More and more people knew that the Mu family had returned, and the wealthy families received invitations one after another.

Although the Mu family evacuated from City B that year, the deterrent power of the century-old family is no joke. Many people began to look forward to the jokes of the Mu family's side branches.

After leaving the main branch that year, the Mu family as a side branch had no support, and the small company could hardly survive. However, just when everyone thought that the little side branch was about to fall, in the blink of an eye, Mu Wanhai actually married the daughter of the Ye family, so that the entire side branch's net worth jumped several times.

After so many years, Pangzhimu's family can be regarded as having a place among the wealthy families.

But now, when the main Mu family came back, their status as a side branch was embarrassing.

Mu Wanhai already knew about such an important news, and he also knew that many aristocratic families watched him laugh behind his back. In the eyes of many people, he relied on the Ye family for his position.

But so what?

People who achieve great things, regardless of the means, just get the results they want. Even if other people looked down on him and came to him, wouldn't they be groveling?

Mu Wanhai's eyes were half-closed, and a dark light flashed across his eyes, he was a little suffocated.

In the eyes of others, his branch is still inferior to the genuine branch. For so many years, he finally led the Mu family to climb up. The person who left for more than 20 years, but suddenly wanted to come back, everyone in City B must be watching him behind his back as a joke.

The time for the banquet of the Lord Mu's family has been fixed, and the place will be held in Mu's old house.

The Mu family's old house has a long history and covers a large area. From a distance, it looks simple and far-reaching. This is the heritage of a century-old family.

Since the people in charge of the Mu family moved away, the old house has been guarded by generations of old servants of the Mu family, taking care of and maintaining it all day long. Even after more than 20 years, it still hasn't lost its original color.

In the house.

The butler pushed the wheelchair. Even though the man in the wheelchair was in his forties, time gave him preferential treatment. It didn't leave any scratches on his face, but only made his temperament more calm and restrained.

"Sir, you should take a rest after taking such a long flight." The butler ordered someone to fetch a blanket, and covered Mu Shengming's feet.

Although the husband's legs are unconscious, it's not right after all because of the cold.

Mu Shengming was sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, he was looking at the scenery outside.

The butler didn't make a sound, just quietly accompanied him like this. After so many years, the gentleman's personality became more and more dull. He often sat quietly for a whole day.

The butler has been following Mu Shengming for many years. He clearly knows what the husband is thinking, but it is precisely because he knows that he understands the pain in the husband's heart so well.

"Mr. Mu."

At this time, a girl's light and joyful voice came from outside the door, with a bit of coquettishness.

The next second, the girl walked in. She was wearing a long white dress, a long woolen coat, and a pair of newly launched short boots. She was beautiful and fashionable.

The girl walked to the side of the wheelchair and squatted down, with a brisk look on her face, "Mr. Mu, I just finished visiting the old house. It's really big here. I walked for a long time before I finished the tour. , The rooms on the second floor are very beautiful and large, and I found that I can see the entire back garden when I live in them.”

At this time, Mu Shengming's quiet eyes like an ancient well

Only when his eyes fluctuated, he said, "Your room is arranged on the first floor."

The smile on the girl's face remained undiminished, "I know, I've seen the room on the first floor too, it's beautifully decorated, and it's my good fortune to be able to live in it. The bedroom on the left is equipped with a small study, I can Which one should I choose? I think my fragrance equipment can be moved in, and it will be more convenient to fragrance in the future.”


Mu Shengming glanced at the girl, then looked outside again, and didn't speak again.

"Thank you, Mr. Mu, I'm going out first." The girl was Ye Shiyu, she got up and left, her white skirt drew a beautiful arc.

The butler secretly sighed, even he could see the little girl's thoughts, how could the husband not see it?

However, she also knows how to advance and retreat. If she doesn't get what she wants, she will immediately take a step back instead of fighting for it ignorantly. It is precisely in this way that she can continue to stay in Mu's house.

After exiting, Ye Shiyu was going to have her fragrance equipment moved into her new room.

