After the physical examination, Jiang Yan took Mu Yao to lunch, along with Xu Yan, Fang Zishan and Li Feifei.

In the elegant and simple box, Xu Yan and the others were sitting upright, their faces restrained, and they were not as active as usual.

Jiang Yan put the menu in front of them, "You can choose whatever you like."

Hearing this, Xu Yan's eyes lit up.

She has passed the door of this restaurant several times, but this is the first time she has entered. The price here is very expensive, but she can still pay for a meal if she squeezes her trousers, but this is a private restaurant, and money is not enough, and she needs to have a status, she is not a VIP customer of the store, so she can't come in.

Randomly flipping through the menu, Xu Yan and Fang Zishan's eyes widened in an instant. The price of each dish is too expensive, but considering Jiang Yan's identity, even if they ordered all the dishes in the shop, It is estimated that Jiang Yan will not pay attention to it.

Thinking of this, their tension disappeared a little.

"Yanyan, you can order, anyway, you are the best at eating."

Fang Zishan looked at those four-digit dishes, and she really didn't know how to choose.

Xu Yan swallowed her saliva, "Okay, then I'll order it casually." Anyway, such an expensive dish, even if you order it casually, it won't taste bad.

Jiang Yan knew Mu Yao's taste, so he chose several dishes that Mu Yao liked to eat.

Xu Yan and the others ordered food and some plum fruit wine, but Jiang Yan didn't let Mu Yao drink it. He poured her a glass of orange juice and placed it beside her hand.

Immediately, he unwrapped the wet towel beside him, took Mu Yao's hand, and was about to wipe her hand.

I don't know when I started to develop the habit. Before eating, Jiang Yan would personally help Mu Yao wipe her hands, wiping her fingers clean one by one.

After wiping the girl's hands, Jiang Yan saw the girl's thin white fingertips glowing with light pink. Jiang Yan also liked to smell the sweet fruity scent on her fingertips. Sometimes he couldn't control it, he would be like ginger, Lick the girl's fingertips.

But now, Jiang Yan held the girl's hand naturally, lowered his head and wiped her hand seriously.

"I will do it myself."

When they were two in private, Mu Yao would let Jiang Yan go, but now in front of a few friends, how could she have the nerve to let Jiang Yan have such intimate interactions.

Jiang Yan raised his eyebrows, and he raised his eyes to look at the few people opposite him.

"You can do whatever you want, you can do whatever you want."

Xu Yan and Fang Zishan were so frightened that they quickly lowered their heads and pretended to be looking at their mobile phones, as if they didn't notice anything else.

Mu Yao blushed, she glared at Jiang Yan angrily, she could only pretend to be dead, and let him wipe her hands casually.

Xu Yan and Fang Zishan looked at each other, and they could see the astonishment in each other's eyes.

After they knew that Jiang Yan was Mu Yao's boyfriend, although they felt that the two of them had good looks, they were worried that Jiang Yan and Mu Yao's personalities would not match. After all, in everyone's eyes, Jiang Yan has that kind of cold, detached, and aloof personality. When Mu Yao is with him, there is a high chance that he will be wronged.

However, now watching Jiang Yan seriously wipe Mu Yao's hands, they suddenly found that Jiang Yan was different from what they imagined.

The man's strength was very light, and he wiped the girl's fingers one by one with a wet towel. Looking at the focused expression on his handsome face, I didn't know, but thought he was rubbing some white jade treasure.

And when they were eating, Xu Yan and the others were even more shocked, starting from moving the chopsticks, Jiang Yan was serving Mu Yao almost the whole time.

The heating was turned on in the room, and the man took off his coat. He was only wearing a white shirt with the sleeves half rolled up, revealing his thick and powerful arms. With two buttons undone on the neckline, Jiang Yan is indescribably handsome.

He seemed to know what Mu Yao likes to eat. He just glanced at which dish, and in the next second, Jiang Yan would put the dish in her bowl, and he even helped Mu Yao pick fishbone and peel shrimp shells. They are all proficient and obviously do it often.

