After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 94: Endure during the day, see enough at night

  Chapter 94 Endurance during the day, you can read enough at night

  Gu Jue stretched out his hand to hold Su Wan's little hand, his expression was stern, but his eyes were very gentle.

   "Wanwan, let's go."


  The next moment, Gu Jue hugged Su Wan horizontally, and the white tiger quickly flew in the air and scattered flowers.

  Others followed behind in a mighty way, and then took other aircraft.

  Although Gu Jue was walking steadily, Su Wan still put her arms around Gu Jue's neck and looked at him secretly.

  The commander still looks cool.

   It's strange to say that he looks like a grandma when he is in a manic depression period.

  Usually he is very abstinent and cold.

  Obviously, they all have the same facial features.

"looking at what?"

   Su Wan, who was caught, was not shy, and teased her generously: "You are looking at my husband."

  Commander Gu's jaw tightened, and his Adam's apple slipped, "Be patient during the day, and you can see enough at night."

  Su Wan: "..."

   Has she been teased by the cool Commander?

   After the aircraft arrived at the palace, various rituals and complicated ceremonies began.

  This is still a condensed version.

  Su Wan suddenly sympathized with Queen Romanya.

  Because it is said that when Gu Zilan and Romanya got married, the steps were at least several times more complicated than theirs!

  Although the etiquette is complicated, most of the time, Su Wan just needs to stand beside Gu Jue, occasionally looking at him with affection, and that's enough.

   As for when to salute and when to do something, there are female officials to assist you, so it is not difficult to arrive.

  Wait until the complicated royal ceremony is over, the bride and groom have to go to the next place, which is the wedding scene.

  This peerless wedding will be broadcast live on Xingwang.

  Of course, if there hadn’t been someone dedicated to supervising it all the time, the Star Network would have been paralyzed several times.

   Even so, the comments on the Internet are going to explode.

   "Although the wife of the commander is very delicate, I have to say that she is really beautiful."

   "Actually, I feel that the commander is so powerful, his wife, as long as she is beautiful."

   "It is said that the commander's wife is also the heir of the Su family restaurant. Could it be that the commander likes to eat the food of the Su family restaurant and then fell in love with her?"

   "As the old saying goes, to grab a man, you must first grab his stomach. I know why I can't marry the commander. It turns out it's all because my parents don't open a restaurant."

   "What are you guessing, I have inside information, they fell in love at first sight!"

  After Rosina sent this anonymous message, she said with emotion: "Actually, I don't believe they fell in love at first sight."

  Sheng An was sitting next to him, silently scrolling through the news on the Internet.

  When encountering someone who is not good for Su Wan, I will help to post anonymously and go back.

  She said without raising her head: "Xiaowan and Commander are very sensible people."

   "Exactly, how could two such sensible people fall in love at first sight?"

   "Then what do you think is the relationship between them?"

   "I think, it may be the fate of the past life, the destined spouse!"

   This statement was also agreed by Sheng An.

  Because, this is more suitable for the pair of very good newcomers.


   Today, the First Commander is getting married, and the whole country is celebrating. Of course, security is also stricter.

  Every person attending the wedding banquet will be strictly verified for identity, and will also be scanned to see if they are carrying dangerous goods.

   Also, the part of the half-beast is not allowed to be exposed during the whole process. After all, some lycanthropy parts are also aggressive.

   Such as fangs.

   As a result, some people were stopped.

  The receptionist at the door said neither humble nor overbearing: "Sorry, you are not in the guest list."

  The man's face was not very good-looking, but he still walked away.

   Behind Gu Jue is the royal family. He is also the first commander of the Federation, and no one dares to offend him.

  Su Zhen brought Du Weiwei and the others to the door, and then he showed the identity certificate of the optical brain to the reception staff at the door.

  The reception staff said politely: "Mr. Su, please."

  Su Zhen nodded and walked in.

   As a result, after walking a few steps, something felt wrong. When I turned around, I found that Du Weiwei and the three of them were stopped outside the door!

  Su Zhen immediately turned around and came out again, frowning and asking, "What's going on?"

  Receptionist: "Sorry, these two ladies and this man are not on the guest list."

  Su Zhen: "They came with me! I am the biological father of the bride! Can I bring a few guests?"

  The receptionist said neither humble nor overbearing: "I'm sorry, Mr. Su, the people who came today are all important people, we can only follow the rules. We can't let people in who are not on the list."


  Behind the smiling receptionist stood a group of heavily armed space warriors.

  Su Zhen did not dare to get angry.

  He had no choice but to bear it, and turned back to the three of Du Weiwei who had a bad face and said, "Wait here for me, I'll go in and talk to Xiaowan."

  Du Weiwei nodded.

  Because other people wanted to enter, Du Weiwei and the three had no choice but to step aside and let the entrance out.

  Suman felt ashamed, so he hid away.

   And Lucifer looked at Du Weiwei with very indifferent eyes.

  Du Weiwei explained with difficulty, "Maybe there is something wrong with the list. After all, the first commander is getting married, so the review must be very strict..."

   "Otherwise, why would I come to you!"

  Lucifer originally thought that Du Weiwei was Su Zhen's lover, and the two were about to get married. As Su Zhen was the bride's biological father, it would be easy to bring a few people in!

  He also enthusiastically prepared a 'gift' for Gu Jue!

   As a result, what the hell, he can't even get in the door now!

  If it wasn't for worrying about being discovered, Lucifer really wanted to use a tentacle to blow this useless Du Weiwei away!

  Ugly and useless woman!

  Du Weiwei realized that Lucifer was angry, and she quickly said: "There must be some misunderstanding. Su Zhen has already gone in to solve it. I think he will solve it soon, and we can go in soon."

   "Better so."

   Lucifer's appearance in the first sector is already very dangerous.

  He can't stay here for too long.

  Lucifer planned to give the 'gift' to Gu Jue as soon as possible after entering, and then left immediately while taking advantage of the chaos.

  He asked someone to arrange the departing spaceship at the port, and there was not much time left before the spaceship took off.

   As a result, I am still standing outside the door now! !

   And here, Su Zhen rushed to find the newcomer lounge.

  Just finished the heavy etiquette at the palace, Gu Jue asked Su Wan to go back to the lounge to rest for a while, accompanied by two bridesmaids.

  He is going to keep busy.

   Newcomer lounge.

  Before Su Zhen arrived, Su Yun was already standing there with an ugly face.

  Su Yun: "Xiao Wan, why are those guests not on the list? Did the royal family delete them?"

  Su Wan smiled innocently, "I don't know, how about I help you ask Her Highness the Queen?"

  (end of this chapter)

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