The news that Mu Xiaoxue is a national sister and loves her illegitimate daughter has been searched several times before. The popularity is very high, and Mu Xiaoxue has also won several endorsements.

Now, things turned upside down? Netizens who eat melons are shocked!

This time, there was no need for Mu Xiaoxue's team to buy the trending search, and she was directly torn into the top of the trending search by netizens.

"God, I've seen such a white lotus female star for a long time. She was set up as a national sister, saying that she loves her illegitimate daughter. I didn't expect her to be the one who exposed everything. She stepped on her sister to take the position. It's really vicious. "

"Isn't it true? I've only become a fan during this period of time. Why did the character set collapse after only a few days?"

"Damn! Everyone didn't notice that Mu Xiaoxue's mother is a stepmother, and is Mu Xiaoxue older than her younger sister? What does that mean? Mu Xiaoxue is an illegitimate daughter!"

"I'm speechless. I used to fight for Mu Xiaoxue and help her scold her sister's illegitimate daughter. It turns out that she is the illegitimate daughter who spread rumors to slander her sister. We fans are fooled by Mu Xiaoxue. I used it, and I still feel sorry for her."

"Wuuuuuuu, I also scolded Mu Yao before, but I didn't expect to be slapped in the face now, I was wrong! I was deceived by Bai Lianhua!"

"I suspected that these evidences were fake just now, but a friend of mine has verified that the recordings and photos are not synthetic. So, the star I have always liked has such an ugly face?"

"Did the fans expose the previous news? Why did it involve Xiaoxue again? It couldn't be that illegitimate daughter counterattacked and deliberately smeared Xiaoxue."

"Blind upstairs suggests washing your eyes. With so much evidence, you have to pretend not to see it? The chat records, chat recordings, and transfer records are all true. It was Mu Xiaoxue's team who fired themselves, stepping on her sister's position." What's even more ridiculous is that Mu Xiaoxue is the illegitimate daughter."

"The cleaner can get out. I thought it was too fake for Mu Xiaoxue to set up the national sister before. How could she like it if the younger sister was really an illegitimate daughter? It turns out that the illegitimate daughter is her. Her shamelessness How could it be so thick, cooperating to bully my sister is not someone in the circle, so just step on her to get to the top."

"My heart aches for taking Miss Mermaid away! How many people chased Mu Yao and scolded her illegitimate daughter before, does your face hurt?"

If it wasn't for Mu Xiaoxue's team buying hot searches and hype, the attention of netizens would not be so high. After the evidence came out, how kind Mu Xiaoxue was in the eyes of fans back then, now she is as hypocritical and vicious .

In the waiting room, Mu Xiaoxue looked at the evidence released on the Internet, as well as the comments from fans. Her delicately made-up face looked ugly, full of disbelief.

Mu Yao actually found out the evidence, instead of defrauding her!

"The favorability value has decreased by 1%."

"The favorability value has decreased by 5%."

"The favorability value has decreased by 10%."

"The favorability value has dropped by 20%."

"The favorability value has decreased by -100%."

"The system is delayed again by 2 months."

In her mind, a series of voice reminders came, which made Mu Xiaoxue look dull. She was suspended for three months before, and now she is suspended for two months. It will be five months before she can use the koi system again.

Mu Xiaoxue angrily swept the cosmetics on the table to the ground, and the loose powder directly smashed on the ground, covering the ground.

Since the stop of the koi system, the show she filmed was suspended due to the scandal of the heroine, and the endorsement fee she received was even proposed to be halved before signing the contract. Even this time, she had succeeded in hype before, but she didn't expect to overturn now, and Mu Yao got the evidence.

What Mu Xiaoxue couldn't stand the most was what fans thought of her.

Looking at the latest news she released before, her fans and other netizens have been crazily cursing below, changing her name from the national sister to the national white lotus, Mu Xiaoxue's eyes were red with anger.

Mu Yao went too far, she didn't care about sisterhood at all, and directly blackmailed her on the Internet.

At this time, the door of the lounge was opened, and Fang Feng walked in quickly.

"There are a lot of reporters outside. You put on your sunglasses. When you go out with me later, don't answer anything. Now the netizens are very angry. Everything you say is sophistry." A few days ago, he thought that this The hype this time was very successful. I didn't expect the car to overturn so quickly.

"Xiaoxue, you told me before that you and your sister are half-brothers, but you didn't tell me that your mother is a stepmother." And she is the illegitimate daughter.

If Mu Xiaoxue had told him directly before, he would not have used the illegitimate daughter to make a fuss.

"Several advertisers who were interested in finding you as an endorsement have already let go. They don't want a star with a damaged reputation." The hype they spent so much before is now in vain.

