When the bell rang for the end of get out of class, Mu Yao quickly took out the box of fruit from the drawer, and started to eat it openly.

When she was in class just now, she only secretly ate a few pills, and she stopped eating after a little bit of addiction. After finally getting out of class, she ate deliciously. Because it is much whiter than before, it looks a bit cute now that the mouth is bulging.

Huang Wen, who was called to form a group with Jiang Yan, Chen Qinghui, and Mu Yao suppressed the excitement in her heart, thought and thought, but she couldn't hold back the desire in her heart, and she boldly walked to the back row.

"Student Jiang Yan, the professor asked us to form a team." Huang Wen looked at Jiang Yan's Qingjun face in front of her, feeling very nervous, with sweaty palms, "How can we divide the work and cooperate?"

"Pfft!" Chen Qinghui, who was crossing his legs, laughed, "When did you see that Brother Yan can do homework? Can he complete tasks?"

Huang Wen's face was reddened by Chen Qinghui's ridicule.

"There seems to be Mu Yao among the members of our group, "My grandpa is going to rest recently, do you mind providing a place? Let's go to your house and discuss it. "Jiang Yan spoke suddenly, and what he said was surprising.

Mu Yao, who was indulging in eating cherries in front of her, gave a big hand, "Go to my house?"

Huang Wen originally thought that she was asking for humiliation, but she didn't expect that Jiang Yan would be willing to form a group and come out to discuss together in the next second. She thought that she would have the opportunity to get close to him, her heart became excited, and she quickly echoed, "Yes, Mu Classmate Yao, let's go to your house. Didn't you say that your house has a large garden and a fountain, is it a villa? I really want to have a chance to see it, can I?"

Previously, the original owner had repeatedly publicized in class that her family was rich and lived in a luxurious villa. Even her own room was bragged to everyone in accordance with the splendor of Mu Xiaoxue's room.

Mu Yao understood the psychology of the original owner.

She grew up in Dashan, and when she came to Mu's house, she was timid, worried that others would dislike her growing up in the countryside and underestimate her, so she tried her best to flatter herself to cover up her inner inferiority complex.

Mu Yao understands, but disagrees.

"Student Mu Yao, is it okay?" Although Mu Yao often boasted about how rich her family is, she didn't believe it at all when she looked at the shirts and trousers that Mu Yao was wearing.

Mu Yao frowned, "What day is the week?"

Huang Wen looked at Jiang Yan, of course it was up to Jiang Yan to decide.

"Tomorrow, tomorrow is Saturday." Jiang Yan pursed his lips, of course he could see Mu Yao's reluctance, but it was not within his consideration.

"Brother Yan, do you want to do your homework?" Chen Qinghui was so shocked that he lost any sleepiness, he dropped his phone and exaggerated: "No, you are going to Mu Yao's house?"

Did he hear correctly?

He knew how much Jiang Yan hated Mu Yao, why did he take the initiative to go to Mu Yao's house?

"Yes." Jiang Yan looked at Mu Yao.

"Then make an appointment tomorrow afternoon." Mu Yao agreed.

Even though she listened carefully to the class, she had never been exposed to the computer major before, so she was confused. It was impossible for her to complete the task assigned by the professor by herself. And she remembered that Mu Wanhai said that he and He Xiumei would attend the banquet tomorrow and would not disturb them.

On Saturday, the weather was fine, the sun was shining on the small balcony, and Ginger was lying lazily in the kennel and taking a nap.

Mu Yao heard from the housekeeper that Jiang Yan and the others were here, so she picked up her textbooks and prepared to go to the villa.

"Master Jiang, Master Chen, and this young lady, I have already had someone notify the second young lady, what would you like to drink?" The butler said in a respectful and polite tone.

Jiang Yan is wearing a black shirt today, which makes him even more cold and distant, "Casual."

"Just bring me a can of drink." Chen Qinghui leaned directly on the back of the sofa, listless. He didn't expect Jiang Yan's words to be true, and he really pulled him to do group work.

"Where's this lady?" The butler looked at Huang Wen.

"I... I'll just boil water, thank you." Huang Wen sat stiffly.

Just now, she came in from the door and walked all the way, looking at the giant fountain and the garden bigger than the playground, she realized that what Mu Yao usually said was true. Originally, she thought that Mu Yao had been lying, after all, the other party didn't have the temperament and appearance of a rich lady. Although it was said that not long after the military training ended, everyone had exposed themselves a lot, but Mu Yao was dark and dirty, and her words were not convincing at all.

