in the hospital.

The doctor checked Jiang Yan and found nothing unusual.

"The patient should be too emotional and nervous, and will faint after relaxing, and should wake up later."

"What's going on? Where's Jiang Yan?"

At this time, old man Jiang's voice came, and the butler immediately brought old man Jiang to the hospital after receiving the call.

"Grandpa Jiang, Jiang Yan is here. The doctor said that he was too emotional and passed out." Mu Yao's voice was hoarse, and she hadn't fully recovered yet.

"What happened?"

Seeing the redness and swelling on Mu Yao's face, as well as the finger prints and wounds on his neck, Old Man Jiang was furious, "Who hurt you? Quick, get someone to bandage you."

Jiang Hao immediately reported the whole story to Mr. Jiang.

Mr. Jiang was furious, "Where's that person?"

Jiang Hao immediately replied: "The person has been sent to the police station."

That person was crippled and sent to the police station. His life was over.

"Hmph." Mr. Jiang hadn't been so angry for a long time, and he said angrily, "Old Jiang, go to the police station and confess."

The butler, Uncle Jiang, has been by Mr. Jiang's side for so many years, and he already understood what Mr. Jiang meant with a simple sentence, "Yes, master."

He walked to his grandson Jiang Yan's bed and sighed. If he hadn't been extremely nervous and put it on the tip of his heart, how could he have fainted?

Even if this brat has a heart, he really likes Mu Yao.

Mr. Jiang signaled Mu Yao not to delay to bandage the wound.

Jiang Hao found a female nurse, who gave Mu Yao medicine with skillful hand gestures.

The redness and swelling on her face had almost disappeared. The female nurse did not apply any medicine. She used disinfectant to disinfect the wound on Mu Yao's neck that was stabbed by the point of the knife. The female nurse warned: "Try not to touch the wound with water."

The girl's neck was slender and tender, and the red fingerprints on it were shocking. According to Mu Yao's wishes, the female nurse applied her a lotion for reducing swelling and blood stasis, and then wrapped a layer of gauze around her neck.

Mu Yao's red lips were a bit dry, her face lacked much color, and the corners of her eyes were also red. With the white gauze wrapped around her neck, she looked sick and pitiful.

Grandpa Jiang said, "Xiaoyao, go back and rest first, I will guard here." The grandson's body has always been strong, but the old man is not worried.

Mu Yao was thinking about Jiang Yan, she looked at Jiang Yan on the bed with her eyes tightly closed, she asked Jiang Hao: "Where is my dog ​​being treated? What's wrong now?"

When rushing to the pet hospital, Mu Yao was told that Jiang was being rescued.

The subordinate who brought the dog to the hospital told Mu Yao that the dog was seriously injured and was almost out of breath when it was brought to the hospital.

Mu Yao stood silently in the corridor, her eyes were filled with water, she remembered that after she passed through, the **** brought back from the ambulance station was always with her.

Although the little thing is deaf in one ear, it is cute and optimistic. It often makes her happy and treats her like a baby, so she won't be so lonely in this strange world.

Thinking of when she was captured, Sheng Jiang was lying on the ground, the puppy was motionless, vomiting blood from its mouth, Mu Yao's heart was pulled hard,

At this time, the door of the operating room

is opened.

Mu Yao anxiously stepped forward to inquire about the situation.

"The dog's ribs pierced its lungs, which caused it to vomit blood. Its internal injuries are serious and its condition is critical. Whether it can survive or not depends on its condition in the past two days. If the injury worsens..." the doctor did not finish. , the meaning in the words is already obvious.

Mu Yao was stunned, she clenched her hands tightly, and then she regained her breath a little, "Thank you, doctor."

Entering the dog's ward, Mu Yao saw Jiang lying on a small bed, eyes closed, a chubby ball, and the dog's body was wrapped in gauze.

Mu Yao touched its head, and she whispered, "Ginger will definitely get better."

The night was dark, and there were medical staff on guard in the pet hospital. Mu Yao stayed with Jiang for a while before leaving. Jiang Hao called to tell her that Jiang Yan hadn't woken up yet.