Outside, a middle-aged woman was watching closely, reminding her from time to time, "Put it down gently, these are very expensive, put them here first, don't damage them."

Seeing her daughter Ye Shiyu coming back, the middle-aged woman hurried forward and pulled her daughter aside. She asked anxiously, "How is it, sir? Did you promise to let you live in Mu's old house?"

Ye Shiyu raised his eyes, and his brows were full of lightness, "Of course I agreed."

"Great, sir, did you tell me which room he will arrange for you to live in?"

She has worked in the Mu family for so many years, and she also stayed in the old house for a while before. She knows that only the Mu family can live in the rooms on the second floor.

"A room on the first floor." Ye Shiyu said.

The middle-aged woman was stunned for a while, but quickly realized, "It's fine if you can live in Mu's house, my daughter, this is such a wealth."

"Of course I know." Ye Shiyu knew how powerful the Mu family was.

The middle-aged woman was in a good mood, and she fondled her daughter's hair. I have been a servant in Mu's family for so many years, and now I can finally start to enjoy the blessings with my daughter.

She didn't expect that Gao would take a look at her daughter because she looked twice like her husband's sweetheart.

Over the past few years, my daughter has been free to come and go in Mu's house, attend prestigious schools, and wear the best clothes. There is no one else in Mu's house except for her husband. She thinks that her daughter's life is no different from that of a real wealthy daughter. of.

It would be even better if the husband is willing to adopt her daughter and give her the real name of a Miss Mu family.

Ye Shiyu said to the other servants: "Move all my things into the room on the left."

"Yes, Miss Ye."

From what Ye Shiyu heard, she didn't like Miss Ye. She wanted to be named Mu and become the official daughter of the Mu family.

But it doesn't matter, for so many years, she has tried her best to imitate the woman in the photo hanging in Mr.'s study. It turned out that the two looks alike, but because of makeup, she mentioned three or four points, and even her temperament, she tried her best to make herself look like the photo The people inside moved closer.

In order to match the identity of the Mu family, she even changed her original name, Ye He, to Ye Shiyu.

she listens

The housekeeper mentioned that the woman in the photo also happened to be named Ye, which was a surprise.

She also heard that the woman in the photo likes to perfume, so she went to learn perfume to be more like that woman.

After her husband found out that she was studying perfumery, unexpectedly, he asked someone to buy a million-dollar perfumery equipment for her.

Since then, she finally fell into the eyes of Mr. Mu, and she felt that her decision to learn perfumery was right.

Although her surname is not Mu, the servants of the entire Mu family respect her and even obey her orders. In the eyes of outsiders, she is already half a daughter of the Mu family.

"My dear daughter, you should continue to please your husband well and let him adopt you as his daughter as soon as possible. The husband has always been single and has no children. The Mu family's huge property may fall into your hands by then."

The more the middle-aged woman thought about it, the more excited she became. If the wealth of the Mu family really fell on her daughter, she would be willing to lose ten years of her life.

Ye Shiyu said: "Mom, don't you know who Mr. is? Some things can't be rushed. Anyway, I'm already half a daughter of the Mu family. Are you still worried about your future wealth? Well, I won't follow You said, I'm going to try on my dress, the banquet is next week, and I'm going to be there in my best state."

The middle-aged woman couldn't close her mouth with a smile, "Okay, okay, mom won't hinder you, go and try on the dress."

If she relied on her status as a servant, how could her daughter have the opportunity to attend these high-level banquets?

All along, their family is an ordinary family, the school their daughter attends is an ordinary school, and the food, housing and clothing are the conditions of ordinary people. However, after she inadvertently discovered the photos in the husband's study, she knew that their family's wealth coming.

Now that her daughter has a place in Mu's family, it is enough to make countless people flock to her.

The Mu family held a luncheon.

The Mu family's old house, which has been silent for a long time, has been restored to its former glory. All kinds of luxury cars are parked outside the gate.

Although the owner of the Mu family has withdrawn from the domestic market, many people know that the Mu family has become low-key, but its hidden strength has doubled compared to before.

The yard and the hall are covered with red carpets, and all kinds of delicacies are prepared.

