Behind, the housekeeper came in panting, "Master Jiang...we can't stop him."

The young master of the Jiang family forced his way into the Mu's house, but he didn't expect that even ten guards of the Mu's house couldn't stop him.

"It's okay, you can go down." Mu Shengming said.

"Yes, sir."

The butler stepped back and closed the door.

Jiang Yan confronted Mu Shengming with a cold face, but at this moment, she scratched the palm of his hand holding Mu Yao.

Jiang Yan looked back and comforted, "Don't be afraid."

Mu Yao blushed, her eyes were anxious, and she explained: "No, you misunderstood, Jiang Yan, he is my father."

Jiang Yan was taken aback, and looked at the girl uncertainly.

Mu Yao nodded, "Really, I just found out."

Jiang Yan's guard gradually faded away, his dark eyes looked at Mu Yao in astonishment, "What's going on?"

Mu Yao came out from behind him and pulled him to sit across from the coffee table. She didn't say how Mu Shengming and Ye Yun met, but said that they had been together before and that she was Mu Shengming's daughter.

Jiang Yan quickly accepted the news.

The girl said before that Mu Shengming looked the same as her father before she transmigrated, but she never expected that the head of the Mu family would be her father.

"Uncle, I was reckless just now."

Jiang Yan immediately apologized to Mu Shengming. If Mr. Jiang could really see his flexible appearance, he would definitely sneer at him. You know, even if Jiang Yan broke his leg in front of Mr. Jiang, he would not bow his head.

"I sent you a message, telling you that I came to Mu's house, why did you come too?" Mu Yao asked him in a low voice.

"I called you. Your phone is turned off. I'm afraid you're in danger." So, when the Mu family's housekeeper stopped him, he directly injured the Mu family's guards and broke in.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yan added to Mu Shengming, "I will pay for those people's medical expenses."

When talking to Jiang Yan last time, Mu Shengming's attention was on Mu Yao, and he didn't care about Jiang Yan. But now it was different, Mu Yao was his daughter, and Jiang Yan was his daughter's boyfriend, so he had to take a serious look at Jiang Yan.

The young man in front of him was full of arrogance, and when he looked at Mu Yao, the outline of his face became soft subconsciously.

As soon as I found my daughter, I knew that her daughter was abducted by a brat from another family. No father would want to see such a thing. However, he had just recognized his daughter, so he couldn't say much to her.

Mu Shengming said: "No need, you are worried about Yaoyao's safety."

From Mu Shengming's point of view, it is already expected that his daughter is willing to forgive him and call him father. For the rest, whatever the daughter likes is fine.

On the long dining table, there are all kinds of delicate and delicious dishes, covering the whole dining table.

Mu Yao found out that before transmigrating, her father likes to have people prepare a lot of food that she likes to eat, but now this father doesn't know what she likes to eat, so he asks people to prepare a table full of various dishes.

Love her the same.

"Father, I like to eat sweet and sour dishes. My favorite fruits are cherries, cherries, strawberries, and yogurt." Mu Yao said to Mu Shengming.

Mu Shengming was taken aback for a moment, and the light in his deep eyes fluctuated. His daughter was telling him what she likes to eat.

The housekeeper at the side was even more delighted. He didn't expect the husband to recognize his daughter so smoothly. It can be seen that the lady also likes the husband to be her father.

Thinking of this afternoon, my husband asked him after he was locked up in the study all day, if the child knew that his father was a disabled person who could not walk, would he dislike him, would he not want to admit it?

He watched his husband grow up. He has always been the proud son of heaven. Even if he had a car accident and his legs couldn't walk, he had never seen him look so downcast and humble.

It's all right now, what the husband is worried about is not a problem, and the lady doesn't dislike him at all.

It had been many years, and he finally saw a smile in Mr.'s eyes again.

Mu Shengming was indeed happy, and there was joy in his dark eyes, "Father remembered."

For the first time, there was laughter at the usually deserted dining table. Mu Yao's voice was very nice, as before, she told her father funny things from time to time, and acted like a baby, until the smile in Mu Shengming's eyes never stopped.

As the night darkened, Mu Yao had to go back to rest.

