Chapter 67 was vomited by him

   During training in the afternoon, I was so lucky to see Huo Yichang again.

  This time Huo Yichang didn't take the initiative to say anything, but just looked at Su Wan with resentment.

  It seemed that she had betrayed him back then.

  Su Wan felt that this person was really ridiculous. When Gu Jue was around, he was cowardly, and his knees were bent when he walked.

  When Gu Jue was away, Huo Yichang showed a kind of abandonment complaint towards her.

  Su Wan was very glad that she did not marry him back then.

What the hell.

  Afternoon training is a group confrontation relay race.

  Rogina was assigned to another group, and Su Wan and Sheng An formed a group with two other boys.

  The boy with green hair, named Alex, is a lycanthropy.

  The moment he saw Su Wan, he immediately raised a big smile, and then blinked at her.

   "My idol is the First Commander. Don't worry, Su Wan, I will cover you!"

  Another member has black hair and black eyes, named Lin Yu, gentle and handsome, wearing silver glasses, but giving people a very calm and reliable feeling.

  He just smiled faintly at Su Wan and Sheng An.

   Polite yet distant.

  Alex slapped Lin Yu **** the shoulder, making him stagger.

  He grinned, and the green hair on top of his head shone even more in the sunlight.

   "I know you, Lin Yu, a top student at the Cultural Institute, then our team will be stable today, with both civil and military skills!"

  Coincidentally, Huo Yichang and Suman happened to be in their opponent's team of four.

  Su Wan turned her head, just in time to see Su Man whispering something next to Huo Yichang's ear, smiling while speaking.

  Although Huo Yichang still had a straight face, he did not refuse Suman's approach.

  But by coincidence, Huo Yichang suddenly raised his head and found Su Wan looking at him.

  A flame suddenly jumped in his eyes!

  Su Wan was worried that this person would be passionate, thinking that she had no more love for him, so she planned to divert her attention.

  She suddenly felt uncomfortable in her stomach, as if the little cake she had eaten before was having a relationship with the nutrient solution.

   Then, Su Wan vomited at Huo Yichang.

  Huo Yichang: "..."

other people:"…"

   Sheng An was the first to react. She knew that Su Wan was pregnant, so she immediately picked up the clear water next to her and stretched out her hand to support Su Wan.

   "Xiao Wan, are you okay?"

  Su Wan herself was still in a daze for a few seconds, as streams of sour water surged up in her stomach, reminding her.

   Morning sickness?

   Or in front of the ex-boyfriend?

   Heh, Su Wan seriously suspected that it was because Little Goldfinger couldn't get used to that man and deliberately vented her anger on behalf of her own father.

   But, have you ever thought about your own mother!

  A large group of classmates and teachers stood here solemnly waiting for training, but she vomited a storm?

  It may be that Little Goldfinger really remembered the situation of his mother, and the retching feeling was suppressed a bit. Su Wan drank some water, and his stomach finally felt comfortable.

  He raised his head and found that his teammates and opponents were all looking at him.

  Even the instructor next to her who was responsible for calculating the grades was watching her.

   Everyone's eyes are complicated to varying degrees!

  Su Wan smiled mischievously, "It's okay, I just got cold from eating at noon, let's start."

  Suman snorted coldly, "It's really a big air, let us all wait for her alone!"

  Because she was completely embarrassing, and it was useless to pretend to be weak in front of Su Wan every time, Su Man simply looked for an opportunity and directly **** her off.


Su Wan sighed, "Su Man, if you are always hostile to Huo Yi, you can just tell it straight up. I think Huo Yi often looks disgusted, and this matter is over, why do you have to complain? Are you afraid that others will not know? "

   "You!" Suman quickly turned his head to explain to Huo Yichang, "Brother Huo, I'm not, I didn't mean that!"

  Huo Yichang's face was already dark, he didn't speak, but gave Suman a look.

  Suman bit the corner of his mouth aggrievedly.

   In this round, Suman lost again.

  The confrontation between the two groups began, and it was a relay race, the content of which was the group of physical training after ten o'clock in the morning.

   High jump, long jump, climbing, swimming and finally 100 pull-ups.

  Alex volunteered to take the first high jump and the last pull-up, Lin Yu long jump, Sheng An climbed, Su Wan swam.

  There is a record standard for the high jump, which is 3.5 meters. If you can't jump this height, you have to change to other team members to jump until you pass it.

  The long jump is the same, you must jump over 12 meters, but the jump requires the same high jump.

   There is no limit to climbing, but it is also very exhausting to climb the high bridge and pass through the thorn net.

   Fortunately, Sheng An's physical fitness is only second to Alex.

  Swimming requirements, similar to climbing.

  Alex jumped high, jumping directly from a height of four meters!

  Su Wan was a little shocked. In addition to being envious of the beastly body again, she thought to herself, fortunately, the training star base has gravity, otherwise this kid would have jumped to the sky.

  Alex, who came down to rest for a while, smiled triumphantly, showing his big white teeth, "How about it, brother, isn't it amazing? But don't worship me, I'm still a little bit worse than Commander Gu."

  Su Wan was speechless, "I don't worship you."

"Actually, my grandfather attended the opening ceremony of your Sujia Hotel's first star district, and he praised you after returning home. He also said that if Commander Gu hadn't acted early, he would have wanted you to be his granddaughter-in-law Son."

  Su Wan was speechless, and raised her head to look at Alex's green hair flying in the wind.

  No, no, no, even if she hadn't met A Jue that day, you would have absolutely no chance.

  The opposing team also passed the high jump. It was Huo Yichang and Lin Yu who jumped over 12 meters!

   Next, Sheng An and the other boy began to prepare for climbing.

  Su Wan was waiting by the swimming pool, watching very nervously, her heart skipping a beat.

  That boy is taller than Sheng An, with long hands and legs, and when climbing, he has a much greater advantage than Sheng An.

  But Sheng An still did not give up, her speed was even faster than that boy.

  The two of them had almost the same progress at the beginning, but in the end it was Sheng An who completed the task ahead of schedule!

  When the baton was handed over to Su Wan, the little girl's face was covered in dust, her forehead was covered in sweat, she looked embarrassed, but her eyes were filled with worry for Su Wan.

  Because she knew that Su Wan was pregnant, Sheng An was always a little worried.

   "Leave it to me!" Su Wan raised her lips, bit the baton that was as thick as a finger, and then jumped into the water with a plop!

  Another group is in charge of swimming relay, it is Suman.

  She was a few seconds behind Su, but Su Man was not in a hurry.

  Su Wan is so weak, it must be easy to catch up with her.

   As a result, when Su Man was distracted, Su Wan was already halfway through the swim!

  Suman's eyes flashed a shadow of prey.

  Su Wan, since you are like this, don't blame me!

   And Su Wan, who was about to swim to the finish line, suddenly felt something was wrong!

  There was something in the water that made her limbs feel numb!


  Su Wan's eyes suddenly widened!

   Of course in front of ex-boyfriend Yue.

   There is a baby who is so ruthless, and even guessed that he would throw up when he kissed the commander, so ruthless!



  (end of this chapter)

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