After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 24: Commander suddenly no longer wears a mask

  Chapter 24 Commander suddenly no longer wears a mask

  When Su Wan saw these words, the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

   In fact, she has been preparing for so long and is also waiting for an opportunity.

  The branch of Sujia Restaurant in District 1 is about to open, and the anchor account of God of Cookery and its huge fan base are her trump cards.

  Suman wants to grab the management right of the branch in District One? It's not that easy.

  When it was on the air, Su Wan glanced at the hot news and found that Gu Jue's name was in it.

  #The first interstellar commander who has been wearing a mask, suddenly no longer wears a mask! #

   This is undoubtedly the most explosive news today!

   Netizens are also excited, regardless of men, women, young or old, whether they are ordinary humans or lycanthropes.

   "I was wrong. I thought the commander's appearance was indescribable... I didn't expect it to look so good!"

   "I want to give birth to a monkey for Commander Gu, don't let anyone stop me!"

   "Wake up upstairs, the commander has already made a public speech, saying that he is married, others please respect yourself."


   "Curious about the identity of the commander's wife, is it a girl from an ancient nobleman?"

  The person involved, Su Wan, touched the tip of her nose embarrassingly, seeing Gu Jue's posture, did she not want to leave for the time being?

   Soon those people will dig out her identity!

  Especially, many people had seen Gu Jue at the wedding that day, and it wouldn't take long for someone to react and come to ask her.

   Others are not important, she has to think of a reason to explain it to her family.

  Su Wan went to take a shower, washed off the smell of oily smoke, changed her clothes, and then went out to have dinner with her family.

  As for the squirrel fish, Su Wan used a special device to freeze and pack it, and then mailed it to Mr. Leng with a virtual address.

   Coincidentally, that Mr. Leng is also from Sector 1.

   But it’s not surprising, those rich people who spend a lot of money are basically from the upper three districts, and the people in the first star district are of course the richest in the entire federal empire.

  During the meal, Su Man was very honest because Mr. Su was there.

   From Su Wan's point of view, Su Man probably knows that the old man has sharp eyes and can easily see through her little tricks, so he is so honest.

  Unlike Su Zhen and Lin Ranyue, who are foolish and take the bait as soon as they are fooled.

   One is impatient, and will explode when provoked.

   While Su Wan was thinking about how to tell her family about Gu Jue later, her father Su Zhen spoke up first.

  He glanced at Su Wan and Su Man, and finally turned his head and said to Mr. Su: "Father, they are about to start school and go to District 1 soon, so the management of the branch in District 1 should be settled, right?"

  Su Wan ate and drank the loofah egg soup in front of her without changing her expression. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Su Man next to her, suppressing the corners of her mouth that were about to turn up.

  Grandpa Su said unhurriedly: "Both of them have no experience, so they settled down immediately, a little hasty."

   "Dad, Xiaoman is experienced. In the past two years, she often went to restaurants as an intern and learned a lot from me. Besides, Xiaowan's health has been poor, and I don't want her to get tired."

  Old Master Su didn't have any special expression after hearing this, but Lin Ranyue put down the chopsticks with a snap.

  Su Wan quickly touched the toe of her mother's shoe with her toe, and the fire that the other party was about to send out was stuck there.

  She looked at her daughter suspiciously.

  Su Wan winked at her mother.

   First comforted the mother, and then she reached out to add soup to the father's bowl with a smile.

  Su Wan said: "Dad has always cared about my body, and let Xiaoman do all the busy work. This is not good, Xiaoman will think you are partial."

   "I..." Su Zhen looked at Su Man.

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  (end of this chapter)

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