establish her own brand.


Jiang Yan nestled in Mu Yao's arms, watching the girl in a daze, he couldn't help crying out, trying to draw her attention back.

"What's wrong?" Mu Yao hugged the little thing in her arms tightly, and rubbed its little head with one hand.

The girl's body was covered with a sweet fruity fragrance, mixed with the fragrance of shower gel. The dog's nose had a keen sense of smell, and the pleasant fragrance carried the girl's softness, and it kept getting into his nose. Jiang Yan's right ear trembled. .

The girl's wet hair hung down on his head, tickling his head, and Jiang Yan subconsciously slipped into Mu Yao's arms.

Inadvertently, the dog's face brushed past the girl's soft face, and his mind exploded. Jiang Yan felt powerless, as if he was about to drown in such softness.

After receiving 100 orders, Mu Yao started to get busy. Not only did she need to make 100 bottles of perfume, but she also had to prepare the works for next month's competition.

It wasn't until the weekend that she drove out a hundred bottles of perfume that she had time to go to Jiang's house to visit Mr. Jiang.

"Grandpa Jiang."

"You girl is finally here."

Mr. Jiang's complexion was very good. When he saw Mu Yao, his usually serious face softened, making him a little more amiable.

"Here are some snacks I made for you, Grandpa Jiang, try it."

Mu Yao took out a fresh-keeping box from the paper bag, opened the lid, and saw pieces of cute, crystal clear snacks inside.

"You girl is really thoughtful. The sweet-scented osmanthus cakes you made last time were delicious after I ate them. What did you make this time?"

Mr. Jiang picked up a small piece of pastry very appreciatively, a small piece, very elastic in the hand, the shape of the small pastry is a flower, the filling inside is red, and the top layer is sprinkled with broken pieces The petals are very beautiful.

Mu Yao smiled and said, "This is rose cake, I learned how to make it online."

The outer layer of the rose cake is crystal clear, sticky and glutinous, and has the fragrance of milk. The filling inside is rose sauce. The rose cake has many functions. , Even girls have the effect of beauty after eating.

At this time, a tall figure came down from the stairs.

Jiang Yanchang was wearing a V-neck light gray sweater and a pair of black trousers. I don't know if he just woke up. The bangs on his forehead were a little slumped, hanging down on his forehead obediently, reducing the coldness between his eyebrows. And reckless, even a little childish.

He walked over slowly, and sat down on the sofa opposite Mu Yao, his dark eyes gliding across the girl's face, he pursed his lips, "Did you make dim sum?"

"Well, I made it for Grandpa Jiang."

During this period of time, she went out and entered the community with Jiang Yan every day, and she was still a little unaccustomed to the young man's deep gaze.

Jiang Yan picked up a piece from the fresh-keeping box, and the pastry tasted waxy when he ate it. The aroma of milk and roses overflowed on the tip of his tongue. It was delicious, and it was not inferior to the craftsmanship of the chef at home. .

Jiang extended his hand and wanted to continue to take the second piece, but the old man slapped his hand away, "This is for me. If you want to eat it, let the chef at home make it for you."

Jiang Yan choked for breath, pursed his lips a little aggrieved, and looked at Mu Yao with deep eyes, and she would make him snacks whenever he wanted.

Mr. Jiang put the fresh-keeping box in front of him, lest his grandson would unconsciously steal food from him. "Xiao Yao, I heard that you won the fragrance competition last time."

"I didn't expect you, Grandpa Jiang, to have heard of it. The last time was a joint school competition, and next month's competition will be the real fragrance competition." From Mu Yao's point of view, she just wanted to earn bonuses in the last league competition. , just signed up to participate, for her, the level of the competition is too low, there is no challenge.

"In this respect, you are like your mother, you have a talent for perfume." Mr. Jiang sighed, and then said: "Where is the competition held?"

"It's in City C." Mu Yao already knew the location of the competition.

"When you go to the competition, I'll let Jiang Yan accompany you. It's not safe for you to go alone as a girl." Mr. Jiang said.

Jiang Yan's thin lips over there couldn't help but curl up slightly, and he didn't make any objection, obviously he himself was willing.

"Grandpa Jiang, don't worry about it. I'm fine by myself. The contestant has provided accommodation for the contestants. It's very safe." Mu Yao quickly refused.

"Going out, you are a little girl, Grandpa Jiang won't be at ease, Jiang Yan will accompany you, and if there is anything, you can just support him and order him." Before, old man Jiang said that he would not interfere with Jiang Yan and Mu Yao's affairs In the end, he couldn't help but help the grandson.

Mu Yao winked at Jiang Yan, wanting to refuse, "Grandpa Jiang, Jiang Yan also has something to do, I'm worried..."