Mu Shengming wanted his daughter to live in Mu's house, but he didn't say it because he was afraid that his daughter would not want to and would be disgusted.

Unexpectedly, the next second, Mu Yao took the initiative to squat beside his wheelchair, and said softly, "Dad, I need to go back and pack my luggage. After a few days, I will move in and live with you."

The dark eyes lit up, and the corners of Mu Shengming's lips curled up, "Okay, in a few days, I'll send someone over to help you carry your luggage."

Mu Yao left with Jiang Yan.

The daughter's figure walked away until it disappeared, and Mu Shengming slowly looked away.

"Sir, it can be seen that Miss likes you to be her father." The housekeeper sighed.

Mu Shengming couldn't stop smiling, "She's a good girl, tomorrow you have someone clean up the room in the middle of the second floor."

"I know, sir."

in the car.

"So happy?" Jiang Yan drove the car.

Coming out of the Mu family's old house, the girl kept smiling, her black eyes bent into beautiful crescent moons.

"Well, because I found out that no matter which world I am in, my father is always there and will always be with me." During dinner tonight, Mu Shengming looked at her in the same way as his father used to look at her, doting on her , love.

The two fathers gradually overlapped.

Jiang Yan pursed his lips, he was very happy to see Mu Yao so happy, and it's a good thing that one more person loves her.

By the time we got back to our residence, it was already dark.

"Goodbye?" Mu Yao opened the door, inside, Jiang heard the sound of the door opening, it couldn't wait to shake the puppy and ran over.

During the period of recuperation, Ginger has gained a lot of fat, and his buttocks are shaking when he walks.

"Wow, woof, woof."

Jiang Yan lowered his eyes and glanced at Gou Zi who rushed out like a rocket launcher. His hand touched the girl's slender waist, and he turned around and led the slender man into the door.

The door was closed, and Jiang stared round, stupidly, and was left out of the door.

"What are you doing? Ah, Ginger is outside the door." Mu Yao leaned her back against the door, and wanted to turn around and open it.

"Just for a while, it won't run away." Jiang Yan's big hand was holding her waist, and his low voice was rare, with a bit of grievance, "You will move to live with your father in a few days, I will see you Is it difficult?"

If the girl didn't live here, he wouldn't be able to see her easily like now.

"How come, you can come to me at any time, or I will come out to see you." Mu Yao blinked at him, and said with a smile: "Besides, for an hour every night, you will wear ginger, and you can still wear it every day." see me."


Jiang Yan's slender fingers raised her chin, "Becoming a dog, I can't touch you like I am now."

As soon as he finished his words, his cool thin lips fell on Mu Yao's small chin, kissed, full of lust, he said again, "I can't bite you like now."

Tossing and turning, thin lips came to Mu Yao's small mouth, and Jiang Yan bit her lips lightly.

"Suddenly!" Mu Yao's face instantly turned red.

The low voice was a bit hoarse, Jiang Yan's dark eyes looked directly at the girl's eyes, and there was a thick heat inside, "I can't kiss you like now." His tongue rushed over, hooking the girl's softness, heavily entangled.

Tonight, he heard that the girl was so obedient, coaxing her father so softly, speaking nice things with her small mouth, he had never been coaxed by a girl like this before.

It doesn't matter if he hasn't been coaxed, as long as he can kiss.

When she opened the door, Mu Yao's head was dizzy, her legs were also weak, and her black eyes were even stained with water, which seemed to flow out after shaking. She saw that Jiang Jiang was squatting obediently at the door, and when she saw her open the door, the little thing immediately called out, "Wow, woof, woof."

Mu Yao's ears were red, she hugged Jiang, and stared at Jiang Yan, who had loosened his neckline and looked happy.

And the corner of the man's lips was hooked, the little red mole on it seemed to be stained with water, and his handsome face was set off a little more seductive, looking like a masculine enchanter.

Jiang Yan didn't seem to see the anger of the girl and Gouzi. He smiled and stretched out his hand to rub the girl's head, and then patted Gouzi's head generously, "Go in, I'm going upstairs."

Mu Yao wanted to bite him, and the strange, strange feeling on her chest was still lingering. With red ears, she gave Jiang Yan an annoyed look, turned around and entered with Jiang in her arms. .

