Jiang Yan and Mu Yao left the hospital after Mr. Jiang fell asleep.

After returning to the community, Mu Yao remembered that Jiang was still at Jiang's house.

"I'll have someone bring it over." It was rare that the stupid dog wasn't around, and Jiang Yan was of course happy that Mu Yao's attention was all on him.

Looking at the girl who was about to enter, Jiang Yan pulled her back, "Mu Yao, I'm hungry."

Mu Yao turned her head, met the young man's dark and moist eyes, and said, "Then shall I make you something to eat?"

It's past four o'clock now. She and Jiang Yan didn't eat much when they were on the plane. They panicked again just now, but now they are really hungry.

"However, I need to buy some food." She was away for a few days, and there was nothing ready to eat in the refrigerator.

"No need." Jiang Yan closed the door that Mu Yao had just opened, and he led her upstairs, "I have ingredients in my residence, you can go to my house to cook."

Even if he is not around, the food in the refrigerator will be replaced and replenished by a special person every day.

"To your place?"

Although Jiang Yan had moved here for so long, she hadn't been to his apartment upstairs yet.

"Yes, in the future, you can come up at any time." Jiang Yan took the girl's hand and came to the door of his residence.

The door was opened, and Mu Yao looked from the outside, only to see that the living room was in cold tones, just like Jiang Yan's personality style.

When changing shoes, Jiang Yan realized that he didn't prepare the girl's slippers. He didn't expect that he would have the opportunity to bring Mu Yao to his residence so soon.

Jiang Yan took out a brand new pair of blue men's slippers from the shoe cabinet, "You wear one for now, these shoes are new, and I'll go buy something that suits you later."

"It's ok."

Mu Yao smiled, she held on to the shoe cabinet next to her, ready to take off her shoes. However, in the next second, Jiang Yan, who was next to her, bent down and squatted in front of her, "I'll help you take it off."

"No, I can..." Before she could finish her words, she saw that the boy's slender fingers had already grasped her ankle and lifted her foot up.

Mu Yao was wearing a pair of small white shoes. Jiang Yan held her slender ankle with one hand, untied the shoelaces with the other hand, and took off her shoes.

The girl was wearing pure **** pink cotton socks, with a small foot, very cute.

Jiang Yan's eyes darkened. He remembered that he had measured her feet before.

He helped her put on the pair of blue slippers, which were different from his feet. The girl's feet were small, and wearing his slippers, the slippers grew a lot, a bit like the illusion of a child stealing an adult's shoes.

After being waited on and put on her shoes, Mu Yao's face was hot, she was a little embarrassed, she asked, "Where is the kitchen?"

Jiang Yan narrowed his gaze, and he stood up, "No hurry, just sit down for a while, and I'll get you something to drink."

"Okay." Mu Yao walked towards the sofa in the living room.

Because the residents on the opposite side are connected, the two houses are combined, and the living room is very spacious.

The interior is mainly in light gray and cool tones. The floor is gray and white marble, and there is no blanket. It is smooth and looks colder. The sofa is made of dark brown leather, while the coffee table and the cabinet are all black. Only the screens in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows are foggy blue, which is still a cold tone.

Mu Yao sat down on the sofa, leaning against the soft pillow behind her, and saw Jiang Yan coming over with a bottle of yogurt in his hand.

He plugged in the straw and handed it to the girl, "Is it okay to drink yogurt?" The rest of the refrigerator was soda and beer, which were not suitable for her to drink.

"Okay." Mu Yao took the yoghurt and took a sip.

Under the light, the girl's black hair hangs naturally on the back of her shoulders, thin and soft, making her small face more white and beautiful. She drinks yogurt and smiles at him with crooked eyebrows.

Her heart was touched by her small hand, trembling slightly.

Jiang Yan remembered the kiss that was forced to be interrupted in the hotel before, and his tall body sat up towards the girl, staring at her with dark eyes.

Not only was Mu Yao unconscious, she blinked when she was stared at by the other party's hot eyes, "What's wrong?"

"Yaoyao, kiss me again?" Jiang Yan moved her handsome face closer.

Mu Yao's hand holding the yoghurt tightened slightly, and she looked at the young boy, although she was a little shy, but she didn't dislike being intimate with the person she liked.

However, she was still a little shy about Jiang Yan's straightforwardness.

Mu Yao didn't hum, but put the yogurt in her hand on the tea table.

Jiang Yan's eyes lit up, how could there be the usual coldness in those dark eyes? Straightforwardly, the slender fingertips touched Mu Yao's delicate chin, and slowly, the thin lips fell on the red lips.

Last time Mu Yao was drunk, so she completely forgot.

But now the young man's slightly cool thin lips were pressed down heavily, with a sense of urgency, she blushed from Jiang Yan's warm breath.

