"Mu Yao, what a coincidence, you just bought some fruit?"

Fang Ziyang smiled softly. He was already quite handsome, and Mu Xiaoxue recently sponsored him a sum of money to make him tidy up his clothes, making his appearance even more handsome.

Those letters were written by the original owner to Fang Ziyang, but now it is Mu Xiaoxue who gave them to Jiang Yan, and Fang Ziyang is so active towards her for no reason, Mu Yao is not a stupid person, and she can understand what is going on with a little use of her brain .

Mu Xiaoxue went to Fang Ziyang, not only got the letter, but also wanted Fang Ziyang to approach her, and then caused misunderstanding and separation between her and Jiang Yan?

Mu Yao thinks that Mu Xiaoxue is very smart, one ring after another, if Jiang Yan took the letter today to accuse her, or she is the original owner who has feelings for Fang Ziyang, or Mu Xiaoxue's plan will succeed.

However, Mu Xiaoxue underestimated Jiang Yan's intelligence, and did not think that she was not the same person inside.

Now, knowing the other party's intentions, Mu Yao didn't want to pay attention to Fang Ziyang at all, she squeezed Jiang Yan's hand tightly and wanted to leave.

"Mu Yao..." Fang Ziyang stopped talking as he looked at the tall man standing in front of Mu Yao. He recognized the other party, he was the one standing with Mu Yao when he was in the restaurant.

He watched the two of them clasping their fingers. This man must be the Jiang Yan that the woman who was looking for him said.

That woman just wanted him to break up the two people in front of him.

If he was in the countryside, Fang Ziyang could confidently think that he was good-looking and very popular with girls. After coming to city b, he discovered that there are many people who are more handsome than him, and anyone here is picked out, and their families are all richer than him.

The man in front of him was even worse. Fang Ziyang realized that he had no way to compare with the man in front of him, no matter his appearance or his aura.

He suddenly felt that his only bargaining chip was to take advantage of Mu Yao's previous liking for him.

Fang Ziyang straightened his back, looked at Jiang Yan and said, "Hi, I'm Mu Yao's friend, I have something to say to Mu Yao alone."

Jiang Yan only needs to think about it before and after, and he knows that this man named Fang Ziyang's sudden entanglement with Mu Yao must be Mu Xiaoxue's tricks.

When he met Fang Ziyang at the fruit shop that day, he felt awkward, so today he deliberately proposed to come to the fruit shop with Mu Yao, and sure enough, the other party appeared.

He was always nearby, guarding Mu Yao.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yan's dark eyes darkened.

He snorted coldly: "Do you think I will let a strange man talk to my girlfriend alone?"

Fang Ziyang stifled, he looked at Mu Yao who was standing next to Jiang Yan, relying on Jiang Yan, she was wearing a cream coat today with a **** pink sweater underneath, her small face was set off It becomes more and more porcelain white.

With such a short distance, and it was daytime again, he could see more clearly. Fang Ziyang only felt that Mu Yao in front of him was so delicate and beautiful that his heart was moved. Now every time he looked at the girl, he felt annoyed. Why didn't he agree to it at the beginning? With Mu Yao?

"Although you are her boyfriend, I have known her for a long time. If you ask her, do you want to talk to me alone?"

Fang Ziyang pushed his glasses, and he looked at Mu Yao sincerely, "Actually, I came to City B this time because of you. It was my fault before, can you talk to me?"

He kept his attitude to the lowest, no girl can resist the plea of ​​the person she likes.

"I have nothing to talk to you about." Knowing that the other party was harboring evil intentions, Mu Yao's tone was very cold.

Knowing that Mu Yao has nothing to do with this Fang Ziyang, Jiang Yan doesn't pay attention to Fang Ziyang at all.

He stared at Fang Ziyang with pitch-black eyes, Jiang Yan's brows were cold, and he warned: "I know what you are planning, but Mu Yao is my girlfriend, if you pester her again, trust me, I will let you stay The disappearance of city b is just a simple matter."

The man's voice was low and chilling, Fang Ziyang trembled when he was stared at, he felt that the other party was not joking with him for no reason.

The other party seemed to see through his intentions.

Fang Ziyang had always been afraid of death, so he was not as courageous as he showed, and he was a bit smart. Judging from Jiang Yan's dress and momentum, he was really not easy to provoke, "Do you have some misunderstanding? I just want to talk to Mu Yao. Just talking about the old days."

Fang Ziyang pushed the frame of the glasses with embarrassment, "Since you don't have time, Mu Yao, I'll go first."

After speaking, he turned around in embarrassment and left quickly.

Jiang Yan twitched the corners of his mouth mockingly, he was as courageous as a mouse, and wanted to compete with him for Mu Yao?

"Let's go." Mu Yao scratched Jiang Yan's palm with her fingertips.

Jiang Yan looked down at her, the girl's eyebrows were crooked, and she even winked at him. I don't know if it was an illusion, but after the girl shared her secret with him, he felt closer to her, and there was an indescribable intimacy between the two of them.

Coming out of the examination room, Xu Yan grabbed Mu Yao's hand, "Xiao Yao, do you think this last subject is difficult?"