Until the door was closed, Jiang Yanying's straight eyebrows were still raised. Like a proud dog who had successfully stolen, he walked upstairs with long legs and a happy expression.

At this time, in the Mu family's villa, Mu Xiaoxue had a very difficult time. If she didn't get it, then she didn't care. This role was something she never even dared to think about before wearing the book.

After trying to stand in a high place, how could she be willing to be so silent and kept hidden by the company.

Mu Xiaoxue stood in front of the study door and knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Mu Xiaoxue pushed the door open and walked in, she walked lightly to Mu Wanhai's desk.

"Xiaoxue, what's the matter?" For Mu Xiaoxue, Mu Wanhai still loves this child very much. After all, it was born by his first love, He Xiumei, and it is also his first child, so he will pamper him more or less.

"Father." Mu Xiaoxue's nose regurgitated as soon as she opened her mouth, and she felt so wronged, "Now the company has hid me, so I want to terminate the contract with the company."

Mu Wanhai raised his head, motioning for Mu Xiaoxue to continue.

"But I need to pay a nine-figure liquidated damages, can you... Dad, can you help me?" Mu Xiaoxue looked at Mu Wanhai expectantly.

The Mu family is rich, but it doesn't mean they can pay nine-figure liquidated damages at will.

Mu Wanhai's company has lost a lot of money recently, and even the sales of products launched by the Ye Group in recent years have dropped sharply. Many shareholders have great opinions on him.

Seeing that Mu Wanhai didn't snort, Mu Xiaoxue quickly said, "Dad, I really want to enter the entertainment circle, and I'm not willing to be scolded by netizens to quit the circle like this. Besides, it will affect my mother's reputation. Knowing that my mother is not Xiaosan, and I am not an illegitimate daughter, it is obvious that Xiaoyao is not father's child, why should I bear such infamy?"

Mu Wanhai looked at Mu Xiaoxue with sharp eyes, "How did you know? Your mother told you?"

"Dad, don't blame mom, she just doesn't want to see me sad and wants to comfort me."

As she spoke, Mu Xiaoxue's eyes turned red, "Obviously I am the daughter of the Mu family, but now netizens think that I am an illegitimate daughter and have taken Xiaoyao's position, so that I have been hidden by the company." Wake up, now I dare not even go out, because I am worried that I will meet fans who know me and look at me strangely."

She was crying in a low voice, partly because of acting, partly because she really felt aggrieved, obviously Mu Yao is a bastard, and her father is not a person who doesn't see the light at all, why should she be scolded for Mu Yao?

Listening to his daughter's crying, Mu Wanhai sighed, "Xiaoxue, you can't reveal that Mu Yao is not my biological child, you know? Now is not the right time, wait for the right time." If there is a chance, Dad will announce it to the public and prove it for you, you are the only child in the Mu family."

Mu Xiaoxue's eyes were red, her head was lowered, and she choked up and said: "I won't tell the outside world, but Xiaoyao has been living outside since she quarreled with you, and she doesn't want to come back at all. Obviously she doesn't care about our family. , I'm worried that when the time comes, Dad expects too much from her and will be disappointed."

Mu Wanhai's elite eyes sharpened, his daughter's words really reminded him.

Before, he planned to stop sending money to Mu Yao and force her to come back obediently, so that Mu Yao realized that she must listen to him in order to have a good life. But now, even though he had already stopped sending money to Mu Yao, she never approached him and confessed to him.

Without his knowing, Mu Yao really began to escape from his control.

Mu Xiaoxue felt that she had already reminded her of what she should remind, and Mu Wanhai had better take action against Mu Yao quickly.

"Xiaoxue, you are right, it is not a good thing to let her go outside."

Mu Wanhai's eyes darkened, and immediately he said to Mu Xiaoxue: "I know that you want to terminate the contract with the company, and I will send you the money later, only this time, it's not an exception."

Although the nine-figure liquidated damages will not hurt the Mu family, it is not a small sum.

Mu Xiaoxue was overjoyed, "Thank you Dad, I will definitely work hard to develop my career in the entertainment industry and take care of the Mu family at the same time."

Soon, it was reported on the Internet that Mu Xiaoxue had terminated the contract with the company and paid sky-high liquidated damages, and it became a trending search immediately.

