As the final exam is approaching, everyone is busy going to the library to review, or they are reading at night.

On the contrary, Mu Yao, the money from selling the perfume formula has already arrived in the account, and she is busy looking for a suitable position in the company.

I don't know if it's her luck, Mu Yao just found a good office space in the city center, and the other party is eager to sell it, and the price is very cheap.

Because the rent was really cheap, Mu Yao was skeptical, so she carefully read through the contract several times, and she signed it only after she was completely sure that there was nothing wrong with the above content.

She didn't expect to sign the contract so quickly, and when she walked out of the building, Mu Yao still felt a little unbelievable.

At this time, she just received a call from Jiang Yan. On the other end of the phone, Jiang Yan told her to wait obediently at the same place, and he came to pick her up for lunch.

In the private room, Mu Xiaoxue sized up the man in front of him. He had regular facial features, wearing glasses, an ordinary white shirt, and a light gray coat. He looked like a scholar.

In a place like the countryside, this kind of man's looks are considered outstanding, no wonder she found out that Mu Yao had been pestering this man all the time when she was in the countryside.

She also found out that Mu Yao had been chasing after this man for three years in school, and had written hundreds of love letters to him. In their school, many people knew about it, so it was no longer a secret.

It's just that after Mu Yao came to city b, no one knew about her situation.

Mu Xiaoxue smiled, she was in a good mood.

Holding the small silver spoon, she slowly stirred the coffee in the cup. After a while, she said softly, "I'm sorry, someone contacted you to come to City B all of a sudden, didn't I bother you?"

Fang Ziyang didn't expect that the woman who was looking for him was so beautiful and had an outstanding temperament. He was a little stunned, "No."

"Did you bring the letters I mentioned to you on the phone?"

"Brought it."

Fang Ziyang had received many love letters from girls before, and being sent love letters by so many girls was something that other boys could not envy. He was driven by vanity, so he put all the love letters in boxes and kept them carefully.

He took out a file bag, "Inside are the letters you want, can you tell me, what is the use of these letters?"

Mu Xiaoxue took the file bag, she looked at the thick stack of letters inside, and raised the corner of her lips, "You don't need to care about this, I promised to help you arrange your work, you and Mu Yao Together?"


Fang Ziyang immediately denied that with Mu Yao's appearance, how could he be with her.

Mu Xiaoxue frowned slightly, aren't they together?

She felt a little sorry.

"It's her who keeps chasing me. I don't like her type." Fang Ziyang pushed up his glasses and looked at Mu Xiaoxue. If Mu Yao looked like her, he would agree in three seconds, let alone three years.

"She has been chasing you?" Mu Xiaoxue asked.

"Although it's not good for girls to say this, Mu Yao is really annoying. She keeps pestering me, either writing love letters, or bringing me breakfast, and going to my class every day to guard. Girls like her take the initiative It's quite annoying." Fang Ziyang mentioned Mu Yao, with a bit of dislike for Mu Yao still in his tone.

"You're right, her behavior of pestering men like this is really disgusting."

In the past, Jiang Yan was very tired of Mu Yao's behavior of chasing him, so he didn't let Mu Yao get close at all. But later, Mu Yao suddenly proposed to break off the engagement with Jiang Yan. She thought that Mu Yao had woken up and knew that Jiang Yan didn't like her.

Now it seems that Mu Yao played hard to capture Jiang Yan, and her methods are more sophisticated than before.

Mu Xiaoxue suppressed her grievances towards Mu Yao, and she asked Fang Ziyang to continue talking about Mu Yao's affairs in the countryside. Although she asked someone to investigate, it was very one-sided and not as well understood as the person concerned.

The two chatted for a while, Fang Ziyang backed out apologetically, and went to the bathroom.

When he came here in a hurry before, he didn't look at it carefully at all, but now he realizes that the dining room is decorated in an antique style, elegant and high-end, and even the clothes of the staff who come and go are neat and elegant. Not a place for ordinary people to come.

Fang Ziyang straightened his back. Although he didn't know who the woman was looking for, she promised to arrange for him to work in City B, which was his dream.

"Two, this way please."