"The test questions are relatively conservative. They are all basic knowledge points, which are quite simple." The test questions do not involve operation types, and Mu Yao thinks that it should be considered simple for everyone.

"Ah, why do I find it so difficult." Xu Yan reviewed for more than a week, memorizing the key points drawn by the teachers by rote, but when she was doing the papers, she felt like her brain was stuck with glue.

She was dying, "Feifei, what do you think?" Xu Yan asked Li Feifei beside her.

Li Feifei put the book back into her backpack, and she replied seriously: "It's very simple."

Xu Yan looked sad, "I shouldn't have asked you and Xiaoyao. I just hope that I don't fail this semester!"

"By the way." Xu Yan asked again: "Feifei, you are going home during the winter vacation, so you're not in City B."

"Well, I've already bought a train ticket, and I'll go back the day after tomorrow." Li Feifei's home is not in city b, and it's winter vacation, so she must be going home.

"Shanshan seems to be going back the day after tomorrow. Only Xiaoyao and I are in City B." Xu Yan took Mu Yao's hand, "Xiaoyao, you should ask me out more during the holidays." She also called Mu Yao Yao's plan for taking pictures is that it's a holiday, so she's free.

She won the first prize for the mermaid work she took for Mu Yao last time, and she is always thinking about finding another opportunity to take pictures for Mu Yao.

"Okay." Mu Yao nodded in response.

When she got the reply, Xu Yan was full of joy. As long as she thought of Mu Yao standing in front of her camera in beautiful clothes, she would be very happy. After all, every photographer wants to meet a suitable model.

After the official holiday, Mu Yao likes to stay in her apartment. She is afraid of the cold, so staying in a place with heating, reading books and playing with her mobile phone is the most comfortable.

At this moment, she was leaning on the pillow and half-lying on the sofa, and Ginger was sleeping in her arms. She was stroking its head with one hand and browsing the webpage with the other.

With his eyes closed, Sheng Jiang lay comfortably on Mu Yao's body, his tail wagging from time to time, which was very pleasant.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, accompanied by the cry of the little girl.

"Wow woof."

Jiang raised his right ear, and raised the dog's head alertly.

Mu Yao also heard it, she got up and went to open the door with **** in her arms.

The next moment, I saw the little boy behind the door crying very sadly, with big eyes full of tears, "Sister Xiangxiang... woo woo woo..."

"What's wrong?" Mu Yao was so surprised that she immediately stepped forward, and she asked softly, "Why is Xinxin crying?"

Xiao Tong Xin grabbed Mu Yao's hand, wanting to bring it to the opposite side, "Grandma... Grandma fell down, it hurts..."

"Fall?" Mu Yao was taken aback for a moment, she put down the ginger, closed the door, and immediately dragged Xiao Tongxin to the opposite room.

As soon as she entered the living room, Mu Yao saw Xiao Tongxin's grandmother lying on the ground clutching her chest.

"Grandma, grandma..." Xiao Tongxin burst into tears, looking at Mu Yao helplessly with big eyes.

Mu Yao didn't hesitate at all, she immediately called an ambulance, and then stepped forward, "Grandma Fu, do you have any medicine?" Grandma Fu seemed to be having a heart attack.

However, Grandma Fu didn't have the energy to speak at all. The old man's face was pale, sweating profusely, and panting urgently.

Mu Yao hurriedly ran to the room, she checked the table, but found no medicine.

Frowning tightly, Mu Yao opened the drawers on both sides. In the drawer on the left, she saw Suxiao Jiuxin Pill and some other medicines.

She took the medicine, rushed back to Grandma Fu's side immediately, and fed the pill into Grandma Fu's mouth.

Then, Mu Yao called Fu Zhengran and told him that Grandma Fu had fainted.

After feeding the medicine, Grandma Fu seemed to be recovering, Mu Yao breathed a sigh of relief, she did not move Grandma Fu, waiting for the arrival of the ambulance.

The little Tong Xin next to her was crying sadly, and Mu Yao comforted her, "Don't worry Xinxin, grandma will be fine."

Xiao Tongxin was frightened, his eyes were red from crying, and he was sobbing, "Grandma is in pain."

Mu Yao wiped away the tears from Xiao Tongxin's face with the back of her hand, and then continued to pay attention to Grandma Fu's situation.

Not long after, the ambulance arrived.

Grandma Fu was carried into the ambulance by the medical staff, and Fu Zhengran just came back from the supermarket.

His breathing was rapid, and his eyes were filled with worry.

Fu Zhengran glanced at his grandmother in the car, then his eyes fell on the girl in thin clothes, "Thank you."

Thanks to her.

"You're welcome, squad leader, get in the car and accompany Grandma Fu to the hospital first, and I will bring Xinxin to follow." Mu Yao said.

Fu Zhengran's hair was a bit disheveled, but it did not compromise his elegance and handsomeness at all. After all, there was a bit of hotness in his eyes that could not be concealed, "I'm sorry to trouble you."

in the hospital.

Because Mu Yao rescued her in a timely manner without any delay, Grandma Fu is fine now, but she is old and in poor health, and her vitality was injured after a lot of tossing, and her complexion is not very good.