When Mu Yao rushed to Jiang Yan's side, the doctor just finished checking Jiang Yan again.

The doctor told them that everything was normal for Jiang Yan, and further examination was needed as to why he was still in a coma.

Mr. Jiang hadn't left yet. After all, he was getting old, and his expression was a little tired. "What are you waiting for? You can start a detailed inspection now."

After tossing for a long time, the doctor did a more detailed examination on Jiang Yan, but there was still no result.

Mu Yao said to Mr. Jiang: "Grandpa Jiang, go back and rest first, I will guard Jiang Yan tonight."

It is already early morning, after the last attack, Mr. Jiang's health is not as good as before, Mu Yao doesn't want him to work hard.

Mr. Jiang waved his hand, "You were frightened today and you are still injured. You should go back and have a good rest."

"Grandpa Jiang, I'm fine. I won't be able to sleep until Jiang Yan wakes up."

Thinking of Jiang Yan being comatose and Jiang being injured, she would not be able to sleep peacefully after returning, so she might as well stay here now, and feel more at ease.

Old Man Jiang sighed and didn't insist any more. He asked someone to move a small bed so that Mu Yao could rest here more comfortably.

After the others left, the ward fell silent.

Sitting beside the hospital bed, Mu Yao looked at Jiang Yan, who had her eyes closed tightly. The man's cold brows were less wanton and sharp, but more youthful.

Looking down, Mu Yao saw that Jiang Yan's lips were a little dry.

She went to the water dispenser and poured a glass of warm water, then took the cotton swab on the cabinet, wet the cotton swab, and gently tapped it on Jiang Yan's thin lips.

After a while, Jiang Yan's thin lips were moistened with water, Mu Yao leaned over and kissed him proactively for the first time.

The tips of her ears were a little red, Mu Yao sat back on her chair and continued to guard Jiang Yan.

The night was thick, it was already late at night, and the surroundings were quiet, after tossing for a long time and being injured, Mu Yao was already exhausted.

The eyelids gradually drooped, but after all she couldn't resist the drowsiness, Mu Yao fell asleep lying on the side of the bed.

The next day, Mu Yao was woken up by the doctor who came to inspect the ward.

Her black eyes were full of sleepiness, Mu Yao looked up at Jiang Yan for the first time, and she found that Jiang Yan hadn't woken up.

Panicked in her heart, Mu Yao immediately asked the doctor what was going on.

After an examination, the doctor said to Mu Yao, "The patient's body is fine."

"Usually, the emotional coma is short-lived, but now it has been a day and the patient has not woken up. This is the first time this has happened. The experts in our hospital will fly back from abroad today. If you don't wake up, experts will conduct a detailed examination of the patient again."

Mu Yao's eyes were filled with uncontrollable worry. Why did Jiang Yan lose consciousness for no reason after saving her?

In the bathroom, Mu Yao washed up briefly, the redness and swelling on her face had subsided, and her face was a little pale because she didn't rest well.

She glanced at her neck, the fingerprints on it were still there, and it would take two or three days to fade away.

After coming out of the bathroom, she received a call from the pet hospital, who told her that Ginger had a high fever.

When he arrived at the pet hospital, Jiang was taking antipyretic injections.

"Doctor, how is it?"

In a hurry, Mu Yao's breathing was a little short, and her face became paler.

The doctor told her, "The fever caused by wound infection has now been given antipyretic injections, and it has temporarily stabilized."

Mu Yao breathed a sigh of relief, "Doctor, when will it wake up?"

"It's not sure yet, we need to see how it recovers."

After the doctor and nurse left, Mu Yao walked over to Ginger, she didn't move it, for fear of touching its wound.

She reached out and touched Ginger's head, "Ginger, I will prepare you a lot of ham sausages that you like, wake up quickly, okay?"

News broke that Mu Yao was kidnapped and attacked by Mu Xiaoxue's fanatical and perverted fans.

When the police went to the criminal's house to collect evidence, a reporter took photos of Mu Xiaoxue in the criminal's room.

