After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 30: The owner is not in a hurry, the system is in a hurry

  Chapter 30 Master is not in a hurry, the system is in a hurry

  Gu Jue raised his head and looked at Su Wan sharply, "Who said that?"

  Su Wan was taken aback, "Didn't you come to me for a divorce?"

  Gu Jue shook his head, "Never leave."

  Su Wan was silent.

  The sword of Damocles above his head finally came down, but it missed, and Su Wan was even more confused, not knowing what Gu Jue was thinking.

  Bai Hu rolled over with two cups of boiled water, one by Su Wan's hand, and the other by Gu Jue's.

   Watching my master talk to death about the good day, I really worry about it!

   Really answered that sentence, what does it mean that the master is not in a hurry, and the system is in a hurry!

  Bai Hu's electronic eyes kept winking at Gu Jue, Gu Jue frowned: "I didn't say to drink plain water."

  Baihu: "...Master, this is a woman singing a husband!"

  Gu Jue: "..."

  Su Wan happened to be drinking water, and when she heard Bai Hu's words, she almost spit!

  She hurriedly said sorry, picked up the tissue next to her and wiped the corners of her mouth, and decided to make it clear.

   "Commander Gu, what do you mean, our marriage will continue to exist?"

  Gu Jue put down the water glass, squinted at Su Wan, his brows were slightly wrinkled, and he looked a little displeased.

  Su Wan: "..." Did she say something wrong?

  Gu Jue looked at her for a long time before saying, "You don't want to continue?"

   "Are there, and there is no arrival."

  Su Wan felt that chatting with this boss was really Alexander.

   Hurry up and take this big guy away, I miss the fluffy and milky Ah Jue so much!

   At this moment, the brain on Gu Jue's wrist beeped, and the white tiger next to him immediately said, "Master, it's almost time to make an appointment with His Majesty."

   "Yes." Gu Jue stood up, picked up his military cap and put it on.

  Su Wan was also overjoyed. Hey, Gu Jue is going to the palace to meet His Majesty. In other words, the meeting between the two of them can end?

  The other party doesn’t want to divorce for the time being, so let’s not leave.

  Anyway, the two of them are like two parallel lines, and it is difficult to have any intersection. The two of them are equivalent to being called a husband and wife.

  She will not be urged to marry in the future, and she can still experience a person's freedom, which is simply not perfect!

   "Do you want to change your clothes?" Gu Jue walked a few steps, but found that Su Wan hadn't followed, and turned around to see that she was standing where she was, with a suspicious smile still on the corner of her mouth.

  Su Wan was taken aback, "Why change clothes?"

   "Actually, you can go to the palace in this suit."

  Su Wan's eyes narrowed suddenly, "Commander Gu, what do you mean, you want to take me to the palace?"

   "Well, Zilan said he hasn't seen you before, so I just asked him to meet you. By the way, ask him to give you a red envelope."


  Ten minutes later, Su Wan was sitting on Gu Jue's exclusive aircraft with a glass of juice in her hand. Until now, she still doubted life.

  Why, go to the palace?

  She turned her head to look at the man sitting next to her.

  The man looked tired from the beginning, with one hand resting on his forehead gently, his eyes were half-drowned, and there was a small shadow under the long eyelashes.

  As the first interstellar commander, he must be very busy and exhausted.

   Not to mention, when the opponent's eyes are closed, because the attack power seems to be weakened, he looks like Ah Jue instead.

   At the next moment, Gu Jue suddenly opened his eyes, Su Wan was taken aback, and quickly picked up the water glass to cover up his peeping behavior.

  Gu Jue frowned: "Are you afraid of me?"

   "No, it's not fear, it's respect."

   "Then when I was in a manic depression period, you also respected me?"

  Su Wan held the water glass for a while, and she asked tentatively, "You don't even remember what happened that night?"

   "Just remember that you took the initiative to propose marriage to me."


  Seeing her puffy appearance, Gu Jue's heart softened, but there was still a cool expression on his face.

  He said: "I didn't refuse either."

  Su Wan gave up on herself a little bit, "In other words, Commander Gu, you are also very satisfied with this wedding, and you don't plan to leave for the time being, do you?"


  No matter what, once she figured out that the other party didn't want to divorce for the time being, Su Wan also understood that she had to cooperate with Gu Jue when she got to the palace later.

  She said: "Then let's continue our marriage. What do you say if I need my cooperation when you are in front of His Majesty?"

"be honest."

   "I said, because I was worried about being forced to assign a husband, I dragged you, who fell in love at first sight, into marriage?" Su Wan regretted it after saying this.

  The previous sentence is true, but it hurts.

  The latter sentence is also true, but it doesn't sound very serious.

   Sure enough, Gu Jue frowned slightly, and he said, "Just say the second half of the sentence."

  Su Wan:? ? ?

  With Bai Hu at the side, he couldn't listen anymore!

  It explained very intimately: "Mistress, you can just say that you fell in love at first sight when the time comes, and there is no need to say anything else."

  Su Wan looked at Gu Jue's cool profile, and thought about it.

   Other things said, I am afraid it will damage the face of their royal family.

   Just like that, Su Wan entered the imperial palace of the Federal Empire for the first time in her life with a very apprehensive mood.

  Different from other high-tech buildings, some buildings in the palace still retain some palace architectural styles of the ancient earth, but this is only the appearance. After entering, there are still high-tech glass and metal walls.

  Some people in military uniforms stopped to salute Gu Jue, and Su Wan, who followed Gu Jue, experienced what it meant to be a fox pretending to be a tiger.

  Li Rui and Eric just came out of the palace and saluted Gu Jue. Su Wan vaguely remembered that these two people had attended their wedding back then.

  Su Wan nodded to them kindly. Li Rui thought about it, and then saluted her, "Hi Ma'am."

  Eric shuddered, and then shouted louder: "Hello, Madam Commander!"

  Su Wan is not used to this address yet, the smile on her face is a little embarrassed.

  At this time, Gu Jue suddenly stretched his arms around her, wrapped her shoulders, and walked in with her.

   "Don't be afraid," he whispered.

  Su Wan really wanted to say that she was not afraid, but was just shocked.

   And your legs are long, can you walk slowly, she will not be able to keep up with short legs!

   But these words were just a slander in his heart. Fortunately, after walking a few steps, Gu Jue realized that Su Wan seemed to be unable to keep up, so he slowed down.

   After a while, they came to a resplendent living room, with vermilion leather sofas, carpets with beautiful patterns, and the shelves were filled with porcelain that Su Wan had seen on the ancient earth.

   This is a very precious thing!

  The empress was already sitting there dressed up, as if she had been waiting for a long time.

  Su Wan had seen a video of the empress in Interstellar News before. Gu Zilan was handsome and elegant, while Empress Romanya, like her sister, had curly red hair.

   However, her eyebrows and eyes are gentler, and she seems to have a much better temper than Rosina.

  When Su Wan walked in with Gu Jue, the empress immediately stood up, Gu Zilan took two quick steps, and his gaze fell on the military cadet uniform on Su Wan.

   "She came from Imperial University?"

   "Well, it's called Auntie."


   Good night, babies~



  (end of this chapter)

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