Grandma Fu was half leaning on the hospital bed, holding Mu Yao's hand, her voice was weak and slow, "My child, thank you very much, if it wasn't for your help, I might not be here..."

"Grandma!" Next to him, Fu Zhengran interrupted Grandma Fu.

"Okay, I won't talk nonsense." Grandma Fu understood what her grandson meant, she held Mu Yao's hand, and said gratefully: "Anyway, I just want to thank Xiao Yao, you saved my life, I don't even know How can I thank you child."

"Grandma is in pain, sister Xiangxiang save grandma." Xiao Tongxin's eyes and nose were red, but she didn't cry anymore. She sat on the chair and looked up at Mu Yao, fully dependent.

Mu Yao said: "Grandma Fu, you are serious. Anyone will help in such a critical situation. You don't need to thank me. This is what I should do."

She praised Xiao Tongxin, "Xinxin is a smart child who knows how to ask for help."

Hearing Mu Yao's praise, Xiao Tongxin grinned, she nodded, her braids on both sides dangling, "Xinxin is smart."

Mu Yao chatted with Grandma Fu for a few words, seeing the tired look on the old man's face, she said, "Grandma Fu, rest well, I'll go back first."

Grandma Fu's spirit is really weak, "Of course, you send Xiaoyao off."

"I know, grandma." Fu Zhengran, who had been watching Mu Yao chatting with grandma, responded.

After saying goodbye to Grandma Fu and Xiaotong Xin, Mu Yao and Fu Zhengran walked out of the ward.

"Thank you."

Beside, the clear male voice sounded again.

"Squad leader, you have already thanked me." Mu Yao smiled.

The girl's dark eyes were full of water, like a broken star, Fu Zhengran put on a gentle smile on his lips, "You saved my grandma, even if I thank you a hundred times, I should."

"For me, it's easy. You don't have to worry too much about it, monitor. However, if Grandma Fu has a heart attack, I think it's best not to let her live alone." Mu Yao couldn't help but suggest.

"You're right." Fu Zhengran said, "The house is full of memories of grandma and grandpa. Grandma has been unwilling to move out, and grandma doesn't like strangers living in her house, so she has always refused to agree to hire a caretaker. .”

"But this time, I will persuade grandma to move away."

Mu Yao understands, she knows that old people miss their love and miss the old, they like to stay in the place where they have always lived, full of memories, and they are reluctant to move away.

"That's good, monitor, go back. Xinxin was scared today. You will comfort her later and calm her down." The child is scared, and it is easy to have nightmares at night.

The elevator opened, and Mu Yao signaled Fu Zhengran to go back.

Fu Zhengran looked at the girl walking into the elevator, his eyes were filled with soft light, "Be careful on the road."

Fu Zhengran didn't turn around until the elevator door closed and Mu Yao was nowhere to be seen.

Back in the ward, Grandma Fu had already laid down on the bed, closed her eyes and fell asleep peacefully. Little Tongxin sat obediently on the chair. When she heard the sound of the door opening, she turned her head and saw that it was her brother, so she opened her mouth with a smile. Called out: "Brother."

Fu Zhengran walked over with light steps.

"Xiaoyao left?" Grandma Fu's voice sounded weak, her eyes were still closed.

"Well, I'll take her to the elevator entrance." Fu Zhengran pulled grandma's quilt and covered her up.

"The little girl is a good child, calm and intelligent."

If it wasn't for Mu Yao not being alarmed when something happened, she was rescued in such a timely manner, she would either be dead or being rescued, how could she sleep peacefully like now?

Moreover, Grandma Fu knows how to look at people. When she saw Mu Yao for the first time, she thought that Mu Yao was a good-looking child. She was pretty, but her eyes were clear and upright. She was not a bit arrogant. She was a transparent girl. .

She likes this junior very much.

"Well, she's really fine." Fu Zhengran responded.

"Grandma can see that you like her."

"Brother likes sister Xiangxiang." Next to him, Xiao Tongxin opened his eyes wide and repeated.

Grandma Fu laughed when she heard her granddaughter's immature voice, "Xinxin is so smart, and I can see that your brother likes your sister."

Little Tongxin nodded, and said softly, "Xinxin also likes sister Xiangxiang."

Grandma Fu slowly opened her eyes, she looked at her grandson, "Since you like it, grandma supports you to pursue it, you child, you are too restrained, Xiaoyao is such a good girl, if you don't rush to pursue her, you will be snatched away by others Don't regret it."

She knew his grandson's temperament. He usually had a gentle and amiable appearance, but since he was a child, he kept a distance from girls. He never got close to any girl, or looked at any girl more than once.

Except Mu Yao.

When they met for the first time, she discovered that her grandson would peek at Mu Yao, and her always calm grandson would also show timidity in front of Mu Yao.

However, he is too good at hiding, presumably that child Mu Yao doesn't know anything about it.

Fu Zhengran lowered his eyes, and he pulled the quilt for Grandma Fu again, "Grandma, she has a boyfriend."

After a while, Grandma Fu closed her eyes, and she sighed slowly.

Fu Zhengran could hear the pity in grandma's tone.

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