After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 51: You are not someone else, you are insider

  Chapter 51 You are not someone else, you are a wife

   "The most important thing is that I can't find out what crime Du Weiwei committed back then. If she comes out, it will definitely affect my parents' marriage."

   After finishing speaking, Su Wan looked at Gu Jue generously.

   Seeing that she was indeed not angry, Gu Jue slowly let go of the hand holding the spoon handle.

  The very nervous Baihu next to him also breathed a sigh of relief.

   Hey, his wife's temper is really good!

  Its owner is such a dog, yet she is not angry?

   What a beautiful and kind little angel!

  Gu Jue said calmly: "Du Weiwei's case involves some secrets. Logically speaking, others have no right to know, but you are an exception."

  You are not someone else, you are insider.

  Su Wan was slightly startled, and quickly said: "If it's a top secret, it's fine not to say it, and I don't have to know it."

   No wonder she couldn't find out, it turned out that it involved high-level secrets!

   "She is related to a star thief who has been hunted down by the federal empire for many years. When Du Weiwei was caught, she was on that star thief's spaceship. However, the star thief was not caught."

  Gu Jue finished all these words very calmly, and then served himself a bowl of preserved egg and lean meat porridge.

  At the same time, he picked up another piece of cake.

  The white tiger silently counted the calories of Gu Jue's food, and clicked his tongue.

   Is this the owner who had no appetite for anything before?

  Men, they are indeed duplicity animals!

  Here, after Su Wan digested the news, she asked nervously, "Could it be that Su Man is the child of Du Weiwei and that star thief?"

  Gu Jue shook his head, "No, we compared their DNA. If Su Man was really the child of that Star Bandit, the Su family wouldn't have adopted her in the first place."

  Su Wan thinks about it too.

  Oh, I almost thought that Su Man had a bully father.

  She said doubtfully: "It seems that Du Weiwei's crime is not light, and she shouldn't be released early. Then why is Suman going all the trouble?"

   "I can check it for you," Gu Jue said quickly, but he added even more quickly, "Thank you for making this big table dish."

  The latter sentence is a bit superfluous.

  But Su Wan thought about it carefully and said, "I should cook for you. Of course, it would be even better if you can help me check it out."

  The beautiful little girl looks very soft and cute in beige home clothes.

  It is not at all the same as the saucy and beautiful queen who presided over the opening of the restaurant.

   But, they are all very beautiful.

   Gu Jue took a deep look at her and said, "But you may not have time to cook for me."


   "The freshmen of Imperial University will go to military training one month after the start of school."


  Su Wan was silent for a few seconds, and then immediately took out the optical brain to check the course schedule.

   Sure enough, the first-year students of Imperial University will undergo a one-month closed military training after one month of school.

  Seeing that Su Wan didn't speak, Gu Jue remembered that the other party was weak, and said, "You are not from a military academy, so you won't be too tired. Don't worry. If you are reluctant, I can help you say hello to your instructor."

   "Ah, no, I'm not worried about this." Su Wan couldn't explain, if she had to close her military training for a month, what if her mother and father had divorced after her military training was over?

   And there is...

  Su Wan organized her words, then raised her head and looked at Gu Jue, "Then what should you do when your manic depression period is over during my military training?"

  Gu Jue: "..."

  The manic-depressive period seems to be a taboo topic between two people. Once it is mentioned, it has the effect of silencer.

  When Su Wan said it, she actually didn't think that much.

But seeing Gu Jue looking deeply at herself, she subconsciously took a sip of milk from the water glass next to her and said, "But yes, it will be very convenient for you to find me when the time comes. Hey, I'm full, Go back to your room first, good night."

   After finishing speaking, Su Wan immediately turned around and left.

  Walk fast in slippers.

   It was as if there was some wild animal chasing her behind her.

   Su Wan breathed a sigh of relief after returning to the room. She went into the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face, but when she looked at herself in the mirror, the bases of her ears turned slightly red.

  She patted her face with cold water, "Shut up, why are you so shy, it's not once or twice."

   One more time, the third time...

  Once a month, twelve times a year, why does Commander's bipolar period resemble her menstrual period?

  By the way, menstrual period?

  Su Wan froze for a moment, she looked at herself in the mirror, her cheeks were slightly pink, her lips were red and her teeth were white, and her long hair was loosely loose.

   Calculated, my menstrual cycle should have come.

   You haven't come yet, is it because you have worked too hard recently?

   "Forget it, let's go to the infirmary after tomorrow's work is over." Su Wan didn't feel anything special recently, but she was a little tired, but it was probably because she was too busy.

   Moreover, after she woke up, her menstrual period has been inaccurate.

  Because I was too busy today and had to go back to school tomorrow, Su Wan lay down on the bed after a quick wash.

   soon fell asleep.

   This night, she slept soundly without having any dreams. When she opened her eyes again, it was exactly 6:30 in the morning.

   While Su Wan was washing up, she asked Xiao Bai, "Has the commander gone out?"

  Xiaobai: "The male master hasn't gone out yet, he is running and exercising in the garden."

  Su Wan frowned: "Why are you called the host again?"

  Xiaobai: "It was the white tiger who barked. It said that if I don't bark, it will implant a virus program in me."

  Su Wan: "..."

  Advanced intellectual brains are really amazing, and they all know that they threaten ordinary intellectual brains!

  Su Wan's intellectual brain Xiaobai is at the level of an ordinary intellectual brain, or in other words, the intellectual brain of ordinary people like them is an intelligent robot.

   Unlike Gu Jue, the intelligence brains of His Majesty Gu Zilan and the mastermind of the entire federal empire, Bai Ze, are all extremely high artificial intelligence with a certain personalized design.

   There are no more than ten high-level intellectual brains like Baihu Baize and the others in the entire federal empire.

  Su Wan thought to herself, forget it, it's just a title, she can't afford to be entangled with Bai Hu's brain on this.

   Seeing that it was still early, she also changed into her sportswear and planned to go for a morning run.

  Su Wan deliberately avoided the area where Gu Jue ran. After all, the entire mansion has a huge garden, so it is not difficult to avoid it.

   In the end, while running, he ran face to face with Gu Jue?

  Wearing a white sportswear and ponytail, Su Wan greeted generously: "Good morning, Jue."

   "Morning." Commander Gu has always cherished words like gold.

   It's just that when he ran to Su Wan's side, he turned a corner and ran side by side with her.

  Su Wan: "..." Should she speed up or slow down?

  Run with Commander, Alexander!

  Gu Jue was wearing a black sportswear, the material couldn't be seen, but the black seemed to be shining.

  Jiangsu Wan's white tracksuit, inexplicably smells like a couple's outfit.

But the white tiger was dissatisfied, it babbled in Gu Jue's mind and said: "Master, I told you in the morning that I want you to wear that white sportswear. If you don't listen, just take a look, otherwise you will succeed." You and your wife are wearing couple outfits! You look at it, but now it's black and white!"

  (end of this chapter)

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