In the lounge, Ye Shiyu was chatting surrounded by several daughters.

Ye Shiyu knew her true identity, and she spoke skillfully to guide others to talk about topics that did not touch her identity.

In the eyes of others, even if the identity of this Miss Ye is not known, she lives in Mu's family, and the servants of Mu's family all obey her, so she is obviously a relative of Mu's family, so her status must not be low.

Just because of the relationship with the Mu family, it is enough for several daughters present to befriend Ye Shiyu.

"Shi Yu, the dress you are wearing is the work of the chief designer of the Xia family."

Ye Shiyu wore a white simple and elegant long dress today, with an apricot-colored fur shawl over her shoulders, elegant and noble. In addition, she is beautiful, and she is also outstanding among a bunch of daughters.

One of the daughters said, "That designer's work has always been unique, and it is difficult to order." Money is not enough, and if the qualifications are not enough, the other party will not accept reservations at all.

"Well, it's the work of that master. The Mu family has hired her to be the exclusive designer of the Mu family. Many of my clothes are designed by her."

Ye Shiyu smiled, and calmly let the few daughters in front of her scrutinize her. Looking at the envy in their eyes, the smile on the corner of her mouth revealed a hint of complacency.

Mu Yao agreed to accompany Jiang Yan to the banquet, and she changed into the dress that Jiang Yan sent.

Not only is the color of the skirt attractive, but even a little skin is difficult to control. Even the design of the skirt is also very slim. A little fat on the waist curve or a small belly will affect the look of the skirt.

And Mu Yao not only has a fair complexion, but also has a perfect figure, no one is more suitable for this skirt than her.

Putting on her dress, Mu Yao stood in front of the mirror and looked at herself.

Affected by eating cherries, her current skin is not only white, but also smooth and flawless. Her skin was also good before wearing it, but it is not as good as it is now. It does not need maintenance at all, and it is also fresh.

Moreover, she found that the skin of this body was too tender, and it would turn red when pinched with a little force, and it could not bear the force. If it was lightly touched, it would definitely be bruised the next day, which was simply a beautiful burden.

The biggest impact is the figure. She also found that the figure of this body is very good before, but after eating cherries, the plump place seems to have grown a lot, and it is heavy. When she takes a bath, she will take a look She blushed with embarrassment at her own beauty.

Now that she changed into this dress, it was even more obvious, it perfectly outlined her slim lines, not to mention how attractive, even she herself couldn't help looking at it again and again.

After admiring herself for a while, Mu Yao tied the upper part of her hair into a loose princess hairstyle, and the lower part was loose, with the tips of her hair hanging slightly curled on her shoulders, making her small face more white and delicate.

Walking back to the room, she put on the matched stiletto high heels with rhinestones and a light pink shawl before getting ready to go out.

As soon as she opened the door, she found that Jiang Yan was already standing at the door.

This is not the first time Mu Yao saw Jiang Yan wearing a suit. But every time she looked at it, she couldn't help but feel her heart skip a beat.

Jiang Yan is tall and likes to exercise. He is like a clothes hanger. From the collar of the jacket to the bottom of the trousers, every point of the black slim suit is straight and straight without any wrinkles. Wearing it on him is rigorous and abstinent , accompanied by a handsome face, so handsome that it's hard to take your eyes off it.

"You're here." Mu Yao walked towards him with a smile.

Amazement flashed in Jiang Yan's dark eyes, subconsciously, he frowned, he regretted choosing such a dress for the girl. It was obviously the most conservative dress, but she wore it **** and delicate.

"Does it look good?" When Mu Yao saw the man looking straight at her, she was shy but asked straightforwardly.

"Well, it looks good."

Too good to want him to hide.

Wu Mou smiled into a beautiful crescent moon, Mu Yao stepped forward and took Jiang Yan's hand, "Let's go."

The car arrived in front of the Mu family's old house, and there were already many famous cars parked outside.

After Jiang Yan parked the car, he leaned over to help Mu Yao unbuckle her seat belt, then pulled the shawl on her shoulders, and said: "After you get in, you have to follow me all the time, and you can't drink."

