Chapter 74 Why did you get angry again?

  Su Yun immediately recognized that the man his sister wanted to introduce to his mother turned out to be the director of their school, Murray Mu, who came from an ancient family and was known for his strictness!

  Su Ni is not very familiar with Murray, he immediately exploded, "What's the matter with Su Wan, it's fine if she doesn't persuade her parents to get back together, but she even introduces a man to her mother! She just..."

  Su Ni didn't say the second half of the sentence.

   was covered by Su Yun beside him.

  Su Yun: "Mom, talk to Xiao Wan slowly, I have something to do with Xiao Ni, let's go first, and see you at Xiao Wan's wedding."

  After he finished speaking, he dragged the struggling Su Ni away.

  Lin Ranyue looked puzzled.

   According to her understanding, the eldest son should not be so considerate.

   Forget it, just leave, clean.

  The son is annoying.

  I knew that I would not be born at the beginning.

  Lin Ranyue immediately replied to her daughter.

  Lin Ranyue: Xiao Wan, who is this man? He looks quite mature and steady.

   I have to say that although Murray is one year younger than Gu Jue, unlike Gu Jue who was lying in the medical cabin before, Murray is actually thirty-nine years old.

   In addition, he usually looks very calm and restrained.

   As a result, he seemed to be a generation older than Gu Jue, and Lin Ranyue was in her forties, but she was well maintained, so when they saw it, they were almost the same.

  That's why Lin Ranyue said that this person is mature and stable.

  Su Wan immediately told her mother about Director Mu's conditions.

  Su Wan: Mom, how do you feel? If it feels good, I'll help you inquire about it.

  Lin Ranyue: ...Xiao Wan, let’s talk about this later, your marriage is the most important right now.

  Su Wan: What's important to me, isn't it just a replacement ticket? Mom, if you're embarrassed, you can think about it again.

  Su Wan: I'm so tired. I just have a holiday in the afternoon and no training. I'll take a nap first.

  Su Wan is really sleepy, and she also hopes to give her mother some time to think about it.

  If Director Mu can't do it, then find another handsome uncle.

  Su Wan fell asleep in a daze, and didn't even know when Gu Jue came back.

  Gu Jue came over and saw his little wife sleeping soundly with the quilt in her arms, but her brows were slightly frowned, as if she was worried about something.

  He took off his coat, leaving Baihu with only an orange lamp in the bedroom, and then lay down too.

  The big, fluffy tail slipped into Su Wan's arms familiarly.

   Su Wan, who was sleeping, embraced the big tail with both hands, rubbed it, and finally let go of the slight frown between her brows.

  Looking at her small appearance, Gu Jue couldn't hold back, leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

  Gu Jue is indeed a little angry today.

  He thought that Xiao Wan brought two roommates to cook for them, but he didn't expect that when the door opened, there were other people.

  Forget about that old man Murray, Xiaowan definitely doesn't like him.

   But there were two other young boys.

  One is enthusiastic and lively, and the other is gentle and restrained.

  The light is very dim, but Gu Jue, who has night vision, can clearly see Su Wan's appearance at this time.

   Su Wan, who was sleeping soundly, lacked her usual sharpness and a touch of villainy, now she looked obedient and soft.

  Gu Jue stretched out his long arms, and took his little wife into his arms as if possessive.

   Wanwan, you are not allowed to like other people.

   Can only like, me.

   It may be because of this overly strong emotion that Gu Jue's manic depression period was brought forward...


   There was training at 9 am the next day, and Su Wan was late.

  After she returned to the team out of breath, she saw that the students around her didn't understand, the instructor ignored her directly, and the expressions of the two roommates were more colorful.

  Su Wan: "..."

  She gritted her teeth secretly.

   It's all Gu Jue's fault!

   This person clearly said that a few days is a manic-depressive period, so why did he bring it earlier!

   What's more, she was in a daze the whole time, only heard a few sisters, and then she didn't know anything!

  Woke up with a sore back!

  Student Su Wan, who was in a very unhappy mood, practiced all morning in a state of low pressure, and even during sparring, he nearly beat his opponent to tears!

  The boy said with aggrieved red eyes: "Student Su Wan, did I offend you?"

   "Oh, you look a bit like my ex-boyfriend."

  The boy looked confused.

   Later, someone still gave him science popularization. Su Wan's ex-boyfriend was that Huo Yichang. The boy went to see Huo Yichang, and finally came to a conclusion.

   "I'm much more handsome than him!"

  The pregnant woman was already emotionally unstable, coupled with being very angry, Su Wan didn't go to Gu Jue's exclusive lounge for three consecutive days.

   Of course, he did not reply to the messages he sent.

  In the command room, Adolf looked at Commander Gu with an ugly face.

  In previous military training, Commander Gu would not come to them unless it was something special.

   And even if they come, they will just show up, and they won't even stay for one night.

  The lounge reserved here for Commander Gu was just a decoration before.

   But this time, he came here again and again, and then he never left!

  Sad man!

   "Commander Gu, do you have any other orders?"

  Gu Jue raised his head, looked at the gray-haired Adolf, and said flatly, "It's okay, you can go back."

   Adolf ran away quickly.

   "Dabai, is she angry?"

  Baihu: "..."

   This is very obvious, okay?

  Bai Hu: "Master, why don't you go learn from His Majesty again?"

  Gu Jue: "Let's talk about a friend of mine, Zi Lan will probably suspect that I asked the question myself."

  Baihu: "..."

   It is estimated that His Majesty already had doubts last time.

   Half an hour later, Gu Zilan received a message from his uncle.

  Gu Jue: Zilan, when your wife was pregnant and angry, how did you comfort her?

  When Gu Zilan saw this message, the corners of his mouth twitched.

Hey? Didn't these two just get married? Why did you get angry again?

  Gu Zilan: After she was pregnant, I never made her angry!

  Gu Zilan: When she first found out she was pregnant, Manya told me gently that if I made her angry when she was pregnant. She injected shrink injection to make the child become a cell again.

  Gu Jue: ...

  Gu Jue's expression changed, he immediately got up, picked up his military cap, and walked out, walking very eagerly.

  Military boots stepped on the ground, making a clanging sound.

  People passing by hurriedly saluted Gu Jue, but Gu Jue couldn't see anyone in his eyes.

  The sun shines through the tempered glass, and the heat is blocked, but the light falls little by little.

   Shines on the man walking briskly.

  He cares about their children.

   I care more, because with this child, there will be an inseparable connection between them.

  If the child is gone...


  Su Wan's training program this afternoon is weight-bearing running.

  Actually, she could feel that during the recent training, the instructors were secretly prodding her.

  This time the weight-carrying run was more straightforward. Su Wan and two other girls who were also pregnant drank fruit juice in the shade and watched other people bask in the sun, sweating and crying.

  Su Wan was chatting with two other girls.

   Didn't even know that the Commander of her family was rushing towards her.

   I heard that there are babies who want to fatten up this book...don't wow!

   Don’t you know, this book is about fat-prone physique, the kind that grows flesh even after drinking water! It's long meat!

   Moreover, Tangtang is going to be updated in December, and there are more updates, so I ask you if it is delicious?

   So, the crying babies of the earth are actively voting and enthusiastically giving five-star praise, okay?



  (end of this chapter)

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