"Several, please wait a moment." The butler ordered the servants to prepare.

"Uncle Li, where's Mu Xiaoxue?" Chen Qinghui asked casually.

"Miss went to the set to film today."

Chen Qinghui remembered that Mu Xiaoxue signed a company, and it was under Lu Chen's family, so he didn't say anything more.

At this time, Mu Yao came in from the outside, "I'm sorry to keep you waiting." She walked to the sofa and sat down opposite Jiang Yan and the others, "Let's start discussing now."

"No, Mu Yao, you really want to..." Chen Qinghui just raised his head, then paused, "Just deal with it casually, anyway, I don't know how to do this."

God, why do you feel that Mu Yao is suddenly much prettier today?

Chen Qinghui moved to Jiang Yan's side, "Brother Yan, he didn't dress up specially for you, did he?"

Yesterday, Mu Yao ate a lot of cherries and cherry tomatoes, and even ate some newly bought cherries. In just one night, her yellowish complexion faded away, and she turned a little whiter again. Moreover, because the bangs on the front of the forehead have already passed the eyebrows, a bit irritating to the eyes and very uncomfortable, so Mu Yao purposely found a small clip to hold the bangs up.

A pair of big watery eyes stood out instantly, coupled with exquisite facial features, the whole person looked completely different, compared with the previous earthy and dark appearance, he was much more delicate.

Huang Wen was surprised, why is Mu Yao so much prettier? It was because of Jiang Yan.

She looked at the other party for a few times, then looked away, so what if she was a daughter, the clothes were rustic, and she had no taste at all.

Jiang Yan raised his eyes and glanced at Mu Yao, "Where's the computer?"

Only then did Mu Yao realize that none of them had brought their notebooks, "It's in my room."

"Well, go to your room." Jiang Yan raised her thin lips and stood up directly.

Mu Yao frowned, but she didn't refuse after all. To complete the group work, a computer was indeed needed, and the computer that Mu's family bought for the original owner was a desktop.

She led a few people to the small building.

Pushing open the door, Huang Wen was surprised to see a completely different style of room in that luxury villa, Mu Yao lives here?

Isn't she the daughter of the Mu family? Why not live in a villa? Although this room is not bad, it is no different from a room in an ordinary family, and it does not meet the configuration that Qianjin should have.

Huang Wen pursed her lips and snickered.

Thanks to Mu Yao who spends all day preaching in class how rich her family is and how luxurious her place is, it turns out that she is so aggrieved as a daughter.

"Mu Yao, do you live here?" Chen Qinghui clicked his tongue.

After all, Mu Yao is also the daughter of the Mu family, so she looks like she was abandoned by the Mu family.

"Well. The computer is already on. I don't know much about programming. I need you all for my work..." Mu Yao was a little embarrassed. After all, she had always been excellent in her studies before, and she was at the top of her knowledge, but now , she was incapable of programming to help the group.

"Don't count on me, I won't either." Chen Qinghui put his hands in his pockets casually, "However, Brother Yan is enough."

It wasn't the first time Jiang Yan came to this room, but it was the first time he had recovered his physical form.

Before, he didn't pay attention to Mu Yao's residence at all, and he didn't bother to look at it. Only now did he notice that Mu Yao didn't live with other people.

The layout of the room is clean and tidy, full of girlish feeling. There is a hint of fruity fragrance in the air, which is the fragrance of Mu Yao's body.

He was dressed in black and black trousers, standing here tall and with long legs, which seemed out of place in this girl's boudoir.

"Wow, woof."

At this time, Jiang, who was taking a nap outside the small balcony, woke up and ran in when he heard the noise.

"Hey, isn't this the dog worth half a million yuan?" Chen Qinghui couldn't help laughing when he saw a chubby dog ​​rushing in.

"Brother Yan, this dog is so ugly, I really don't understand why you want to buy it." And you paid such a sky-high price.

When Sheng Jiang saw a few more strangers in the room, he panicked and ran towards Mu Yao.

"Ah." The dog passed by, and Huang Wen exclaimed in shock.

It's fine for Mu Yao to be dirty and dark, but why is her dog so ugly?

Before Sheng Jiang could reach Mu Yao, it stopped suddenly, raised its head, and rubbed against Jiang Yan's leg in front of him very affectionately.