Knowing that Mu Xiaoxue's fans had kidnapped her younger sister, Mu Yao, after such news broke out on the Internet, netizens immediately exploded.

"Oh my god, is the outdated actress acting like a monster again?"

"Mu Xiaoxue must have asked the male fans to take revenge on her sister, after all, she had spread rumors about her sister before."

"I couldn't have imagined it. Without Mu Xiaoxue, I couldn't do it. If she is really the one to have her sister arrested, it would be too vicious."

"When I read the news, my hairs stood on end. This male fan is obviously a pervert. As for whether Mu Xiaoxue is the mastermind, I believe the police will find out."

"Is Mu Yao okay? It's too scary. How could there be such a fan? He's crazy about Mu Xiaoxue, so shouldn't he go and kill Mu Xiaoxue's sister?"

"I must be resentful towards my sister. Mu Xiaoxue asked male fans to do it. Such a person doesn't deserve to stay in the entertainment industry."

"Mu Yao is really miserable. She was targeted by Mu Xiaoxue's poisonous fans. How come there are still fans who don't see the true face of Mu Xiaoxue's white lotus? It's simply too hateful to deal with her sister for her."

"I heard from my friend that the police have already found Mu Xiaoxue. It's so exciting that the police suspect that it has something to do with her."

"I want to know the follow-up development, is Mu Xiaoxue really the mastermind? She can't really be so brainless, can she?"

The news was posted on the trending search, but Mu Xiaoxue had been hidden by the company, and now the team would not help her operate at all, and removed the trending search.

At this time, Mu Xiaoxue herself didn't know about the hot search, so she

He had just finished being interrogated by the police and came out of the police station.

Today, she was taken to the police station for no reason, and Mu Xiaoxue was interrogated. About Mu Yao being kidnapped and attacked by her male fan, the police suspected that she was the mastermind.

She just hated it.

The matter of male fans has nothing to do with her at all, how could she know such a low-level man. If she really wanted to deal with Mu Yao, how could she reveal such a big suspicion and flaw?

Mu Xiaoxue was in a very bad mood, being dragged into such a horrible thing for no reason, Mu Yao was not hurt, but she was implicated, this is simply a disaster from heaven!

Sitting in the car, Mu Xiaoxue slammed the door shut, unable to maintain the gentleness on her face anymore, her eyes were full of resentment.

She found that after losing the koi system, she returned to the unlucky physique before transmigrating.

In the past few days, Mu Yao has been running back and forth between the hospital where Jiang Yan stayed and the pet hospital where Jiang Yan stayed, worrying and not having a good rest, her small face has lost a lot of weight.

Sitting beside Jiang Yan's bed, she looked at the man whose eyes were still closed tightly, "Why don't you wake up?"

Mr. Jiang invited countless experts, but they did not find out the reason for Jiang Yan's coma.

Mr. Jiang suppressed the matter of Jiang Yan's coma. He has been guarding Jiang's group for the past few days.

She held the man's big hand.

Jiang Yan's fingers are well-defined, white and slender, and his palms are still warm. Usually, he can easily wrap her hands by gently squeezing his five fingers together.

Gently pinching his fingertips, Mu Yao whispered in Jiang Yan's ear: "Jiang Yan, I'm afraid."

Even when facing that perverted fan, she had never been so scared, but now she was really scared.

She was so afraid that Jiang Yan and Jiang would never wake up.

The long eyelashes trembled slightly, and Mu Yao subconsciously clenched Jiang Yan's hand.

At this time, her mobile phone rang suddenly, it should be a call from the hospital. During this period of time, the hospital will promptly inform her of Jiang's condition.

Mu Yao connected the phone, and soon, the voice of the female nurse taking care of Jiang rang on the other end of the phone, "Miss Mu, your dog has woken up."

Her dark eyes lit up. In the past few days, she heard good news for the first time.

Mu Yao bit her lip in surprise, but at this moment, her hand holding Jiang Yan was suddenly clenched.

Holding her breath slightly, Mu Yao looked at Jiang Yan incredulously, and she saw the man slowly opened his eyes.

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