Chapter 2 is full of blood! I miss rua so much!

   There is actually a reason for choosing to marry Huo Yichang.

  Su Wan fell asleep for so long, and when she woke up, her mind was filled with too many memories of the time on the ancient earth, so she couldn't cope with the jet lag.

  Plus her body has just recovered, and she is still a little weak.

  In the past two years, she basically stayed at Su's house, staying at home, that is, occasionally surfing the Internet.

  After waking up, she had not been in contact with many non-blood relatives of the opposite sex.

   Not to mention, Su Wan and Huo Yichang were betrothed by the two old men since they were young.

  The family is right, and they can be regarded as childhood sweethearts. This year, they were also admitted to the medical department of the Imperial University Military Academy together.

   Marriage is a matter of course.

  The Federal Empire has a rigid rule that ordinary women must have a legal spouse at the age of twenty.

  If not, on the day of her twentieth birthday, after midnight, the main system will assign a husband as a 'birthday gift'.

  The uncertainty of random assignment is too great, who knows what kind of husband will be assigned.

  For Su Wan, it would be better to marry Huo Yichang who knows everything.

  But who would have thought that at this juncture, Suman would resort to tricks to lure Huo Yichang away, making it impossible for him to marry Su Wan!

  Su Wan sighed, she knew that Su Man coveted Huo Yichang, and Huo Yichang also had thoughts about Su Man, these two people said it.

   It's not that Huo Yi has to be her.

   But now it's only a few hours before twelve o'clock. Where can she find a man with the same eyes to marry?

   Can we just wait for the main system to distribute it?

  Su Wan was not reconciled, and walked through the long corridor with her skirt in hand, when suddenly something furry flashed past her vision.

  She stepped on ten centimeter high heels, kicked and stepped back.

   Then, Su Wan saw a pair of big wet eyes!

  The young man is very handsome, with exquisite and three-dimensional facial features, and his skin is so fair that no pores can be seen.

   Silver-gray hair with messy ends, a pair of furry ears of the same color, trembling slightly.

  Su Wan's heart also trembled.

  Cute, **** face! I miss rua so much!

  She suddenly felt itchy on the instep, looked down, and saw a silver-gray, fluffy, very fluffy tail, carefully sweeping over her instep.

  Su Wan asked: "Who are you?"

   Such a beautiful lycanthropist, if she has seen it, she will definitely not forget it!

  But she missed five years before, and almost two years after waking up, Su Wan didn't know a few non-blood relatives of the opposite sex.

  The big boy pursed his frivolous mouth and said, "My name is Ajue."

   is still a nickname.

  Although everything about this big boy is based on his own interests, Su Wan's top priority is to find a man to be the groom.

   Let's solve the difficult things in front of us first.

  Su Wan was about to leave with her skirt in hand, but her calf was caught by the big fluffy tail.

  She raised her head, and saw the boy ask with red eyes, "Where are you going?"

  Because the other party is so good-looking and cute, Su Wan is very patient.

  She said: "My sister is in a hurry, I have to find a man to get married, and I will come to you later, okay?"

   "No, it's not good." The big boy bit the corner of his mouth, feeling very aggrieved, his dark eyes were covered with water vapor, but his big fluffy tail was firmly wrapped around Su Wan's little ankle. "Don't go, okay?"

  Su Wan clutched her heart, her little one.

  Who is willing to leave?

  She had no choice but to say half-jokingly and half-seriously: "Hey, my sister is really in a hurry now and needs to find a groom to get married. It would be great if you are over twenty years old, so you can help my sister with this favor."

  Ah Jue's wet deer eyes suddenly widened.

  (end of this chapter)

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