Chapter 88 He is the love I want

  Su Wan smiled: "No, it's just a small modification."

   Romanya looked around in disbelief.

  Although she has only been here once, she remembers that it is cold, like a laboratory.

  But now, the roses in the garden are fiery red and delicate.

  The beige furniture looks very gentle, the artificial wind blows, and the tasseled curtains sway gently.

  Ahhhhhhhhhhh, this is like a home!

  It was a **** horse before.

  Romanya's affection for Su Wan has already exploded, surpassing her husband!

  She is a caring and gentle person, and we got along very happily in the following chat.

   It just so happened that when Su Wan made snacks for Mr. Leng and Mr. G last night, there were some left over, so I took them out.

   Let the housekeeping robot make fruit tea, and invite Romanya and her ladies to have afternoon tea.

   Everyone chatted while eating.

  Lin Ranyue was also nearby, offering some suggestions from time to time.

  Time flies, and it is evening in a blink of an eye, and Roman Ya has to go back to the palace.

  She was a bit reluctant to leave, she didn't want to leave at all, maybe Su Wan would make dinner by herself.

  However, as a queen, she has to abide by many rules, and she can only return to the palace before dark.

  Romanya: "If you don't understand the process, I'll come over and teach you tomorrow."

  Su Wan didn't dare to torment her, and quickly said: "It's okay, I have learned it, really, if there is a problem, I can just ask you."

"Oh, okay."

   The tone was very disappointed.

   When boarding the royal aircraft and headed to the palace, the accompanying female officer saw Romanya's complacent expression, and hurriedly said, "Your Highness, what's wrong with you?"

   "I'm fine, I just suddenly feel that it's nice to be young."

   "Your Highness, you are not very old."

   "You don't understand."

  Romanya looked melancholy at her own reflection on the glass.

  If the person who was at Su Wan's house just now was her younger sister Gina, then Gina would definitely not have to leave.

  Will stay, eat the dishes made by Su Wan, and then stay and have a long talk with her.

  But this kind of beautiful days of youth are too far away from her.

  Not to mention with Su Wan, even with her own sister Gina.

  She is the queen of the federal empire, and she must maintain the dignity and dignity of a queen at all times.

   It’s better to be in-laws.

   After retiring, the couple can be free and travel around the universe.

  The accompanying female officer was still a little worried, "Your Highness, what are you thinking, so preoccupied?"

   "I was thinking, when will His Majesty retire?"


  The female officer did not dare to continue asking.

  Because of this problem, it is beyond the outline!


   In a blink of an eye, it was the day before the wedding.

  Gu Jue still hasn't come back.

  Although Gu Jue communicated with Su Wan for more than an hour last night, Gu Jue also said that he would definitely be able to come back before tonight.

  But Su Wan still felt faintly uneasy.

  She shouldn't be so unlucky, being dove twice by the groom... right?

  Bah bah bah, definitely not!

   It happened that there were some matters in the school, so I had to go back, and Su Wan asked Rosina and Sheng An to be bridesmaids.

  For convenience, I will bring the two of them home together tonight. There will be too many things tomorrow morning, so it will definitely be too late.

  So Su Wan thought, go back to school and get things done, just in time to pick up two friends.

   As a result, as soon as Su Wan entered the school, she saw Director Mu Murray standing there, as if waiting for someone.

   And then...she took a detour!

  Although I don't know what will happen to my mother and Director Mu in the future.

   But now, when Su Wan sees Director Mu, she still feels a chill down her back.

   In the end, I don't know if Su Wan was unlucky. He turned around and almost bumped into someone.

   raised his head.

   Oh, ex-fiance.

  Huo Yichang looked very haggard. His originally gentle and handsome face now looked more vicissitudes.

   It can be seen that he has not had a good time during this time.

  Although she is in school, she is admired by many girls.

   Comparing and comparing, Huo Yichang found that Su Wan is the best!

  He couldn't say what was good about Su Wan, but he just found out that no one could compare to her!

   Seeing Su Wan turn around to leave, Huo Yichang hastily opened his mouth.

   "Xiaowan, don't rush to leave! I know, you are going to marry Commander Gu. I'm not here to tear you apart, I'm here to bless you!"

  Su Wan sneered: "Do you have the ability to tear us apart?"

  Huo Yichang: "Xiaowan, I thought about it carefully, I was wrong! That day, I should have sent people from the rescue team to rescue Suman, and I shouldn't have missed our wedding!"

  Huo Yichang's eyes turned red, "It's all my fault."

  Su Wan nodded, "No, I'm still very grateful to you, thank you for not coming back that day."

   "Xiaowan...was your love for me before all fake?"

  Huo Yichang actually knew that he and Su Wan had drifted apart.

  If Su Wan married someone else, he might still have a chance.

   But the opponent is the first commander Gu Jue... He has no chance at all.

  So now, he's obsessed with one thing.

   That was all the years before, Su Wan's love for him, was it all fake?

   At the same time, Huo Yichang quietly turned on the recording function of the optical brain...

  But what Su Wan and Huo Yichang didn't know was that there were a few people standing not far away.

  The military uniforms on several people were still stained with Zerg green blood.

  In order to rescue a hijacked spaceship, they fought a brutal battle with the mutant Zerg.

  Finally, the principal Audrey and others on the spaceship were successfully rescued.

   They decided to get people back to school safely before going home.

   As a result, I saw this scene.

  Eric wiped the green blood on his cheeks, took a step back cautiously, and then wanted to wink at Li Rui.

   As a result, Li Rui has already taken several steps back!

   Murray on the other side is even more exaggerated, he can't even see anyone!

  In this kind of scene, if the wife of the commander says a wrong sentence, what will happen to her, they don't know.

   But they, bystanders, will probably be silenced by the commander immediately!

  The man standing at the front had a wound on his arm pierced by fangs, which had already been bandaged, and the lycanthropy's powerful body, this small wound did not harm him at all.

  But, the wound still looks shocking.

  But the man didn't even frown.

  Gu Jue didn't have any expression on his face, but only Zhinao Baihu knew how fast his master's heart was beating now.

   Just, the surface looks cold.

   But in fact, I was so nervous that I was going to explode!

  The master is afraid that the wife will say that she still loves her ex-boyfriend...

   And at this moment, Su Wan spoke.

   "Because of the regulations, you must marry before the age of 20. I feel that I can marry anyone, but I didn't know until I met Ah Jue."

  She smiled lightly, and her smile was as bright as a glow.

   "He is the love I want."

   Huo Yichang: After comparing and comparing, I found that Xiaowan is the best.

   Su Wan: Only when I saw A Jue did I understand what love is.

   Gu Jue: The electronic laser cannon is put away.

   Everyone: You want domestic violence?

   Gu Jue: No, laser cannons are for love rivals, and other methods are used for education.

   For the specific method, see the vote!


   Commander Gu is back!

   In the next chapter, they will get married again~

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  (end of this chapter)

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