She felt that the hand resting on her waist was gradually tightening. The boy's arm seemed to be made of iron, thick and powerful, making it impossible for her to retreat.

Breathing a little wheezing.

Jiang Yan tasted the sweet and sour taste of milk on the tip of his tongue, and he even hooked it back into his mouth. Usually, he doesn't drink yogurt, and the yogurt in the refrigerator is also bought by part-time workers who don't know his taste.

But now, he only thinks that yogurt with a thick milk flavor tastes particularly good.

The young man hugged him hard, and was a bit jerky at first, but the young man seemed to have this skill naturally, and Mu Yao only felt that she was being led by him clumsily and obediently. There was a slight pain on her lips, Mu Yao couldn't bear it, she couldn't help pushing Jiang Yan. After a while, he reluctantly nibbled her lightly before retreating a little.

"I'm sorry." Jiang Yan caressed the girl's lips with his warm fingertips, and wiped away the water from the corner of her mouth, "I lost my composure."

His self-control, which he had always been proud of, completely collapsed in front of Mu Yao and shattered into pieces. God knows that every cell in his body was trembling with pleasure, screaming, he controlled the strength only by pressing hard, lest he would scare away such a soft girl in his arms.

Mu Yao pursed her lips, there was a tingling pain on it, she knew that her lips were red and swollen without looking.

She didn't expect Jiang Yan to be so presumptuous, so she couldn't help but glared at Jiang Yan angrily.

At this moment, the cell phone in her pocket rang.

Mu Yao glanced at the phone screen, it was Xu Yan calling.

"Hey, Xiaoyao, have you read the news on the Internet?" On the other end of the phone, Xu Yan's voice was full of anxiety and anger.

At this time, Mu Yao's voice was soft and thin, tinged with sweetness, "What happened?"

"That... Xiaoyao, your sister's fans broke the news online that you and your sister have the same father."

Xu Yan organized her words, but her tone was still full of anger, "Many netizens are speculating that you are the illegitimate daughter of the Mu family."

Those netizens said that Mu Yao is a younger sister, and she and Mu Xiaoxue are half-brothers. Almost **** off.

Hearing Xu Yan's words, Mu Yao subconsciously frowned.

Mu Xiaoxue's fans found out about her and Mu Xiaoxue's half-brother, and said she was an illegitimate daughter?

After hanging up the phone, Mu Yao opened the webpage, and saw that the top two most searched messages were about her and Mu Xiaoxue.

She clicked on it, and saw a photo of her and Mu Xiaoxue on the message, with the title: Mu Xiaoxue, a good sister of the nation, loves her half-sister.

And there are many people commenting below, and the number of comments has reached more than 30,000.

"What kind of fairy sister is my Xiaoxue? Last time her sister was scolded by the whole network, she came out to defend her sister."

"Before, I praised Xiaoxue and her sister for being beautiful. Forgive me for being blind. Now I find that only Xiaoxue is beautiful. What the **** is my sister?"

"Half father? Is that what I understand? That is to say, Mu Xiaoxue's younger sister is an illegitimate daughter?"

"Oh my god, that Mu Yao is an illegitimate daughter. The wealthy family is really chaotic, but Xiaoxue is really too warm, and the illegitimate sister is also so good. She is really a good sister of the nation. Please give me a dozen of such sisters. "

"If I'm not so magnanimous, it would be disgusting to be nice to such a younger sister. You can imagine how tolerant and kind Xiaoxue is."

"I hate illegitimate daughters. I always feel that Xiaoxue treats my sister so well that my sister will become a white-eyed wolf one day."

"I hate illegitimate daughters +100. I also think my Xiaoxue has a very good personality. If it were me, I would definitely tear my sister apart. Who wants to be a sister with her?"

"Xiaoxue's mother is the wife of a wealthy family, so that Mu Yao's mother is Xiaosan, the woman who hates Xiaosan the most!"

More and more people commented. Mu Yao saw many netizens scolding her deceased mother as a mistress. In her black eyes that were still full of water a moment ago, the gentle broken light turned into cold frost.

Jiang Yan hugged the girl, he heard the conversation between Mu Yao and her friend just now, and also saw the comments on her mobile phone, his handsome brows were also tinged with coldness.

His voice was a little hoarse, he comforted Mu Yao, "Don't worry, I will help you solve it."

Mu Yao looked up at him, "Then help me find out who released the news?"

The comments were either praising Mu Xiaoxue, or they were trying to guide the netizens, making everyone believe that she was an illegitimate daughter and her mother was a mistress. She didn't think it was a sudden news from fans, and someone was obviously manipulating it.

The girl didn't shy away from him at all, or said something like not letting him intervene, but was willing to ask him to help. She trusted him, and only close people would not be polite.

Thin lips curled up, Jiang Yan's throat was dry, but his mouth was sweet, "Okay, there will be news soon."

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