Chapter 47 Eyes learned, hands not learned

  Gu Jue: "I know."

  Su Wan was taken aback, "You know?"

   "You are not unclear with her."

   You are all one person, and you are all my wives.

  How did Su Wan know that the little vest of the God of Cookery had already been stripped off in front of Gu Jue.

  In her opinion, although Commander Gu is cold, he is very rational.

  Will not be provoked by Suman's green tea.

  Maybe, he is still a master tea appraiser!

  Although the status of Commander Gu in Su Wan's heart is far lower than that of the cute and cute A Jue.

   However, there is still an increase.

  But Su Wan thought, it might be because Gu Jue didn't like her, so she didn't care who she was having an affair with.

  She is just his exclusive potion.

  Thinking about it this way, it's a bit depressed, but Su Wan is not someone who easily indulges in the emotional world.

  Su Wan said generously, "Thank you for your understanding. I have a very good relationship with the God of Cookery. I will ask her to cook for you later."

  The corners of Gu Jue's eyes and brows slightly curved, "Okay."

   After the medicine was applied to Su Wan's ankle, Su Wan mentioned that Queen Romanya was also here, do you want to go over and say hello.

  Gu Jue did not refuse.

   Even though there was a little tiredness hidden in his eyes.

   Bai Hu whispered to Gu Jue: "Master, you haven't closed your eyes for more than fifty hours. Do you want to go back to the mansion to rest?"

  The queen came here in a low-key manner, and Gu Jue is considered an elder, so it's fine if he doesn't say hello.

  Gu Jue lowered his eyes halfway, "Since she's here, let's create some momentum for Xiao Wan."

  Bai Hu was speechless.

  My old swan, the master has opened up the second line of Ren and Du, and finally cultivated the miraculous skill of loving his wife?

   So good at it!

  Romanya is okay here, she often meets Gu Jue, it's nothing, but the other two little girls are very reserved.

   Needless to say, Sheng An, she has never met Gu Jue. The only time she saw it was at the opening ceremony of Imperial University, and she glanced at it from a distance.

  Now the living God of War of the Empire is standing in front of you, can you not be afraid?

  The little girl looked very cautious, worried that if she did something wrong or said something wrong, she would embarrass her roommate Su Wan.

  As for Rosina, she has met Gu Jue many times because of the Queen's sister.

  But no matter how many times she meets the legendary God of War commander, every time she sees her, she behaves like a quail.

   Fortunately, Gu Jue didn't stay here for too long. After saying hello, he said to Su Wan, "Go home tonight, I have something to tell you."

   This is very intimate.

  Especially the phrase "go home", as if the husband told his wife not to be playful and to go home early.

  After suppressing this subtle feeling, Su Wan nodded obediently, "Okay."

   Soon, everyone in the Su's restaurant also knew that the Empress of the Empire came to support Su Wan and the Su's restaurant today. They were shocked and felt very normal.

   It is also confirmed that Su Wan is Gu Jue's legal wife.

   Today's opening ceremony of the Su Family Restaurant was undoubtedly a super success. Mr. Su was so happy that he never let the corner of his mouth drop.

  The crow's feet even made two more laughs out of nowhere!

  After all the guests had left, Mr. Su announced in front of everyone that Su Wan was the manager of the first district of the Su Family Restaurant.

  In addition, starting today, he also designated Su Wan as the next successor.

  Su Zhen had been looking for Su Man all along. It seemed that he hadn't seen her for a long time, so he was a little worried.

  As a result, when he heard Mr. Su's announcement, he said in surprise: "Father, why did you decide the next heir so early? I'm still young."

  In the interstellar era, human life expectancy is getting longer and longer, and there are very advanced medical equipment.

  The average lifespan of a person is more than 150 years old, while the average lifespan of a lycanthropy is more than 200 years old.

   And Su Zhen is not yet fifty, so he is indeed still young.

  Master Su glanced at him indifferently, "Which of the opening ceremonies you hosted before was as successful as Xiao Wan's hosting?"

  Su Zhen: "..."

  Just one sentence, Mr. Su blocked his son's mouth.

  In fact, Mr. Su is very fair. Whoever has the ability will win. If you are not as capable as your daughter, then you should shut up.

  As for Su Teng, he is obsessed with cooking, and now he doesn't care who is in charge of the management.

  He changed his normal routine and asked Su Wan nervously: "Xiao Wan, do you have a good relationship with the God of Cookery? I saw the butterfly scroll he made today, but how can I not do it?"

  This is a typical case where the eyes have learned, but the hands have not learned.

  Although Su Wan cooks live, she always leaves a little suspense every time, so as not to let people learn all the cooking skills.

  She had a half-smile, and looked at the uncle who had made a 180-degree turn, "Tang uncle, didn't you satirize me before, that you can't cook, and Suman is not suitable for this manager's position?"

  Su Teng said: "You have never done anything before, and I don't know your ability. I saw it today and found that your management ability is not bad. The most important thing is that you know the God of Cookery."

  He is straightforward.

  Su Wan didn't talk too much about the previous things with him.

  She said: "The God of Cookery has some secret methods, which will definitely not be passed on to the outside world. You can only look back and watch more videos, study more and try to figure it out. Practice makes perfect, and you will have a chance to find the secret."

  Su Teng wasn't angry either, thinking carefully, that's what happened.

  If all the tricks are taught to the public, then the God of Cookery will not have any sense of mystery, and he can't even be called the God of Cookery.

  But he still said: "If there is a chance, can you introduce the God of Cookery for me?"

When we talked about this, Mr. Su came over immediately, pulled his nephew away, and said eagerly: "Xiaowan, the opening was successful today, thanks to the God of Cookery! When I have a chance, please introduce him. I want to meet him too. "

  Su Wan smiled obediently, "Okay."

   At this time, Su Man, who was crying so much, was suing Su Yun and Su Ni.

  She was connected to the projections of the two brothers at the same time, biting the corner of her mouth, and said with red eyes: "Big brother, second brother, you don't know, Su Wan hit me!"

  Su Yun, who was wearing a military uniform, was always thoughtful and didn't speak immediately.

   Su Ni, who had just recorded a song, stared wide-eyed after hearing it, "Where did she hit you? Is it okay? What's wrong with Su Wan, why did she hit someone!"

Su Man choked and said, "It's just that Su Wan used some method to invite the God of Cookery, and then Commander Gu also came. I just told the truth, and I said sister you in front of them. You have such a good relationship with the God of Cookery, and then my sister became angry and beat me!"

  As she spoke, she showed the red mark on her neck.

   That was pinched by Su Wan.

  Su Ni had just finished the performance, and he didn't know the whole story, so he was very angry after hearing it.

   "She's too much!"

   Su Yun, who had been practicing mecha operation with his classmates in the closed cabin just now, was slightly taken aback.

  Commander Gu actually came?

  (end of this chapter)

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