Hearing the accusation in the manager's tone, Mu Xiaoxue pursed her lips aggrievedly, "I never said Xiaoyao was an illegitimate daughter, and I don't know how netizens spread it, and it changed. "

Who is Fang Feng? He has been in the entertainment circle for so many years. He can't tell whether he is a human or a ghost. What Mu Xiaoxue said now is to shirk responsibility?

When he proposed hype, she agreed, and the meaning behind the words also implied that her sister was an illegitimate daughter.

Fang Feng is a smart person, he will not expose the other party, "Now that the matter has happened, you should not speak out during this period, and I will explain after the anger of the netizens passes."

Mu Xiaoxue had no choice but to say, "I'll listen to Brother Feng."

A large number of reporters came outside the company's gate, but the security guards stopped them, but the reporters' microphones still came in front of Mu Xiaoxue.

"Xiaoxue, is the news on the Internet true? Are you really looking for someone to blackmail your sister, and then stepping on your sister to take over?"

"Now the evidence shows that you broke the news about your sister behind your back, and your fans are calling you White Lotus. What do you think about this?"

"Mu Xiaoxue, are you really the illegitimate daughter of the Mu family? Why did you let someone fabricate your sister as an illegitimate daughter? Are you jealous of your sister?"

"Please answer the question that you are an illegitimate daughter."

"This time the hype is overturned, Xiaoxue, how will your team plan to solve this matter?"

The dazzling flashes continued, and the reporters' questions became sharper and more tricky, full of irony.

Mu Xiaoxue was squeezed in by everyone, even if she was wearing sunglasses, from her pale lips, it could be seen that she didn't look good.

Of course, no one will look good if their face is ripped off.

"Everyone give way, give way, don't squeeze, we will explain clearly after a while, now Xiaoxue is in a hurry, please move out of the way, don't get hurt." Manager Fang Feng walked out protecting Mu Xiaoxue .

How could the reporters listen to him? They became even crazier and crowded towards Mu Xiaoxue, wishing they could get some exclusive news.

I don't know who it was, but it was too close, tripped Mu Xiaoxue's foot, made her stagger, and fell directly to the ground, feeling embarrassed and embarrassed.

"Xiaoxue." Fang Feng anxiously pulled Mu Xiaoxue up, while the flashing lights were still flashing beside him, "Get out of the way, you are not allowed to take pictures."

Under the sunglasses, Mu Xiaoxue's eyes were already filled with dark hatred.

In classrooms.

Xu Yan handed the phone to Mu Yao, "Xiao Yao, look, that Mu Xiaoxue was chased by reporters and fell down, she really deserved it."

Seeing Mu Xiaoxue's true face was known by netizens and her fans, and everyone scolded Mu Xiaoxue, she felt good. Who told Mu Xiaoxue to find someone to blacken Muyao, now it's her turn to suffer, it's just retribution .

Mu Yao lowered her head and glanced at her phone. Inside was a picture of Mu Xiaoxue falling to the ground, looking embarrassed.

She didn't feel much, and by the time she fought back, she was deflated.

Moreover, Mu Xiaoxue is the heroine in the book, and she will not be defeated because of this time. Maybe because of the role of the heroine's aura, she will appear in front of the public soon.

The only thing that made Mu Yao care and happy now was that this morning she received a call from the senior manager of Longri Perfume Company. After their company had a meeting, they agreed to buy the formulas of her five perfume works at a price of five million.

There has been an appointment with her to sign the contract. As long as the funds are in place, she can start to operate the establishment of the company.

Seeing Mu Yao's slender fingertips pick up a red agate cherries and put them into her mouth, Xu Yan was envious, and for some reason, she always felt that the cherries Mu Yao ate were particularly sweet, " Xiaoyao, if that Mu Xiaoxue framed you again, you tell me, and I will conspire with you to get back together."

Mu Yao frowned and smiled, "Okay."

In a short time, Mu Xiaoxue didn't have the heart to pay attention to her.

"By the way, Xiaoyao, I heard that today is the squad leader's birthday. The deputy said just now that the squad leader wants to invite everyone to dinner to celebrate. It's really great. I can have a big meal tonight." Eyes light up instantly.

Mu Yao bit the cherries and said with a smile, "Your saliva is coming out."

"Really?" Xu Yan quickly reached out to wipe it off, but there was no trace of water, "Xiao Yao, you must have learned from Fang Zishan."

Saying that, Xu Yan stretched out her hand to pinch Mu Yao's face, it felt super good, tsk tsk, it was so moist and tender, full of collagen, it was so enviable.

In the private room, because it was Fu Zhengran's birthday, he invited the monitor's classmates to have a meal to celebrate. Except for those who didn't come because of business, a total of two tables were opened.

