Chapter 36 Pink First Love

  Romanya still has a good impression of Su Wan.

  She said doubtfully: "It shouldn't be. I think that Su Wan has a good personality. My sister actually has a bad temper sometimes, but she also praised me that Su Wan is a good person."

  Gu Zilan: "Su Wan has a good temper, but my brother-in-law is cold and very difficult to get along with! Look, it's only been a while, and he has made people angry, and he doesn't even go home!"

  Romanya: "Then you'd better help me and persuade me. After so many years, it's not easy for my uncle to have a companion by his side."

  The company of relatives is always different from the day and night of a partner.

  Gu Zilan also thought so, and he had already investigated the background of that Su Wan.

  Besides being seriously injured and comatose before, and maybe not in good health, there are no other shortcomings.

  Although the Su family is only an aristocrat in the third district, but my uncle is very satisfied with this wife, so there is no problem.

  So Gu Zilan thought about it, and gave his uncle a trick.

  Gu Zilan: Coaxing a woman is easy, send her flowers, beautiful accessories and clothes.

  Gu Zilan: If it doesn't work, just kiss her!

   After Gu Jue received his message, the corner of his mouth twitched.

   These answers are very unreliable at first glance!


  At seven o'clock in the evening, Su Wan finally finished sorting out all the materials.

   The preliminary steps of the opening ceremony are drawn up, but some changes are still needed.

   Especially this menu.

   It is easy to find out the taste and consumption level of ordinary residents in the first sector.

  But it is difficult to obtain information about the royal family, nobles, and military leaders.

  These messages are all encrypted, presumably, you have to use some special channels to get them.

  Suman just came out of the kitchen. She wiped her hands and said with a smile, "Sister, the opening ceremony is troublesome, right?"

   "Well, it's quite troublesome."

   "Then do you need me to help you share your worries?"

  Su Wan raised her head, smiled and said, "Okay, pour me a cup of hot water."

  The smirk on Suman's face gradually disappeared.

She sneered and said, "Su Wan, you're no match for me, so give up. Although the old man seems to be supporting you now, if you mess up the opening ceremony, he won't be able to keep you. I'm more suitable than you Be the manager of this branch!"

  Su Wan moved her slightly sore wrist, and said indifferently, "Aren't you afraid of slipping your tongue when you talk too much?"

   "You are making unreasonable words. After all, you have been lying in the nutrition cabin or recuperating at home all these years. However, how hard I have worked and how much effort I have put in these years, you are definitely not as good as me!"

Su Wan smiled slightly: "What have you worked so hard for? Going around to curry favor with the Su family and make them care about you, is that good to you? Don't think that everyone is a fool and is so easy to be fooled. But if you can really be fooled by you successfully It's useless even if you're an idiot."

"What do you mean?"

   "Suman, is your mother coming back, so you are in a hurry recently?"

  Suman's face suddenly became extremely gloomy.

  Su Man's mother, Du Weiwei, was Su Zhen's first love, and the two were going to get married at the beginning.

  But just before the wedding, something happened.

  Du Weiwei suddenly ran away with a man from an alien field, but later, according to her own statement, she was abducted.

  The truth is unknown, but a few years later, when Du Weiwei came back, there was Su Man.

   Although for some unknown reason, Du Weiwei was convicted by the interstellar court and imprisoned in the interstellar prison, and then Su Zhen adopted Su Man.

   Now, Du Weiwei is about to be released.

  Suman is so active in wanting to get the management rights of the Su Family Restaurant, everything is connected, how strange it is to think.

Su Man tightened his grip on the menu in his hand, "Su Wan, you don't need to mention my mother, it depends on whether you can invite Commander Gu on the day of your opening. The wedding between you is incredible, no matter how you look at it, right? "

   "I married him, don't I have to thank you? If you didn't get in the way and stop Huo Yichang, would I marry Commander Gu?"

  Suman's eyes became more gloomy.

  Bringing this matter up, she was so depressed that her leg was broken in vain!

  The atmosphere between the two people was tense, and as a result, the atmosphere at the entrance of Su's restaurant was also a bit weird.

  Two aircraft are parked here, one with Huo family written on it, and the a military aircraft.

  Wearing a dark blue military uniform, with long legs wrapped in military boots, they are very intimidating.

  But such a cold and ruthless Commander is holding a bouquet of delicate red roses.

   And Huo Yichang also dressed up, and in his hand, there happened to be a bouquet of roses, which were pink.

   Bai Hu said to Gu Jue in the earphone: "Master! Pink roses mean first love! This Huo Yichang still wants to poach your corner!"

  Su Wan is Huo Yichang's first love.

  So this bouquet of pink roses...

  Gu Jue looked at Huo Yichang indifferently, his eyes were calm, but even so, he still had full deterrent power.

   Not to mention, there is also the invisible murderous aura soaked in his body after going to the battlefield many times.

  Huo Yi often felt his legs were weak and his palms were sweaty.

  He said respectfully: "Gu, Commander Gu, hello."

   "What are you doing here?"

   "I... I'm here to find Suman."

  Hearing that he was looking for Suman, the cold look on Gu Jue's face eased a little. He turned around and walked in with his long legs.

  Huo Yi used to hold the bouquet of roses so hard that his fingers were cut by short thorns.

Bai Hu continued to beep softly in Gu Jue's ear: "I swear by Bai Ze's position as the mastermind, this Huo Yichang must have come to look for Madam! Fortunately, Master, you came early! Otherwise, this wall will have a chance to show in front of Madam !"

  The corner of Gu Jue's mouth was slightly pursed, he didn't take Huo Yichang as an opponent seriously.

  At the beginning, it was Huo Yichang who missed the wedding by himself, which made Su Wan almost randomly assigned to marry a man.

   Now Gu Jue thinks that the more difficult thing is, how should Su Wan go home with him?

At this moment, Su Man happened to be there with a sneer and said, "Su Wan, do you know that my father asked me to marry Brother Huo, but I refused. Actually, I didn't like him at all, and he is just like that He never refuses to beg him to do something coquettishly. But do you know that the person he loves in his heart is actually you. But you are already married to Commander Gu, Su Wan, you Are you uncomfortable?"

  Su Wan didn't take this verbal attack on Su Man seriously.

  Just as she was about to speak back, she saw two people walking in one after another from the door.

  One is her legal husband, Commander.

   Behind Gu Jue was her ex-fiancé, Huo Yichang.

   Heh, it's so lively now.

  Because her back was facing the door, Su Man didn't know that someone was coming. She smiled triumphantly, "Why, Su Wan, why don't you talk? Are you so uncomfortable that you don't know what to say?"

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  (end of this chapter)

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