"Hahaha, Brother Yan, it seems that this ugly dog ​​really likes you. He was so attached to you at the birthday party, and now he is still attached to you." Chen Qinghui teased.

Jiang Yan subconsciously wanted to kick the ugly dog ​​away. Thinking that he and the dog had to share their bodies, and he couldn't let it get hurt, he restrained himself.

"Woof." Jiang ran and jumped around Jiang Yan happily.

Jiang Yan lowered his eyes, seeing such a fat, ugly, and stupid dog, he felt a headache.

Why would he wear such an ugly dog!

"Ginger, come here, don't make trouble with guests."

Mu Yao was surprised that Jiang actually liked Jiang Yan. He was so cold and cold, but he was not afraid of Jiang Yan?

"It's okay." Jiang Yan bent down, grabbed Jiang's neck with one hand, and picked up the dog.

"Woof." Jiang kicked his four short legs helplessly and blankly in mid-air.

Chen Qinghui stared blankly, Jiang Yan not only didn't kick the ugly dog ​​away, but also picked it up, "Brother Yan, do you really like this dog?" You know, Jiang Yan hates pets the most, Never let pets go by.

"It's okay." Jiang Yan looked at it with dark eyes, and there was nothing special about it.

What would happen if he sent the dog to be dissected?

Not knowing if he was aware of the danger, Jiang began to struggle, "Wow."

Jiang Yan pursed his lips and put it back on the ground. This morning, he recovered to an adult a little later than yesterday, and he recovered at nine o'clock.

He had a hunch that if the reason could not be found, it would take longer and longer to become a dog, and in the end, he would not return to an adult.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yan's eyes darkened.


"I heard that Jiang Yan is here?" Mu Xiaoxue asked.

"Young Master Jiang came here with Young Master Chen and a young lady. Now I'm at the Second Miss's side, and I've already sent someone to bring refreshments."

"Uncle Li, ask someone to prepare a fruit plate."

"I'm going to get people ready."

It was the first time for Mu Xiaoxue to step into this small building, and it was cleaner than expected. She went upstairs, the door of the room was wide open, she knocked once, smiling beautifully, "I hope I won't get in your way."

"Star Mu Da finished filming?" Chen Qinghui, who was playing with his mobile phone, joked.

"Don't laugh at me, I only have a little fame now." Mu Xiaoxue walked in holding a fruit plate, "Eat some fruit."

"Hello, you are Xiaoyao's classmate, eat some fruit." She said to Huang Wen with a smile.


Looking at the delicate and beautiful girl in front of her, Huang Wen became cautious instantly. She recognized that this was the school belle of their school, but she and Mu Yao were sisters? The difference between the two is too big.

Moreover, she recognized the brand of the clothes on the other party's body, starting with five digits, so she looked like Miss Qianjin, not Mu Yao, who was ugly in black soil.

Mu Xiaoxue walked to Jiang Yan's side, and saw his slender, knuckle-knuckle hands typing quickly on the keyboard, "Ayan."

"Okay." Jiang Yan stood up and looked at Mu Yao, "You hand it in on Monday."

"Okay." Mu Yao watched Jiang Yan complete the group homework in just ten minutes, which is really amazing.

Jiang Yan refused Mu Xiaoxue's fruit plate, and said to Chen Qinghui, "Let's go."

His main purpose today is to observe this ugly dog ​​and see if he can find out the reason.

It was getting dark.

Outside the small balcony, Jiang Yan looked down at his hands, which had turned into dog paws. He walked into the room and heard the sound of water in the bathroom, Mu Yao was taking a shower.

At this time, he found that the door of the room was open.

A dark light flashed in the dog's eyes, and Jiang Yan ran out of the room.

The downstairs door was also open.

Jiang Yan clenched his dog's teeth and speeded up, the chubby dog's body trembled violently. With a kick of his short legs, Jiang Yan rushed out of the small building.

"Ah, what the hell!" The servant was carrying the garbage that had just been taken out of the small building in his hand, and was about to throw it away when his foot was hit by something and it hurt.

The dog's body was bounced off, and Jiang Yan rolled on the ground.

After the servant saw clearly, she realized that she had been hit by a dog.

"It turned out to be that bumpkin dog."

The garbage bag in the servant's hand was knocked to the ground, she looked at the scattered garbage full of resentment, and a burst of anger surged up, "It's fine for me to serve the bumpkin, but now I'm going to be bullied by her dog?"

Without even thinking about it, the servant kicked Jiang Yan hard, who had just stood up.

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