Chapter 82 Commander Gu is angry

  Su Wan really felt that after the divorce, her mother became more and more straightforward.

   Perhaps it was the previous marriage that bound her nature.

So fine.

  After returning to the mansion, the housework robots all respectfully saluted Su Wan, and Su Wan waved them to get back to work.

  She went back to the room by herself, and took a quick shower first.

   Then let Xiaobai call out the floor plan of the mansion.

  Look at where it can be modified, or where it is suitable for modification.

   But she won't move until Gu Jue agrees.

   Speaking of which, did Gu Jue see her complaint message?

   Gu Jue really didn't see it.

  Because he found the figure of the star thief Lucifer, Gu Jue led his men to pursue him, but encountered meteorite turbulence, and the fleet was dispersed.

  Gu Jue personally controlled the main warship and avoided those meteorites.

  Although there is no danger for the time being, the signal has been interfered and information cannot be received temporarily.

  But the situation of Li Rui and others on the other warship is unclear.

  Eric said nervously: "Commander, Li Rui and the others won't be in any danger, right?"

   "We are ahead and they are behind, so at most they are on the edge of the meteorite turbulence. If you react quickly, you should be able to exit."

   Gu Jue has encountered situations that are more dangerous than this.

  So right now he is still very calm and calm.

  Under Gu Jue's command, their warship successfully escaped from the dangerous meteorite turbulence, and the signal was restored.

Eric was a little regretful, "It's a pity that Lucifer, the octopus, ran away again! Why is he so slippery every time, just like his full beast! It's disgusting and disgusting! Thank God, Li Rui and the others are fine, but fortunately their warship was moving slowly at that time, Commander, Li Rui said that he would be able to report to you on our warship in a while..."

  Eric babbled on for a long time, and found that the Commander beside him was looking at the light brain without saying a word.

  He leaned over curiously.

   saw a message on the light curtain.

  Su Wan: My dad scolded me QAQ

  Beside it is a bunch of forwarded messages, all of which are words of Su Zhen scolding his daughter Su Wan.

  Eric watched his Commander helplessly, his face became more and more hostile, and the breath around him became colder and colder!

  He retreated silently, retreated, and retreated all the way to the command room!

   Then turn around and run.

  Running for a few steps, seeing Li Rui walking towards him, Eric stretched out his arms to wrap his arms around Li Rui's shoulders, and dragged him out.

  Li Rui broke free from him speechlessly, "Eric, let go, I have something to report to the commander."

   "Xiao Ruirui, I advise you to go later, the Commander has been angered."

   "By whom?"

   "His father-in-law?"


  Although Li Rui didn't know what the commander's father-in-law did.

  But since the commander is angry, I'd better report it later.

  At this time, the temperature in the command room had dropped to zero degrees.

  Gu Jue said to Bai Hu: "Connect to Su Zhen's communication and project."

   "Yes! Master!" Baihu's electronic voice revealed a strong eagerness to try!

  That Su Zhen is too much!

   How dare you scold your wife, and even curse your master for hating your wife?

How is this possible?

  This Su Zhen really has a big problem.

  Even its artificial intelligence knows that his daughter is married to Commander, what a wonderful thing for him.

   As a result, what did he do?

   Scolding Madam?

   Really stupid!

  Communication rang again.

  Su Zhen has been scolded twice in a row, and already has a psychological shadow.

  I don't dare to answer anyone's communication anymore.

  However, this is Gu Jue, the number one interstellar commander!

  In the entire federal empire, no one dared to refuse his communication, not even His Majesty Gu Zilan.

   Moreover, Su Zhen still had a shred of hope.

   After all, he is Commander Gu's father-in-law.

  Commander Gu is a person of status and status after all, so he probably wouldn't do such things as swearing... right?

  Su Zhen coughed lightly, trying to make himself look like an elder.

  Du Weiwei and Su Man, who were next to them, immediately began to adjust their clothes and hairstyles, and even touched up their makeup.

  They all wanted to make a good impression on Commander Gu.

  The moment the communication was connected, a huge console was revealed on the screen, surrounded by sophisticated instruments emitting a faint blue light.

   This is a warship!

  The three of Su Zhen held their breath, a little nervous and excited.

  The man sitting on the chair is handsome and cold, wearing a dark blue military uniform, white gloves, and black leather boots.

  Looked over indifferently.

  Suman blushed immediately.

  To be stared at by such a perfect and excellent man is really too overwhelming.

  Du Weiwei next to her was not much better either.

   Not to mention, in fact, she is not much older than Gu Jue... She automatically calculated Gu Jue's age from birth.

  Of course, she has self-knowledge, and the other party will never look down on herself who has given birth.

  Her best choice now is to catch Su Zhen.

   But it doesn't prevent her from admiring the gaze of a man with a woman at this moment, looking into the camera, the handsome Commander.

   Really! What kind of **** luck did Lin Ranyue's daughter have?

   To be able to marry this adult!

  Du Weiwei turned her head and frowned slightly when she saw her shy daughter.

  From an objective point of view, compared with that Su Wan, Xiaoman's appearance is indeed a bit dull...

  Here, Su Zhen couldn't stand such a harsh gaze.

  The airs of elders that he insisted on are about to fall apart.

   "Ahem, Commander, do you have anything to do with me?"

   "I heard that you scolded Xiao Wan."

  Su Zhen wanted to have a stress reaction when he heard this sentence!

  He just scolded his daughter a few words, what's wrong? What happened to each of them!

  Also, Xiaowan, a dead girl, actually sent the words he scolded her to so many people!

  Su Zhen took a deep breath and smiled awkwardly, "Isn't it common for parents to scold their children? I scolded Xiaoman before, it's normal."

   "You can scold her casually, but you can't scold my family Wanwan."

  Su Zhen: "..."

  Suman: "..."

  Gu Jue quietly looked at the three people who seemed to be frozen, without much patience.

  His tone was indifferent and cold, "No one is allowed to provoke my wife, remember this sentence for me. Otherwise..."

  The pitch-black pupils slowly turned into beast-like vertical pupils.

  Hard, cold, ruthless, cruel.

   Stare dangerously at the three people inside the screen! It's like looking at a dead thing!

   Until the communication was cut off, the three of Su Zhen were still fixed in place, with cold sweat on their backs.

  At that moment, they all seemed to taste the taste of death...

   In the command room of the starship here, the coldness in the room did not end with the cut off of communication.

  Bai Hu was a little worried.

  The master seems really unhappy.

  The anger has not been vented yet.

  At this moment, a communication came in, and Bai Hu's electronic eyes lit up!

   "Master, Master, Madam sent you a message."

"turn around."


  (end of this chapter)

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