At this time, the waiter led a man and a woman inside.

When the two approached, Fang Ziyang's gaze fell on the girl next to the tall man, and he froze for a moment.

The girl's complexion was very fair, and her facial features were exquisite, especially her eyes, which were watery. Just by looking at them, Fang Ziyang felt his heart beat crazily faster. It was the first time he had seen such a beautiful girl.

His eyes were glued to the girl, and he couldn't move it away. For some reason, he always felt that the girl was a little familiar, as if he had seen it somewhere.

But such a beautiful appearance, if he saw it, he would never forget it.

Jiang Yan took Mu Yao by the hand, noticing the gazes of other men, he pulled Mu Yao to his side, and gave him a cold look with his dark eyes.

Fang Ziyang felt a chill in his heart, and subconsciously looked away.

After the two passed by, he couldn't help it, and turned back to look at the girl's slender figure. He didn't look back until they walked into the next box.

Jiang Yan had already asked someone to book a box in advance, and the decoration inside had a strong ancient charm, which made people feel comfortable.

After sitting down, Jiang Yan didn't ask the waiter to make tea, but he did it himself. Mr. Jiang likes to drink tea. As a grandson, he has always learned a little bit.

Because when he came out of the company, he was dressed in a black and straight, tailor-made suit. Jiang Yan was a natural clothes hanger, and every point of the suit was just right on him. Inside is a white shirt, buttoned to the top, which is indescribably rigorous and abstinent.

Sitting next to Jiang Yan, Mu Yao looked at him carefully, his deep outline was in the smoke of tea, and there was a kind of handsomeness in the bright moonlight, a little less cold, and a little more gentle.

The man's knuckles are distinct, and the slender fingers are holding the green cup. For the first time, Mu Yao feels that a man's hands can also be pretty.

Jiang Yan put the brewed tea in front of the girl, "Have you found a suitable office space?"

Before Mu Yao mentioned to Jiang Yan that she wanted to start a company, she never thought of hiding it from him, "I found it." She glanced at Jiang Yan, and suddenly remembered something, "You arranged that place?"

Although she was asking about Jiang Yan, her tone was affirmative. This can also explain such a good location. Even if it is in a hurry to transfer, the rent will not be so cheap. Moreover, the location is close to the Jiang Group. Thinking about it now, that position was arranged by Jiang Yan.

"Well, I asked someone to arrange it, but the other party did move out." Jiang Yan directly admitted that he had intervened.

"Thank you." Mu Yao is not a person who doesn't know what to do, she accepted her boyfriend's wishes, "Jiang Yan, you are so kind."

The girl praised him softly, how could the corners of her lips restrain the upward arc?

Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows, "Don't blame me for interfering with you behind your back?"

"How could it be, you are doing it for my own good." Mu Yao frowned, "I know it."

Such a small thoughtfulness made Jiang Yan's chest swell from liking it.

His warm fingertips pinched the girl's smooth face uncontrollably, how could he be willing to use any force? He gave you a light touch. The skin between his fingertips was smooth and delicate, and he couldn't hold back. He leaned closer and kissed her on the face before saying, "I have selfish intentions."

"You also found out that it's close to my company, so I can meet you conveniently."

Mu Yao nodded, "I know."

The dishes are all sweet and sour flavors that Mu Yao likes to eat.

Rose-carved chicken, sweet and sour pine nut fish, crispy pork ribs in sugar, braised prawns in sweet sauce, lily multicolored tofu...the portions of each dish are not many, but the dishes are exquisitely presented, the color is beautiful, and the aroma is attractive, making people very appetizing.

Every meal, it was Jiang Yan who took care of Mu Yao, picking fish bones, peeling shrimp shells, adding vegetables, serving soup, everything was delicate.

After Mu Yao ate the tofu that Jiang Yan helped her spoon, she picked up a prawn and started to peel it. The sweet sauce was on her thin white fingertips. She peeled off the shell of the prawn easily and deftly, and put it in Jiang Yan's bowl Li, "you eat."

He loves her, and of course she loves him too.