Leaning on the sofa, Jiang Yan twitched the corners of his mouth and smiled mischievously, "From now until the end of next month, I have nothing to do. I will listen to my grandfather and accompany you to the competition."

Mr. Jiang nodded in satisfaction after hearing Jiang Yan's words, "Girl, what do you mean? Although this brat is not very good, he is still reliable. Whatever happens to you outside, he can solve it immediately."

On the opposite side, Jiang Yan stared at her closely, his dark eyes seemed to be full of longing.

"En." Mu Yao finally agreed.

After chatting for a while, Mr. Jiang directly asked Jiang Yan to take Mu Yao around the Jiang family's old house and have a look around.

The last time Mu Yao came, it happened to be Jiang Yan's birthday. She had only seen the film and television hall on the second floor, and hadn't seen other places.

Jiang Yan took the girl into a large room. There were black and cold fitness equipment everywhere, some of which were for special training. The whole room was icy and cold, and the girl stood in the middle, beautiful and fresh. Live, let people see the heart soft.

Mu Yao blinked, and looked at Jiang Yan inexplicably, wondering why the other party showed her around the fitness room.

Facing Mu Yao's watery eyes, he approached her with an uncontrollable liking, "This is where I usually like to stay, and I want to show you what I like."

Jiang Yan keeps training every day. Even if he has moved to the old community now, there is a gym set up there.

The boy's voice was deep and clear in the quiet room, and Mu Yao's ears felt a little hot.

Her eyes subconsciously fell on Jiang Yan's upper body. He was wearing a light gray sweater and looked very thin.

However, she had seen the boy's figure in the swimming pool before, with tight muscles and clear texture, not at all as thin as he appeared on the surface.

"Do you want to try this?" Jiang Yan pointed to the spinning bike next to him, which is very simple for a girl.

Mu Yao has always disliked sports, and she doesn't know much about fitness equipment. Looking at the spinning bike next to her, which is different from ordinary spinning bikes, her heart is a little eager to move, "Okay."

"Put your feet on both sides and hold the front with your hands. Let's start." Jiang Yan pressed the button.

"It's so heavy, I can't even step on it." Mu Yao tried her best to step on a circle. The pedals of the car seemed to have resistance, and it took a lot of strength to step on the pedals.

Jiang Yan hooked his lips.

The spinning bike is different from the one in the fitness room. The spinning bike here is modified to train the strength of the legs. Mu Yao is so delicate, how can she step on it, two or three laps are already amazing.

The girl sat on it delicately and looked at him blankly, "Why can't I step on it hard?"

Jiang Yan approached her, his eyes fell on her red mouth, he thought, if he lowered his head and took a bite now, would it make her cry?

Mu Yao lowered her head, the young man's eyes were intense, and her ears felt hot from being stared at. "Jiang Yan, I don't want to play anymore, I'd better come down."


Jiang Yan took a step back, "You don't have enough strength, so you can't step on it."

After the girl came down, he sat on it and demonstrated it to Mu Yao.

Before Mu Yao used all her strength to step on the pedals, she moved easily under Jiang Yan's feet.

Suddenly, Mu Yao had the illusion that the young man in front of her was like a beast full of strength, but she was a little bird staring at the beast, waiting to be fed.

At this time, there was a knock on the door, and Uncle Jiang, the housekeeper, opened the door and walked in to deliver a message.

"Master, Second Miss Mu, the eldest lady of the Mu family is here, and the old gentleman asked the two of you to go to the living room."

Mu Yao was taken aback, Mu Xiaoxue is here?


Jiang Yan got off the spinning bike, frowning slightly, with the irritability of being interrupted to be alone with Mu Yao.

Outside the living room, Mu Xiaoxue greeted Mr. Jiang gracefully and brought a lot of supplements.

"Grandpa Jiang, father asked me to greet you."

Mu Xiaoxue's etiquette is very good, even if Mr. Jiang doesn't love this junior as much as he does to Mu Yao, he won't hate him.

"Your father has a heart." Mr. Jiang took a sip of his tea, but he didn't express his dissatisfaction with Mu Wanhai on Mu Xiaoxue.

Mu Xiaoxue saw that Mr. Jiang had a ruddy complexion and a loud voice, and he didn't look like he would be bedridden in the future.

She remembered that Mr. Jiang would fall ill in a month. If he hadn't been discovered later, he would have passed away.

Mu Xiaoxue knew that Mr. Jiang had always disliked her, and Mr. Jiang's illness would be a good opportunity for her. As long as she saved Mr. Jiang, at that time, he should love her as much as he did to Mu Yao. younger generation.

Or, when she and Jiang Yan are together in the future, Mr. Jiang will no longer object.

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