After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 78: This stepdad candidate is a bit cold!

  Chapter 78 This stepdad candidate is a bit cold!

  Lin Ranyue's expression was rather cryptic, "The dress is just a name, if you look carefully, you will's very suitable for sleeping."

  The last time she got married, before she got married, her mother also vaguely told Su Wan about becoming a wife in the future.

  There is nothing to avoid.

  Su Wan just listened to physiological knowledge.

   At that time, I was quite calm.

  But this time, for some reason, Su Wan had already made Commander Gu's exclusive potion three times, and the two of them already had a baby.

   But when she looked at the 'chic' wedding dress, her cheeks were slowly warming up.

  The wedding night dress is red, in ancient style, a bit like the fiery red wedding dress that Su Wan saw on the ancient earth, with a phoenix crown and a xiapei, quite beautiful.

   But the point is, it's thin! quite thin! Very thin!

   Fair skin, hazy, cough cough cough.

  The other set is yellow, more specifically gold.

  Specially use gold and special techniques to make extremely soft and light silk threads, and the cuffs, neckline, and sleeves are all decorated with broken diamonds.

  Is this still clothes?

   This is a work of art!

  Lin Ranyue was still explaining next to her, "This set is also very good. After special craftsmanship, it feels very soft and easy to touch! Oh, by the way, the groom also has two sets of clothes of the same color."

  Su Wan instantly imagined that the cold Commander Gu was wearing that golden suit. Then milk chirping, Ah Jue, who showed his ears and tail, was wearing that red...


  Su Wan covered her face, "It's been over, there's no need to continue talking!"

  Lin Ranyue looked at her daughter shy, and her eyes suddenly softened.

"Speaking of it, it's amazing. When you got married last time, I was in a trance and didn't feel like marrying a daughter at all, but this time, it felt different at all. This time I really felt the complicated feelings of marrying a daughter , on the one hand, I feel sad that my well-raised daughter is about to be abducted by a stinky man. On the other hand, I am happy for you. After all, Commander Gu is a very good home and a good husband. Oh, I am in this mood Ah, very contradictory."


   "Hey, when you were lying in the recuperation cabin, everyone said that you would never wake up, but in the blink of an eye, you were married! Or twice!"

  Su Wan was very moved a moment ago. After all, everyone gave up at the beginning, thinking that she would not wake up, only her mother hadn't given up on her.

   Then when I heard the second half of the sentence, I couldn't laugh or cry.

  Su Wan: "Mom, this isn't my second marriage, after all, I married the same person."

   The groom is the same.

  Now in the personal information, the spouse is also the same person.

  From beginning to end, it was Gu Jue.

Lin Ranyue nodded: "You're right. Unlike me, if you get married in the future, it will definitely be a second marriage. By the way, Xiaowan, the director Mu you mentioned to me last time, why hasn't he gotten married? ?”

  Hearing her mother suddenly cue Director Mu, Su Wan shuddered!

  She quickly said: "Mom, that Director Mu is not suitable for you!"

Lin Ranyue looked blank: "Oh no, that's not what you said last time. You said that he is young and promising, has strong personal ability, and is loved by students. You also said that although he looks serious, he is actually Very warm."

  Su Wan's inner OS: Mom, I was wrong, he is not only not warm, but also cold!

  Su Wan said with difficulty: "But mother, he is a lycanthropist."

  Lin Ranyue: "It's okay, are you worried that he will live longer than me? That's not a problem, maybe in forty or fifty years, we will split up."

   "But the point is, his complete animal a snake!"

   At this time, the communication between the mother and daughter was interrupted because of the space jump of the spaceship.

  Su Wan looked at the blacked-out screen, wondering whether her mother heard her last words clearly.

  At this time, Sheng An came to call her, "Xiao Wan, Director Mu is here, just outside the door."

  Su Wan: "..."

   After a full minute of mental preparation, Su Wan left the dormitory and saw Murray standing there in the corridor not far away, looking up at the starry sky through the glass.

  Uncle is still a handsome uncle.

   Snakes are too scary...

  Su Wan stepped forward bravely, and said obediently: "Director Mu, what do you want from me?"

   Murray: "Thank you for making the dumplings, they are delicious."


   "Why do you want someone to send me a dumpling?"

  Su Wan was thinking in her heart, but she didn't expect snakes to like to eat dumplings, when she heard this sentence, her eyes widened!

She immediately said: "Because I accidentally made too much! There are too many dumplings left, and then I suddenly remembered that the last time we had dinner together, you mentioned that you wanted to eat dumplings. So, let Jack send you one Servings! I really overdid it accidentally, if you don’t believe me, go and see, Gina is full, and she’s still working out to digest!”

   Hearing this explanation, Murray breathed a sigh of relief.

  Seeing that he believed it, Su Wan also breathed a sigh of relief.

   After all, she couldn't tell Director Mu the truth. When she gave him dumplings, she hoped to get acquainted with him so that she could introduce her mother to him.

   Now, no more.

  Because, this stepdad candidate is a bit cold!

   Murray said a few words in a high-sounding manner, and left satisfied.

  Su Wan also returned to the dormitory tremblingly.

  People's psychological hints are really strange.

  I didn’t know about Murray’s complete animal form before, but I just felt that he was a somewhat serious elder.

   But now, when she saw him, she got goosebumps all over her body!

   Woo, I suddenly miss Commander's fluffy tail!

  She felt that she had to stroke her big fluffy tail for an hour before she could recover!

  Because the signal was interrupted just now, it was because the spaceship was jumping in space.

   When Su Wan returned to the dormitory, the optical brain rang again. It was her mother Lin Ranyue.

The moment the communication was connected, Lin Ranyue said in a very excited tone: "It turned out to be a snake, so powerful! Is it poisonous? Is it a red snake? I heard that the brighter the color, the more poisonous it may be." powerful!"

  Su Wan: "..."

   "Xiaowan? Are you listening to me?"

   "Are you... my mother?"

   "Nonsense! You are on the spaceship, and the signal is not stable, so I will not project with you, just send the voice directly. By the way, what kind of snake is Director Mu?"

  Su Wan felt that the generation gap between herself and her mother was a bit deep.

   On the issue of hair and hairlessness, the difference is so big that it exceeds the Milky Way!

  After confirming again and again that her mother was really interested in Director Mu who turned into a snake in his complete animal form, Su Wan finally said helplessly, "Then shall I send you his newsletter?"

   "I don't want it for now. He will go to your wedding later, right? I'll ask him directly."


  Su Wan felt that it was a bit redundant for her to find a handsome uncle for her mother.

  Because she believes that her mother has the ability to find a row of handsome uncles!

Here, Lin Ranyue suddenly remembered something: "By the way, Xiaowan, at your wedding, there is a part where the father has to help the bride to the groom. People from the royal family came to ask, when the time comes, you plan to let the bride Is Su Zhen on?"

   The first question, everyone said, should the scum dad participate in this session?

   The second question, everyone said, when the time comes, will the commander wear the gold suit, or the red one?

   The third question, the distance to the explosion is getting closer and closer, babies, are the tickets in your hands ready?

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  (end of this chapter)

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