Fang Zishan was the happiest, she said to Mu Yao and Xu Yan with a low voice, "I have prepared a gift, and I will give it to the monitor later."

To know that she is the squad leader's fan girl, of course she knows the time of his birthday, she has prepared birthday presents early.

Xu Yan sandwiched the appetizers and chewed the refreshing sour radish in her mouth, "You are really well prepared. You won't be giving gifts later, so let's confess your love by the way."

"Fuck you, what nonsense are you talking about? When did I say I like the monitor?"

Fang Zishan looked proud, "Squad leader is so handsome, I just admire him like a star."

She has always been self-aware, and she is very clear about it. She just likes to watch and admire the monitor.

At this time, Fu Zhengran came back from ordering food outside, and he naturally walked to the empty seat next to Mu Yao and sat down, "I ordered some special signature dishes from this restaurant, if you have anything you want to eat, you can Go ahead."

"Squad leader is so kind, I wish the squad leader a happy birthday."

Fang Zishan saw that she was only separated from Fu Zhengran by Mu Yao. She was so happy that she quickly took out the gift she had prepared, "Squad leader, this is my birthday present for you. It's not something valuable. You must not Refuse."

There was a gentle smile on Fu Zhengran's lips, "Thank you."

Mu Yao, who was sitting next to her, also said, "Squad leader, I wish you a happy birthday too, but I didn't know that today is your birthday, so I didn't prepare a gift, sorry."

Fu Zhengran looked at her. Under the bright lights, the girl's small face was as white as jade, and her dark eyes sparkled with water. No matter how she looked, she was so beautiful.

There was tenderness in his eyes, "It's okay, I'm very happy that you can attend to celebrate for me."

Because of the close distance, Fu Zhengran could smell the sweet fruity scent on Mu Yao's body. He had smelled it before by accident, but if there was nothing, he thought it was a girl's perfume. Now, he smelled it clearly, But I don't think it's like the fragrance of perfume. On the contrary, it smells like a girl's body. It smells very good.

For the first time, his gentle and handsome face became hot. Fu Zhengran felt that he was a little shameless at this moment. He couldn't help smelling the girl's fragrance wantonly.

On the company side, Jiang Hao handed over the completed documents to Jiang Yan.

During this period of contact, Jiang Hao found that Mr. Xiao Jiang was young, but capable, with a cold personality and decisive methods. He was not inferior to Mr. Jiang at all. Always fall into the trap, and both are failures.

And in the past two days, Jiang Yan fired some moths in the group, that is, the confidants of some shareholders.

Now, several old shareholders find Jiang Yan very unpleasant, but they have no choice but to hold back for the time being.

"Mr. Jiang, there is a meeting tomorrow, which was notified by Chairman Jiang earlier. Do you need to cancel it?" Now that Mr. Jiang is still recuperating in the hospital, it is up to Jiang Yan to decide whether the meeting will be postponed or held as scheduled.

Behind the large black desk, Jiang Yan flipped through the documents without pausing, "What was the original meeting's theme?"

"Chairman Jiang originally wanted to promote the establishment of a branch company. Although our group is mainly based on real estate, the old man feels that software development is also promising now. He proposed to set up a branch company to be responsible for this."

Jiang Hao reported to Jiang Yan, "However, some shareholders disagree, so Chairman Jiang is going to hold a meeting to discuss."

Jiang Yan looked up, "Then as scheduled, I will attend the meeting as soon as I'm notified."

"Yes, President Jiang."

Jiang Hao glanced at the time, and it was already past the off-duty time, "Boss Jiang, do you need to make an order for you tonight?"

During this time, in order to take over the group's affairs as soon as possible, Jiang Yan spent the night in the company, and he was in charge of ordering meals.


After getting a response, Jiang Hao knew that Jiang Yan continued to work overtime tonight. He obviously had the capital to indulge in pleasure and indulgence, but Jiang Yan was very restrained and worked hard.

After Jiang Hao withdrew, the office fell silent, and Jiang Yan continued to flip through the documents.

When he opened his eyes again, Jiang Yan found that he was already in Mu Yao's residence, and the surrounding was pitch black. Mu Yao wasn't there?

"Wang." Jiang Yan called out, and the lights in the living room turned on.

He got up and looked at the clock on the wall. It was already six o'clock. She would have already returned by this time and was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

where did she go

Jiang Yan lay sleepily on the quilt, ready to wait for Mu Yao's return.

The night was getting darker, and the living room was quiet.

seven o'clock.

eight o'clock.

Jiang Yan still didn't wait for Mu Yao's figure, and the dog eyes in Yuanyuan gradually darkened.

