Chapter 49 Falling asleep with a fluffy tail

"Suman's affair with Huo Yichang before, I've already been magnanimous once. But this time, she tried to discredit me and our Su family in front of the commander. I can't bear it anymore. Moreover, what she said today has nothing to do with it. Grandpa, you have seen those things, she doesn't care about our Su family's interests at all! So, the first thing I have to do is, Su Man will not enter the Su family's restaurant in the future!"

   Not just District 1 management.

   It's the management of all the branches of Sujia Restaurant, you, Suman, don't even want to get involved!

  Su Zhen became impatient when he heard this, "Xiaowan, why are you doing this? You have already become the successor, why did you do this to Xiaoman?"

Lin Ranyue sneered at the side: "Xiaowan is able to be the successor because of her own ability! And what about your Xiaoman's ability? It's not because of yin and yang, but because she wants to use tricks to **** her husband and do all the dirty tricks." Fuck! Su Zhen, are you thinking about the Milky Way? Could it be that Xiaoman is your biological daughter, and Xiaowan was asexually reproduced by myself?"

  Su Zhen was speechless.

  Even Su Wan was dumbfounded by her mother's tough speech.

  What a serious matter, but asexual reproduction came out.

  Old Master Su coughed lightly, "Xiaowan, it's not good not to let Xiaoman enter Su's restaurant."

  The expression on Su Zhen's face eased slightly, and Su Wan looked at Old Man Su calmly.

  Grandpa Su continued: "It's okay for her to come to Su's restaurant to eat. After all, the restaurants outside are not as good as the food in our Su's restaurant."

  Su Zhen: "..."

  The corners of Su Wan's mouth slightly raised, "Okay, Grandpa."

  Su Zhen wanted to say something, but Lin Ranyue grabbed his hand.

   "Su Zhen, I want to talk to you about Du Weiwei."

  Bringing up Du Weiwei, Su Zhen was indeed distracted.

   On the other hand, Su Wan looked at her mother worriedly, and she felt relieved when she found her mother's expression was calm.

   After finishing the matter of the hotel, Su Wan walked to the platform and boarded the aircraft back to the Commander's Mansion.

  Because Gu Jue came back, Bai Hu immediately connected to the aircraft. After Su Wan left, Bai Hu said cheerfully: "Madam, you have worked hard."

  Su Wan has already gotten used to Gu Jue's brain being so cheerful, so she doesn't care.

  She hummed, then sat on the chair, kicked off her high heels, and stepped barefoot on the carpet.

  The place where the ankle was worn out no longer hurts.

   I don't know what ointment Gu Jue applied to her to be so effective.

  The whole day today is indeed very tiring, but it is very rewarding and fulfilling.

  Bai Hu considerately adjusted the chair into a reclining chair so that Su Wan could lean on it comfortably, and then the mechanical arm brought a blanket over and gently covered Su Wan's body.

  Su Wan was so tired that she fell asleep after a few minutes.

   When the aircraft landed smoothly on the platform of the Commander's Mansion, Bai Hu saw that Su Wan hadn't woken up, so he immediately sent a message to his master.

   "Master master, the lady has arrived, but she is asleep!"

  Bai Hu's voice suppressed excitement, after all, it's time for the master to perform again!

   Sure enough, Gu Jue, who was looking at the documents, put down his work, got up and walked out.

  He was wearing silver-gray home clothes, and he didn't seem to have the strong sense of oppression when he was wearing a military uniform. Instead, he had an imperceptible gentleness.

   It's just that his expression is still deserted, after all, he has been used to it for decades.

  Gu Jue gently carried Su Wan off the aircraft and walked towards the bedroom.

  In the middle of the journey, Su Wan frowned slightly, as if she was about to wake up, Gu Jue was taken aback.

  The next moment, the big furry tail came over and swept Su Wan's hand.

  Su Wan, who was sleeping, subconsciously hugged the fluffy tail with both hands, hugged her in her arms, and raised the corners of her mouth slightly.

   fell asleep again.

  Gu Jue's expression was a bit weird, as if he was holding back something, but also seemed to be warmed by something and sweetened his soul.

  In short, the white tiger flying in mid-air watched them enter the bedroom with a smile on his face.

   Its owner is finally becoming more and more like a person!

  Here Gu Jue gently put Su Wan on the bed. He knew she was exhausted and hoped that she could have a good rest.

  Su Wan, who was sleeping, hugged Gu Jue's tail tightly and did not let go.

  She even subconsciously hugged her tail to her face and rubbed it!

  Gu Jue's ears slowly turned red, the corners of his mouth were tightly clenched, his hands were clenched and then released, and then clenched again.

  At the end, he still didn't take his tail back...


  Su Wan dreamed about the wedding day again.

  Her wedding dress is flying, and the red carpet seems to stretch to the end of the world.

  Treading on high heels was too tiring, so Su Wan kicked off her shoes and continued to run forward.

  She was holding A Jue who looked confused and had blurred eyes.

  Nine big fluffy tails fluttering behind Ah Jue, coupled with his beautiful face, the whole person is like a beautiful fox descending.

  Su Wan was curious, "Ah Jue, did you become a fox?"

  Ah Jue in the dream pursed his lips, with tears hanging from the corners of his eyes, and he was terribly obedient.

  He shook his head slowly, then leaned over and kissed her.

  In an instant, the fluttering tails entwined towards Su Wan. Su Wan froze for a moment, and finally... she woke up from the heat.

  Woke up, Su Wan was still a little dazed, but she felt something was wrong. When she lowered her head, she found that she was holding a big fluffy tail in her hands!

   She turned her head and saw the man beside the bed, holding a paper book and reading it.

  The light came from his left end, giving his handsome facial features a hazy beauty like that of an exile.

  The real fox demon has come!

  Su Wan recalled the dream just now, and then looked at the beautiful man beside her, and couldn't bear to speak for a moment to break the beautiful atmosphere.

   It was Gu Jue who noticed that Su Wan woke up and turned his head. The cute and beautiful facial features in the dream seemed to be habitually covered with a layer of desolate frost.

"Woke up?"

  Su Wan shuddered and was completely awake.

  She looked around, and found out in horror that she was lying on the same bed as Gu Jue!

  I still hold his big tail!

  This scene is somewhat embarrassing, but Su Wan adheres to the strong psychological quality that as long as she doesn't think it's embarrassing, she tries to calmly ask: "How long have I been asleep?"

   "It's been three hours since I got off the aircraft."

  Gu Jue was still holding the book, but his tail still hadn't been retracted.

  Su Wan was too embarrassed to continue hugging his tail, she let go of it embarrassingly, and then just at this time her stomach groaned twice, and immediately found a reasonable reason to avoid embarrassment.

  She said: "It's been so long, no wonder I'm hungry, I'm going to the kitchen to make something to eat, do you want to join me?"

   It's past eleven o'clock in the evening. Su Wan heard that many nobles don't eat after six o'clock every night.

  So in this sentence, she was just being polite.

   After all, he slept for so long holding his tail.

   But who would have thought that as soon as she finished speaking, Gu Jue nodded slightly reservedly, "Okay."

  (end of this chapter)

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