Curly eyelashes trembled slightly, Mu Yao obediently responded: "Okay."

Jiang extended his hand to rub her head, but when he saw the girl

After getting her hair styled, he stretched out his hands towards her face and pinched it lightly, feeling the slippery texture of his fingertips. He couldn't hold back after all, he moved closer to her, and while she was slightly stunned, he skillfully hooked her soft cheeks. The tip of the tongue kissed.

Thinking that there would be guests passing by outside the car at any time, Mu Yao became very nervous, her face was hot, and she pushed the man several times in a row before the man retreated a little.

Her eyes fell on the man's thin lips, just one glance made Mu Yao feel so ashamed that she wanted to scratch him.

She didn't have makeup on, but she had red lipstick on her lips, most of which was wiped off by the man now, and he ate the rest.

She glared at him, took out a tissue next to her, and wiped his lips, "Don't move, my lipstick was wiped off by you." A lot of his thin lips were stained, with such a cold and ascetic look. The face is a little more charming.

Mu Yao gave him an annoyed look, and wiped the red lipstick on his lips with a tissue.

Jiang Yan hooked his lips, deliberately licked off the last bit of red lipstick on her small mouth, and said with a smile: "The lipstick is not delicious."

Mu Yao felt that the man in front of her was trying to be good at taking advantage of it, which made her teeth itch with hatred.

After getting out of the car, Mu Yao bent Jiang Yan's arm and followed him into Mu's old house.

Security personnel stood on both sides of the door. After checking the invitation letter, there were special servants to guide the guests.

Mu Yao found that the design of these places is very unique, the rockery pond, the small bridge and the flowing water, obviously every place has been carefully designed.

On the way, there are many guests coming and going.

When the servant took Mu Yao and Jiang Yan to the hall, the outstanding appearance of the two instantly caught the attention of many people.

Many people recognize Jiang Yan, and now Jiang Yan is in charge of the Jiang Group, and everyone knows it. On such an occasion, Jiang Yan was destined to be the object of everyone's clinging, and standing beside him, Mu Yao naturally attracted much attention, not to mention her pretty appearance.

The luncheon is about to begin.

Ye Shiyu is going to find Mu Shengming.

Only by following Mu Shengming's side can she have the opportunity to let the guests know her, and at the same time indirectly show everyone her status in the Mu family.

The second floor, unlike the lively lobby on the first floor, is very quiet here.

The housekeeper said to Mu Shengming: "Sir, the guests are all here."

"Well, let's go down."

Mu Shengming was wearing a black suit, his handsome appearance was full of the calmness and introversion of the years, the look in his eyes was like an ancient well, without waves and waves.

The housekeeper pushed Mu Shengming into the elevator, and after a while, under the eyes of everyone, the elevator opened slowly.

Those present saw an elegant and handsome man sitting in a wheelchair and being slowly pushed out.

As long as they saw Mu Shengming, no one would forget his appearance.

Many of the guests present knew the famous man in city B back then, and they immediately recognized the man in the wheelchair in front of him as Mu Shengming.

The guests couldn't help being shocked.

A person who was so outstanding and dazzling back then is now sitting in a wheelchair?

The guests began to discuss in low voices, but Mu Shengming, who was sitting in a wheelchair, did not change the expression on his face.

Ye Shiyu hurried forward and walked to Mu Shengming's side, "Sir, I was going up to find you."

Mu Shengming didn't make a sound.

Ye Shiyu doesn't feel embarrassed either, she already knows her husband's personality well, as long as she always looks like the woman in the photo, with this, she is the daughter of the Mu family and can enjoy everything in the Mu family.

Over there, Mu Yao took the orange juice Jiang Yan brought her, and she took a sip, it was sour and sweet. Her gaze inadvertently swept over the man sitting in the wheelchair in the distance, and Mu Yao froze for a moment.

Seeing the girl's dazed look, Jiang Yan asked her in a low voice, "Why, it's not good?"

And Mu Yao looked at the man in the wheelchair in shock, she murmured softly: "Dad..."

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