It's completely different from Jiang Yan's usual aloof image.

There are very few men with such outstanding looks, and handsome men who dote on their girlfriends are rare animals. At this time, Fang Zishan felt that Jiang Yan was completely worthy of their group dote on Mu Yao.

There were a lot of dishes to order, and Mu Yao ate a few mouthfuls of almost every dish, then stopped her chopsticks.

"Don't eat?" Jiang Yan asked her.

"Well, I'm full." Mu Yao took a small sip of the orange juice.

Jiang Yan lowered his eyes and looked at the girl's exposed wrist, which was white and thin, as if it would break if it was bent lightly. He remembered that Mu Yao's weight during the physical examination just now was only ninety-two catties, which was too thin.

"What else do you want to eat?"

With a mouthful of orange juice in her mouth, Mu Yao's snowy cheeks puffed slightly, she glanced at Jiang Yan, swallowed the orange juice slowly, and then shook her head.

"The plum blossom crystal cake here is delicious. You should like it, and your friends should like it too." Jiang Yan's deep voice coaxed a little.

Seeing this scene, Xu Yan and the others on the opposite side clicked their tongues.

Under the bright lights of the hall, the man's face became more handsome, and the way he gently coaxed the girl was extremely gentle. Where does Jiang Yan like this have the usual aloofness?

The plum blossom crystal cake brought by the waiter is very beautiful, each piece is shaped like a petal, and the small piece is crystal clear, with pink petal sauce inside, delicate and small.

Just like that, Mu Yao was coaxed by Jiang Yan to eat a few more cakes.

Xu Yan, Fang Zishan and Li Feifei went back to school in Jiang Yan's car, and they still had classes in the afternoon.

When getting off the car, Xu Yan and the others left first.

Mu Yao unbuckled her seat belt and was about to get out of the car, "I'm going to class, you should drive carefully on the road."

Today's weather is very good, the sun is warm, and the light-transmitting glass shines into the car, making the girl's face whiter and brighter.

The corners of Jiang Yan's lips curled up, "Leave like this?"

Mu Yao blinked, with a smile in her dark eyes, she took the initiative to kiss Jiang Yan's face.

Soft, with a warm fragrance.

"Yaoyao is perfunctory me."

Jiang Yan sighed softly, put his big hand on the back of the girl's head, and pushed her towards him.

With his thin lips slightly parted, Jiang Yan directly engulfed the girl's soft mouth.

After a few entanglements, he let go of him.

The warm fingertips gently wiped off the water color on the girl's lips. Jiang Yan's dark eyes were deep, and his slender fingertips pressed her lips, laughing softly: "Next time, I will That's right dear."

Mu Yao pursed her lips, her black eyes were full of shame, she glanced at him and got out of the car.

The thin lips curled up, and the tip of Jiang Yan's tongue overflowed with the taste of sweet orange juice in the girl's little mouth.

In the courtyard of Mu's old house.

The housekeeper brought a blanket and covered Mu Shengming's lap, "The snow has melted now, but the weather is still very cold. Sir, you need to keep warm."

"The physical examination at the school went well, and Miss Mu's blood has been obtained from the hospital. I have ordered Miss Mu's blood to be divided into three parts according to your instructions, sir, and sent to three hospitals for identification. If there is no accident, the day after tomorrow Then you can get all the results." Butler Hui reported.

Hearing this, Mu Shengming's eyes fluctuated.

"Have someone guard you 24 hours a day. Before the results come out, I don't want any accidents to happen." Mu Shengming's mellow voice was filled with the coldness in the air, with a bit of sharpness that made people tremble.

"Yes, sir."

Whether Ms. Mu is the husband's daughter or not, Ms. Ye who might have been kicked out of Mu's house overheard it before, and Ms. Mu has always been foolproof in her actions. This time it also involves the issue of blood relationship. He has already sent people to guard the three hospitals.

No one can touch the things of the Mu family.