In the white porcelain bowl, the pink and white prawns were greasy. Jiang Yan ate the prawns. Immediately after, he took the wet towel next to him and held the girl's hand dipped in sweet sauce.

He lowered his eyes and wiped the girl's hands carefully, "You don't have to wait on me, you just need to eat obediently."

Now, Jiang Yan can't wait to present all the good and precious ones in front of Mu Yao, even something as simple as peeling shrimp shells, he can't bear her to do it.

Mu Yao glanced at Jiang Yan before responding, "Okay."

The sweet sauce was wiped off, and the girl's slender fingertips became as white as jade again. The nails were rounded and glowed with a healthy pink color.

Jiang Yan squeezed her little hand, and under Mu Yao's surprised gaze, he brought her soft and white fingertips to his lips, the thin lips opened, and he sucked them into his mouth without feeling dirty at all.

Fingertips felt wet for a while.

Mu Yao was so frightened that she wanted to withdraw her hand, but how could Jiang Yan let go so easily?

In the next second, Mu Yao felt as if her fingertips had touched the soft tip of her tongue, and she was so ashamed that she wanted to bend her fingertips.

Jiang Yan opened his mouth, seeing the shyness in the girl's dark eyes, he chuckled softly.

Mu Yao's ears felt hot, and she glared at him angrily, "Is it dirty?" He was still rolling the tip of his tongue just now.

Jiang Yan took another new wet towel and wiped the girl's fingertips lightly, "Not dirty." Not to mention her fingertips, even her hair, he likes it badly, how could he think it's dirty? He wished he could swallow her bit by bit, inch by inch.

In the box next door.

Mu Xiaoxue said to Fang Ziyang who came back: "Not only will I help you arrange work, I can also give you 300,000 yuan, as long as you pursue Mu Yao."

"What did you say?" Hearing 300,000, how could Fang Ziyang maintain his previous calm appearance, "As long as I pursue Mu Yao, are you willing to give me money? Why?"

He didn't believe there was such a good thing.

"Because she robbed the person I like. Mu Yao used to like you so much, but she couldn't get it. You will always be the one I miss the most." If Fang Ziyang pursued Mu Yao, would she be able to resist it?

"I promise you, but I need to collect a deposit first." To him, 300,000 yuan is simply a windfall. As for Mu Yao's ugly appearance, he doesn't mind. Look for opportunities to dump her.

Fang Ziyang pushed his glasses, "Don't blame me for being greedy, I have nowhere to stay when I come to City B, and I need to spend money everywhere."

"it is good."

Mu Xiaoxue took a look at the other party. Although Fang Ziyang was pretty good looking, compared to a man as outstanding as Jiang Yan, Fang Ziyang was almost crushed to the ground.

"After you get the money, you have to clean up." She was worried that Mu Yao was used to Jiang Yan and would look down on Fang Ziyang now.

"Don't worry, Mu Yao has been chasing me for three years. Even after a period of time, she still likes me." Fang Ziyang has a confident face. Mu Yao still likes him, and he can guarantee that.

Mu Xiaoxue's eyebrows lit up, "As long as you successfully catch up with Mu Yao, I can give you another 100,000."

Fang Ziyang pushed his glasses, but the lenses couldn't hide the excitement in his eyes.

When leaving, someone just came out from the box next door.

Seeing the two figures coming out from inside, Mu Xiaoxue immediately stepped back to the door of the box, Jiang Yan and Mu Yao were there?

"What's wrong?" Fang Ziyang looked at Mu Xiaoxue who looked flustered, and wanted to reach out to support her.

Mu Xiaoxue dodged, she calmed down, and then said: "I saw Mu Yao, don't let her find out that I know you."

"Mu Yao, where is she?" Fang Ziyang only saw the pretty girl who came out from the next door, and he only saw her side face, which was too pretty.

Mu Xiaoxue's expression was not very good-looking, "She came out from the next door just now." She pulled the corners of her lips, and the smile on the corners of her mouth was a little sarcastic, "It's no wonder you can't recognize it, Mu Yao has turned white, has she become more beautiful?" few."

Hearing this, Fang Ziyang was taken aback. Was that pretty girl just now Mu Yao?

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