After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 13: Next time he dares to make a move, turn on the armor and fan him

  Chapter 13 The next time he dares to do something, he will turn on his armor and fan him

When the divorce was brought up, Su Wan asked her mother, "Mom, are you really going to divorce my dad? Of course, I can't understand him treating Su Man so well, but I told myself intuitively that Su Man should not be his daughter. When you adopted her, didn't you do a genetic comparison in private?"

  From facial features to temperament, there is no similarity at all.

   Unless the Suman gene is mutated.

   But the degree of mutation is too big.

Lin Ranyue frowned and said: "I know, but he is too kind to Suman! Huo Yichang couldn't come here yesterday, obviously because of Suman! But your father still said you are ignorant! Anyway, I just can't swallow this tone !"

Su Wan said: "Mom, Huo Yichang is in the past tense. He is not important, so Su Man is not important either. You don't need to divorce your father because of my affairs. Of course, if he did something sorry for you, then you have to I support you with both hands and feet for a divorce. Also, it is wrong to hit someone with your hands. Once there are countless times, you must not condone it! Next time he dares to slap you, you will slap him with the phone."

"I think so too!"

  Mother and daughter were talking, Su Ni opened the door and came in, "Mom, Grandpa asked Xiaowan to meet him."

   Now except for Su Wan and Lin Ranyue, the rest of the Su family still don't know the real identity of the groom last night!

   On the way to Mr. Su's study, Su Ni reprimanded in a low voice: "It's all because of you, parents are going to divorce!"

  Su Wan raised her eyes and looked at the second brother who was in the entertainment industry.

  She sneered: "Why don't you blame Huo Yichang and Suman?"

   "Why are you talking like that? Xiaoman came to your wedding in a hurry, and something happened on the way. If Huo Yichang hadn't saved her in time, she might have died!"

  Su Wan didn't bother to listen to these excuses.

  You Suman had an accident, your first reaction was to ask your future brother-in-law Huo Yichang for help, is this normal?

  Tricking a fool.

   "Su Ni, since you like Su Man so much, let her be your real sister in the future."

   "You think I'm willing to be your brother?!"

   "Then I won't force you."

  Su Wan ignored Su Ni, who was jumping up and down, and walked out of the old man's study. The door was closed, and the idiot's second brother was isolated from the door.

  Grandpa Su is sitting on the sofa, wearing reading glasses, looking at a cookbook.

  The recipes of the ancient earth period have been lost. This book in the hands of the old man is a manuscript that has been pieced together for many years. In fact, many recipes in it are incomplete, but the old man still regards it as a treasure.

  Because at this time, even such broken and incomplete manuscripts can command sky-high prices!

   Seeing his granddaughter come in, he carefully put the cookbook in a glass case on the table.

  Su Wan just glanced at it, then turned her gaze back.

  When she traveled to the ancient earth, she happened to be in a family of chefs. The dishes recorded in this book can't compare with the number of dishes she learned.

  Of course, Su Wan didn't tell anyone about this.

  She said politely: "Grandpa, why did you call me here?"

   "Where's that kid?"

   "...he has something to do, so he's leaving first."

  Su Wan is still in awe of grandpa. Although she doesn't want to deceive grandpa, maybe she and Gu Jue will break off their engagement tomorrow, so at this time, it's better not to make extra troubles.

She got up and went to the tea table, poured a cup of tea for the old man and said, "Grandpa, under the circumstances at that time, if I didn't find someone to marry, I might be randomly assigned a man. What if I was assigned an ugly man with a dark heart?" what to do!"

  Old man Su took the teacup, a little helpless, "Then you like this one?"

  (end of this chapter)

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