Chapter 90 Wanwan, my hand hurts

  Although she is fierce, all she says are words of concern.

  The corners of Gu Jue's mouth raised slightly, and there was a hint of warmth in his cold voice.

   "Don't worry, even going up the mountain of swords and down into the sea of ​​fire will not stop me from coming back to marry you."

   Obviously, it was just a simple sentence.

  But because of the speaker, the voice is too pleasant, deep, and magnetic.

  Su Wan's ears felt hot and her heart beat faster.

  Finally, I know what sound can make a person pregnant.

   Oh, she's pregnant.

   "Do you want to take a bath here and change clothes?"

   "With you?"

   "Oh, I forgot, you also have an exclusive lounge in Imperial University, you can..."

   "It's here with you." Gu Jue said as he went to unbutton the top button of his military uniform.

   At this time, Bai Hu whispered in Gu Jue's earphone, "Master, your hand is injured. What a chance to get close to Madam at this time!"

  Gu Jue unbuttoned his hand, paused slightly, and froze there.

  Su Wan wanted to go out and talk to her roommates, but suddenly saw Gu Jue's movements stop.

  She was curious: "What's the matter? Didn't you change your clothes?"

   "I asked the adjutant to bring a change of clothes later, but..."

  Commander Gu is not used to showing weakness in front of anyone.

  He paused for a few seconds, looked at the puzzled little wife, and said slowly, "Hand hurts."

  Su Wan looked at his arm, which was able to hug her just now.

  Too strong to look injured at all.

  What's the matter now, the buttons can't be undone?

   But Commander Gu's expression was too serious, Su Wan was silent for a few seconds, then walked over.

   "Let me help you."


   The two of them got very close, but they simply unbuttoned their shirts without doing anything, but their breaths were entangled.

   Plus the previous touch and touch.

  Gu Jue leaned over, touched the corner of her mouth lightly, and she left immediately.

  Su Wan's body froze for a moment, and her hands also stopped. Because of her height, if Su Wan didn't raise her head, she could only see Commander Gu's Adam's apple.

  Suddenly, she became vicious, reached out and grabbed Commander Gu by the collar, and tipped her toes...


  Fifteen minutes later, Su Wan first opened the door to take the clothes sent by Adjutant Gu Jue into the room.

   Then quickly leave.

   knocked on the door of the friend next door.

   Sheng An happened to be in Rosina's room.

  Rogina clicked her tongue and said, "It's so fast, it's only been over half an hour."

  Su Wan was speechless: "What's the matter, Gu Jue is injured, I just bandaged him up and applied medicine. Oh, by the way, have you tried all the dresses that were given to you? They all fit."

  Rogina said: "Mine are quite suitable, but Xiao An'an wears 10cm high heels and walks unsteadily."

   Sheng An apologized: "Xiaowan, sorry, I'm not used to wearing high heels."

   "Oh, what a big deal, the shoes are the right size, right? I'll ask them to change a pair right away, is it okay to have a height of three centimeters?"

  Because it is a skirt, it is better to have a little height.

  Sheng An nodded, "Three centimeters is fine."

  Su Wan immediately sent a message on the optical brain to the female officer next to Queen Romanya, who was in charge of this matter.

  The other party said that the appropriate shoes will be delivered to Commander Gu's mansion tomorrow morning.

   Simply solved the problem.

  But Rosina put her arms around Sheng An's neck and smiled, "But little An'an, you are already a little shorter than me, and you need to wear three centimeter shoes, but you are much shorter than me."

  Sheng An smiled and said, "It's okay, I don't care."

  Two roommates, one more domineering than the other, Sheng An is actually not used to it.

  But both Su Wan and Rosina treat her very well.

  The identities are higher than the other, but they don't put on airs, and they are very sincere to Sheng'an.

  Sheng An is also working hard to change herself.

  She knew that if she kept avoiding her friends because of low self-esteem.

   Then, their kindness was wasted.

  Su Wan also saw Sheng An's efforts.

   She was happy too.

  Su Wan has this kind of personality. If she likes a friend, she will do her best to treat him well.

  If you don't like it, go wherever you like.

  In order not to be a light bulb, Rosina suggested that she and Sheng An would go to the Commander's Mansion by themselves in the aircraft later.

  They let Su Wan and the commander go back first.

  Su Wan: "It's just a short distance, it's nothing."

  Rosina blinked, "After all, you two are better than newlyweds, and you are on the aircraft."

  Su Wan: "..."

   I really don't know what Miss Luo is thinking about all day long!

  She silently returned to her room under the auntie smiles of her two little friends.

  Gu Jue has already taken a shower, and is wearing a white shirt, which has already buttoned up a button.

  But the moment he saw Su Wan, he stopped.

  Su Wan: "..."

   She suspects someone is doing it on purpose.

   But the evidence is weak.

   Fortunately, at this time, Gu Jue's furry ears were exposed, and it might be because it was still a little wet, and the breeze blew, making it a little cold.

  A pair of furry ears trembled subconsciously.

  Su Wan immediately stepped forward, stretched out her hand and started buttoning Gu Jue's buttons, trying not to count how many abdominal muscles he had.

   "Ah Jue, let's go back later, and then, I will let Gina and Sheng An be bridesmaids tomorrow, and they will also live in Commander Gu's mansion tonight."

   "According to custom, we cannot live together tonight."


  Su Wan felt that her ears were getting hot again.

  She said coquettishly: "What are you thinking about, I didn't say we want to live together."

   Gu Jue likes her little appearance the most.

  The corner of his mouth slightly raised: "But I don't want to follow the custom."


  Su Wan finally left school with Gu Jue, and when she got on the aircraft, there was a very suspicious powder cloud on her neck.

  Wait aboard the aircraft, just when her mother, Lin Ranyue, had something to ask her, so she called her.

  Su Wan was on the phone with her mother the whole time.

  Although Gu Jue felt a little pity, he didn't continue to do anything, but sat quietly on the chair and read the information.

  The white tiger with fluttering wings looked at all this, feeling comforted.

  Inexplicably, I feel a little bit of the quiet time.

  噫, it would be perfect if there is another little baby running around on the ground!

   When the aircraft was about to arrive home, Su Wan ended the call with her mother. She suddenly thought of something.

   "Ah Jue, I have redecorated the mansion. The changes may be a bit big. See you later. If you are not satisfied, we can make changes."

  Su Wan knew that Gu Jue trusted her and gave her all the authority of the entire mansion.

   But she also has to respect Gu Jue's preferences.

   Don't mess around.

  Who would have thought that Gu Jue would not change his expression after hearing this, but just said calmly: "I've said it all, as long as you like it."

   After he finished speaking, under Su Wan's surprised expression, he reached out and stroked her soft hair.

   The corners of his mouth slightly raised.

   "Let's go, let's go home."

  Su Wan suddenly felt her nose a little sore.

  She felt that those words such as I love you, I care about you most, you are my only one, etc., are not as good as this sentence, which makes people feel palpitating.

  It makes people's hearts warm up.

the most important is…

  Su Wan recalled that she seemed to have said this to someone in a distant time and space.

   Can't remember for a while?

   Forget it, let’s not think about it.

  (end of this chapter)

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