In the private room, everyone ate happily, there were many boys, and everyone was not restrained at all. They chatted hotly while eating. Fang Zishan and Xu Yan had already devoted themselves to eating.

There are many dishes on the dinner table, most of which girls like to eat.

Fu Zhengran spooned a large piece of crystal tofu into Mu Yao's bowl. He saw that she ate a few more bites of this dish just now, and he obviously liked it.

"Thank you, monitor." Mu Yao stuttered, her beautiful lips became more moist and beautiful with oil on her lips.

"You're welcome, if you can't get what you want to eat, you can ask me to help you." Fu Zhengran said.

Mu Yao reminded with a smile: "Squad leader, you are the birthday star today."

Fu Zhengran smiled, his eyes glowed softly.

After dinner, someone proposed to sing, so everyone went to the ktv on the fifth floor of the shopping mall.

Mu Yao looked at the time, it was already past eight o'clock, she wanted to leave, but Xu Yan and Fang Zishan were in a good mood, Xu Yan even pulled her and told her to leave after the squad leader cut the cake.

She didn't want to spoil the fun, so she went with the brigade.

Fu Zhengran asked for an extra large box, enough to accommodate twenty people.

Many boys asked the waiter to bring beer. Fu Zhengran considered that there were girls present, so he asked someone to bring some yogurt.

"The monitor is so considerate."

Fang Zishan bit her straw and sighed to Xu Yan and Mu Yao, "I don't know which girl will be so happy to be with the monitor in the future."

Xu Yan ate too much just now, and she was a little overwhelmed. She half-lyed on the sofa and said weakly, "It's not you anyway."

She looked at Mu Yao who was also holding yogurt beside her. Under the dim light, she could still see her white side face clearly, "Xiao Yao, do you want to sing?"

Mu Yao bit the straw and quickly shook her head, "I'm tone deaf."

"Really?" Xu Yan couldn't believe it. Mu Yao's voice was beautiful, soft and soft. She always thought that she sang very well.

Mu Yao nodded honestly, "Really." She never sang in tune.

Xu Yan exclaimed, "Finally, I found out that you are also not good at something. Otherwise, I would have thought you were a fairy descended from the earth, too perfect."

Fang Zishan nodded cooperatively, "Yes."

At this time, Fu Zhengran came over, holding a fruit plate in his hand, and placed it in front of Mu Yao and the others, "Eat some fruit to help you digest your stomach, and the cake will come later."

"Thank you monitor, you are so considerate, we just want to eat some fruit." Xu Yan was not polite at all.

At this time, in the quiet living room, the chubby dog ​​body was squatting in front of the door.

Jiang Yan raised his right ear high and listened carefully to the movement outside the door. However, he didn't wait until Mu Yao came back.

He stared at the wall clock on the wall, and saw that the hour hand had already pointed to nine o'clock.

The annoyance of waiting for the girl had disappeared, and his round dog eyes were full of worry. He wondered if something happened to the girl, so he delayed coming back.

The more I thought about it, the more anxious I became, the more uneasy I felt.

The dog's paws on the ground gradually tightened, and Jiang Yan looked worried.

I don't know how long it took, but when Jiang Yan couldn't bear it anymore and wanted to go out to find Mu Yao, he recovered his human body.

In the office, Jiang Yan raised his head from the desk, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called Mu Yao.

Soon, the call was connected.

"Jiang Yan."

The girl's soft voice came from the other end of the phone, and the background was very noisy.

Jiang Yan frowned, "Where are you? Why haven't you come home so late?"

Mu Yao covered her mobile phone, she walked quickly to the door, after closing the door, the surrounding was much quieter, "Today is the squad leader's birthday, and everyone in the class is celebrating his birthday."


If he remembered correctly, the monitor of their class was that little boy named Fu Zhengran.

With dark eyes, Jiang Yan said, "When are you leaving? I'll come pick you up."

At this time, the door of the box was pushed open, and a tall and thin figure came out.

Fu Zhengran looked at the girl standing in the corridor, and he called out warmly to Mu Yao who had his back turned, "Cake is cut, do you want to come in?"

The clear male voice was transmitted directly into the phone, and Jiang Yan's eyes became darker.

"Okay, I'll go in later." Mu Yao replied to Zhengran.

She said to Jiang Yan: "I can leave after cutting the cake, you don't have to bother to pick me up."

Jiang Yan directly refused, "No, I'm worried, and besides, I want to see you."

The young man's deep and magnetic voice rang in his ears, as if being scalded, Mu Yao's ears felt hot.

During this time, Jiang Yan was busy taking over the company's affairs, and she and he hadn't seen each other for a long time.

The bright lights in the hallway reflected in the girl's eyes, as if dotted with beautiful star fragments, "Okay."

She wanted to see him too.

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