Chapter 80, fractured

  Du Weiwei was downstairs, and was very angry when she saw the news from her daughter Xiaoman.

   Just about to call back the communication, I heard a scream from upstairs!

  She hurried upstairs, and saw Su Zhen sitting on the ground with his feet crossed and his face pale.

   "Weiwei, hurry up, go and call the doctor for me!"

   "Okay, don't move, I'll call the doctor right away!"

   After a while, Du Weiwei called a doctor and examined Su Zhen.

   Finally came to a conclusion: Su Zhen's big toe was broken.

  When he kicked the vase, he was wearing cotton slippers.

  He himself is not a lycanthropy, his body is not as strong as a lycanthropy, and he doesn't usually pay attention to exercise.

   So, just, broken bones.

  The doctor said: "In half a month, don't move around, take medicine on time, and it will return to normal."

   Half a month? This is really a disaster!

  When Du Weiwei sent the doctor away, Su Zhen was really angry, and immediately sent Su Wan a long message.

  It is full of scolding words for her!

   Call her unfilial!

   Scold her for having no conscience!

   Scolding her for being heartless and unjust to her family, she will definitely be bored and discarded by Commander Gu in the future!

  After sending this newsletter, Su Zhen finally felt better.

   Even the broken foot seems to be less painful.

  At this time, the eldest son Su Yun called over, and Su Zhen endured the pain and accepted it.

Su Yun said: "Dad, the weekend is the day when Xiaowan and Commander Gu get married, right? We all need to dress up to attend that day, and you should also hold the bride's hand and walk up to the groom. When the time comes, the royal family will There are also important figures from the entire Interstellar Federation, who will be present and must be treated formally. Dad, where are you? Come home, let's discuss the process."

  Su Zhen: "..."

  Xiaowan is going to have a wedding with Commander Gu?

   How no one told him!

  Ah, he just sent a lot of messages and scolded Xiaowan...

  Su Zhen hurriedly canceled those messages.

   But, it's too late.

  In his brain lay a few messages just sent by Su Wan.

  Su Wan: Oh, I don't know, so my father hates me so much.

  Su Wan: Originally, I wanted to invite you to attend my wedding with Commander Gu. There is another ceremony that requires my father to come.

  Su Wan: But since this is the case, forget it. ^_^

  After Su Zhen saw the news, he almost didn't bring it up!

  He hurriedly went to call and send messages to his daughter.

   As a result, the communication still failed.

   And the news, all disappeared! !

  Su Wan's side, on the other hand, calmly told Xiaobai to pack up the news about Su Zhen scolding her and send it to his mother, grandpa and the others.

   Oh, and sent a copy to Gu Jue.

   If you have unhappy things, don’t bear them alone, learn to ‘share’ with those who care about you.

   Not to mention, I am now a 'delicate' little pregnant woman.

   After finishing all this, Su Wan yawned, turned over, hugged her little quilt tightly and fell asleep.

  The military training is over, and every student has three days of vacation. Of course, it is all kinds of self-release.

  But Su Wan is going to get married soon. Although the wedding is arranged by the royal family, there are some procedures that she needs to learn.

  Gu Jue has tried his best not to burden Su Wan, and Su Wan herself can't embarrass him.

  No matter what, the two are getting along happily now, and they have a baby.

  Su Wan is a very clear-headed person. Gu Jue is willing to spoil her, treat her well, and even help her mother so much.

   Oh, and also cleaned up Du Weiwei to vent her anger.

  People outside are actually a little dissatisfied with her marrying Gu Jue.

  Then, she has to find a way to stop those people's mouths.

  Let those people know that their Commander has a good eye.

  Su Wan's little days on the spaceship were lived comfortably.

   And at this time, Pandora came to the door.

   is very persistent to continue to PK with her!

   At this time, the spaceship has completed the last space jump.

   In more than an hour, we will arrive at the port of the first sector.

  Pandora frowned and said: "Is it because you are pregnant, so it is not convenient to compete with me?"

Su Wan gnawed a big apple lazily, "I was also pregnant when I defeated you last time. I don't know what you are obsessed with. If you lose once, you can say it was an accident. You say you, if you If you lose to me for the second time, it will be even harder for you to explain to the outside world, why bother?"

  Pandora's face was livid, "I won't lose to you a second time!"

  Beside Rosina folded her arms and teased, "Not necessarily. Fat Duo, Xiaowan will give you the steps, so you can go down quickly."

  Pandora glared at her.

  She is going to be a female commander in the future, how could she give up so easily!

   The dormitory used to house three people, and it looked quite spacious.

   As a result, the tall and burly Pandora came, and the dormitory seemed cramped!

  Rosina complained: "Fat Duo, don't you know how to lose weight!"

  Pandora's face darkened, "I'm not fat, I'm strong!"

   "It's about the same anyway."

   "You dwarf, what do you know!"

   "My lady is 1.7 meters tall, why is she short! You are short! Your whole family is short!"

  These two have conflicts, they have been enemies almost since they were young, and they hate each other every time they meet.

  Oh, Rosina's fiancé is also Pandora's cousin.

  After Rosina gets married, they will still be related, and it is estimated that they will be jealous for a lifetime.

  But right now, Pandora doesn't care about Rosina, but instead makes a war post against Su Wan.

   "Su Wan, when you go back to school, when will you be free, let's compare!"

   "Next, I may be very busy and not available."

"what are you busy at?"

Su Wan thought about it seriously, and then counted with her fingers, "I have to get married, manage a restaurant, oh, I focus on my studies, and I can't relax. I have to raise a baby when I have time. I'm so busy. Tell me When will I have time to compete with you? Or, let's meet again next year?"

  Pandora finally left with a livid face.

   Lost to a pregnant woman, she was still a pure human, and the opponent was not even a lycanthropy!

   This is really hard for Pandora to accept.

  The proud queen encountered Waterloo for the first time in her life.

   And it's the kind that won't be able to get back to the scene within a year!

   So angry!

  Rosina smiled and bent over, "That's great, let me tell you, I've never seen Pandora's face before, it stinks like this."

  Su Wan and Sheng An didn't quite understand her joy.

   Fortunately, because the spaceship is about to disembark, everyone packs up their things and prepares to disembark.

   During the holidays, Rosina will naturally go home, while Sheng An is an orphan, so she goes back to school directly.

  Su Wan pondered for a while, she should go to Commander Gu's mansion.

   Oh, that's their home too.

   Actually, it's no wonder that Su Wan has no sense of belonging to that place until now, it's really that place is too cold!

  Su Wan thought, maybe he can go back and discuss with Commander Gu, whether he can change it a little bit.

  If possible, she can rebuild a live broadcast room for herself by the way.

   Walking out with the students, Su Wan has already sent a location message to the mansion's aircraft.

   It won't be long before they should come to pick her up.

   As a result, what Su Wan didn't expect was that she saw Su Zhen in the crowd.

  (end of this chapter)

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