"Mu Xiaoxue intends to come back after terminating the contract."

"Sure enough, it's the world of the rich. If you are rich, you can pay a sky-high liquidated damages. If you are otherwise transparent, it will definitely stink in the snow."

"Mu Xiaoxue can play however she likes if she has money, but I will never be a fan of her."

"Am I the only one with citric acid? Even if Mu Xiaoxue is hidden in the snow, there is still a wealthy father behind her who is giving her money to play in the entertainment industry."

"I'm also sour. Miss Qianjin can be willful."

"Let's break up, no matter how much you hate Mu Xiaoxue, no matter how much you hate her, it won't change that she has a rich father."

"I want to have the same rich dad!"

"Even if Mu Xiaoxue can't make it in the entertainment industry, since she is the daughter of the Mu family, at worst, she can go home and inherit the family business. Comparing people to others is really **** me off!"

Mu Xiaoxue looked at the comments under the trending search, the corners of her lips curled up, and she posted a new message on her account: I recently fell in love with a drama, and I plan to invest in a heroine role by the way.

All of a sudden, her comments below exploded.

"Amazing, bring money into the group!"

"I checked my eyes, rich master."

"Mu Xiaoxue is fully fired now, isn't she going to maintain her previous image of a white lotus?"

"Why do I feel full of showing off my wealth from the words?"

"You're the only one who brought money into the group with such a high profile!"

Mu Xiaoxue looked at the comments, and the netizens seemed to be shocked by her, and they were all shocked by her strength and family background.

This is how people are. When you are in trouble, everyone wants to come forward and step on her, but now that she is high-profile, they find that she is not only an artist, but also a daughter of a wealthy family. She is someone they need to look up to. They will be intimidated, retreat, and even pursue her.

In the past, she was too stupid and wanted to maintain a kind and gentle personality, and was restrained everywhere. Once netizens found that she was a little bit broken, they wanted to put her to death.

But now, she figured it out, why she was so aggrieved, and she was still cautious in the entertainment circle like she was in the first eighteen lines of a book. Since she is a daughter now, she should have the arrogance and high-profile of a daughter.

Next, Mu Xiaoxue not only posted her brand-name bags, brand-name clothes, and shoes on her account, but also posted the villa where she lived, attracting a lot of fans.

Every day there are fans shouting envy, and there are also sour faces.

"I'm so envious, Mu Xiaoxue's family is too rich, a cabinet of bags, it adds up to tens of millions, right?"

"I recognize that pair of shoes. The latest style launched by Xiangjia is priced at six figures! What else can I say besides marveling at being rich?"

"Am I the only one who has taken a fancy to Mu Xiaoxue's room? Her room is bigger than my living room! Her bathroom is bigger than mine! It's nice to be rich!"

"Isn't that lucky? I was born in Mu's family, but Mu Xiaoxue is letting herself go, right? She's showing off every day, and she has no taste at all."

"I agree with the one upstairs, as if only her family has money, and no matter how rich it is, she didn't earn it."

"Obviously the same father, her younger sister Mu Yao is much more low-key, so she won't show off like her! Sure enough, an illegitimate daughter is not as good as an orthodox one."

Seeing this, Mu Xiaoxue clicked to reply: No matter what, at least I was born to my father.

"Ah, I was answered. Is there something in your words?"

"Mu Xiaoxue's reply is very meaningful."

Mu Yao didn't pay attention to the news on the Internet. She has been packing her luggage for the past few days and is preparing to move to Mu's old house.

"Miss, is there anything else that needs to be packed?" The butler asked someone to carefully carry Mu Yao's luggage.

"No, thank you Uncle Liu."

Mu Yao went downstairs with **** in her arms. After the little thing gained weight, it was heavy to hold, and her whole body was covered in flesh.

"Miss, please get in the car, sir has already had someone prepare a room for miss." The butler took a look at this small residence, although he didn't know how warm and elegant it was, but the place was too small.

Miss, she has suffered a lot.

When Mu Yao stepped into the Mu family's old house again, she was different from before. This time, she was officially the eldest lady of the Mu family.

He is the sole heir of the Bainian family.

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