Over there, Ye Shiyu was already anxious like an ant on a hot pot. When she was in Mu's house, she bribed one of the servants, gave him a lot of benefits, and let him work in Mu's house.

After she was kicked out of Mu's house this time, she approached the other party and gave him a sum of money, asking her to help keep an eye on the housekeeper.

The housekeeper is directly following Mr. Mu's orders. She only needs to keep an eye on the housekeeper's actions to know what the husband will do next.

The servant who helped her monitor the housekeeper yesterday told her that she found out that the housekeeper seemed to have contacted the hospital. As for which hospital he contacted, the servant did not know at all.

Sitting on the dilapidated sofa with peeling skin, Ye Shiyu bit her finger, her brows were tightened tightly.

Ye Shiyu felt that she thought things too simply.

She thought that she could find out the butler's whereabouts by playing tricks like in the TV series, or that she could do something when the husband was sure that the girl was his daughter.

But in operation, she found out how naive she was.

Facing a giant like the Mu family, a low-level citizen like her could do nothing at all. Even the money to buy the servants was obtained only by selling the clothes and some jewelry she brought back from the Mu family. When she was in Mu's house, except for the branded clothes or jewelry sent by the housekeeper, she didn't get a penny at all, let alone spend money to hire a private detective.

Ye Shiyu didn't care about the teeth marks where her fingers were bitten. She grabbed a few handfuls of her hair in annoyance, full of helplessness.

At this time, the door was opened.

Mother Ye came in from the outside with vegetables in her hand, closed the door, and asked loudly, "My dear daughter, how are you doing? Have you thought of a way to go back to Mu's house?"

Ye Shiyu looked at her mother's brightly colored clothes, with the vulgarity of a petty bourgeoisie, her eyes grew a little disgusted, "Not yet, didn't you say you were looking for a job? You found it?"

"Where is it so easy to find a job? I've gone to several companies, and none of them need to hire part-time workers." Ye Mu regretted quitting her job at Mu's family.

Before, she thought that her daughter was about to become the daughter of the Mu family, and that her being a servant in the Mu family would have an impact on her daughter. Others looked at her with mocking eyes, so she fired her job as a servant in the Mu family.

Unexpectedly, her daughter was kicked out of Mu's house now, and now she has to find a job again.

Ye Shiyu hated Ye Mu from the bottom of her heart. She wanted Mr. Mu to have noble and rich parents, not the current mother who was full of vulgarity for the sake of making a living.

"Didn't you say you have a solution before? Why is there no movement now?" Mother Ye was even more anxious when she couldn't find a job. She counted on her daughter to become the daughter of the Mu family and let her be Mrs. Fu.

Ye Shiyu irritatedly threw the stained pillow on the sofa to the ground, and exploded: "No! No! No! I have no money and power, what else can I do for the Mu family?"

After speaking, Ye Shiyu got up and went back to the room, and closed the door with a loud noise.

She used to live in such a beautiful and exquisite mansion as Mu's family, but now she can only live in such a small broken house, how could she bear it!

For the past two days, Mu Yao has been staying in the laboratory after school. Assistant Jiang Zhihui has found a factory to cooperate with, and the company's products will be launched to the market soon.

In the early stage, she will launch some previous works, but then she needs to create more perfume works.

After coming out of the laboratory, it was a little dark.

As soon as he walked to the door, a person walked towards him.

Mu Yao recognized each other. At the banquet before, the old gentleman in front of him stood behind the head of the Mu family and helped the head of the Mu family push the wheelchair. He must be the housekeeper of the Mu family.

"Ms. Mu, hello."

The housekeeper greeted Mu Yao respectfully.


The housekeeper said to Mu Yao: "Miss Mu, our husband would like to invite you to Mu's house."

Mu Yao was slightly taken aback, the Mu family wants to see her?

"Miss Mu, don't worry, our husband doesn't have any malice."

After getting the report today, Mr. locked himself in the room for a whole day, neither eating nor drinking, until he came out of the room not long ago. And the first thing the husband said after he came out was: He wants to see her.

He wanted to see his own daughter.

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