After the Groom Ran Off, I Convinced a Military Commander to Marry Me

Chapter 96: Would you like to marry him (100 monthly tickets plus updates)

  Chapter 96 Are you willing to marry him (100 monthly tickets plus updates)

   Murray was taken aback.

   He didn't do anything.

   I just saw Lin Ranyue's shoulder. Is there something like flower petals?

   It should have fallen during the wedding.

  Lin Ranyue couldn't see it by herself, and couldn't get it off.

   Murray was just doing her a favor.

  The result was questioned?

  Murray was about to explain politely, but Lin Ranyue was upset. She glared at Su Zhen, "What are we doing, what are you doing?"

  Su Zhen: "Lin Ranyue! You just divorced me, and you found another man so quickly? Tell me, have you been with this wild man for a long time?"

   "So what! Su Zhen, have you forgotten that we are already divorced? You hugged Du Weiwei and kissed me, so you won't allow me to look for a second love?"


   Murray next to him looked embarrassed.

   Wild man?

   Second spring?

  Is it him?

   Just when Murray felt so bad and tried to explain again, Lin Ranyue suddenly looked at him.

   winked at him, as if begging him, do me a favor.

  The words of explanation just got stuck in his throat.

  Here, Su Zhen was already trembling with anger!

   My feet were not good at first, and now the pain was so painful that I could not stand still.

  Lin Ranyue raised her chin like a proud queen.

   "Su Zhen, today is Xiaowan's day of great joy. If you continue to yell here, I will call someone to throw you out! So as not to embarrass Xiaowan!"

  When Su Zhen thinks of his daughter Xiaowan, he thinks of the cold commander's vertical pupils...

  He gave Murray a nasty look, then turned and left.

Seeing him leaving, Lin Ranyue turned around and said to Murray very apologetically, "Director Mu, I'm sorry for making you laugh and causing you trouble. I can't talk about the specifics right now. After all, today is Xiaowan's wedding, I'll explain it to you when I look back, okay?"

   "It's okay, oh, the ceremony has started over there, let's go there."

"it is good."

  Lin Ranyue breathed a sigh of relief seeing that Murray didn't think much about it.

  Communication mutual addition is successful, get!

  Cause established misunderstanding, get!

  The content of the next appointment is scheduled, get!

  It seems that that **** Su Zhen is not completely useless.


  The snow-white skirt of the wedding dress slid across the blue-gold carpet, and the crystal ceiling above the head reflected brilliant brilliance.

  Su Wan was held by her uncle Lin Huitang and walked towards Gu Jue.

  This picture seems familiar, but people's mood is completely different.

  When Su Wan came to the front, when Su Wan held Gu Jue's hand, the familiar warmth calmed her heart instantly.

  The master of ceremonies was speaking there, Gu Jue whispered in Su Wan's ear, "Are you tired?"


   "Persevere, just wait until this is over."

  Su Wan still remembers the wedding process.

  She whispered: "Don't we have to go to the palace in the end and have dinner with the empress?"

   "It's okay, it's just a family banquet, or let them go to our mansion."

  Su Wan couldn't laugh or cry.

   Fortunately, the emperor and empress are all people with excellent personalities, and they never care about anything with Gu Jue.

  Even if Gu Jue is their uncle, but after all, Gu Zilan and Luo Manya's identities are there.

  She whispered: "Don't break the rules, let's just go to the palace to have a meal. Besides, I want to thank them and cook a big meal for them myself."

  Although I can't tell them, I am the God of Cookery.

  But Su Wan can still remember that Roman Ya loves to eat her dishes.

  I got married by myself, and I have been busy for a long time. How to put it, I have to thank him.

  Oh, there is also His Majesty Gu Zilan.

  Gu Jue frowned unhappily, "It's fine to have dinner together, you don't have to cook, it's too tiring."

  Commander Gu felt sorry for his little wife.

   The master of ceremonies, who had been neglected by the couple for a long time, coughed pitifully for the third time.

  He repeated: "Mr. Gu Jue, would you like to marry Ms. Su Wan as your wife?"

  The couple finally set their sights on the master of ceremonies.

  It seems that he just remembered his existence.

  Gu Jue: "I am willing."

  The master of ceremonies breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly said to Su Wan: "Miss Su Wan, then are you willing to marry Mr. Gu Jue and be his wife?"

   "I, yes."

   At the last wedding, Gu Jue did not have a name.

   Make it up this time.

  The moment Su Wan kissed Gu Jue, everyone started applauding.

  The not-so-perfect wedding was finally complete.

  There were a lot of guests today, but the wedding went very smoothly.

   In terms of security, in addition to the royal guards, Gu Jue's elite space fighters from the First Army also guarded various important places such as the venue.

  No one dares to cause trouble on such an important day.

   Of course, no one can.

   Lucifer, who was sure he couldn't enter the auditorium, finally left with a livid face. Before he left, he gave Du Weiwei a faint look with the eyes of a dead person.

  Du Weiwei's feet went limp all of a sudden.

   At that moment, she felt that Lucifer wanted to kill her!

   On the other side, Suman stared dumbfounded at Huo Yichang, who was dressed in a black formal suit, and was walking towards the entrance of the wedding.

  She stopped Huo Yichang, "Brother Huo, you actually came to Su Wan's wedding?"

  Huo Yichang's expression doesn't look like he's here for a wedding.

   It's a bit of death.

   But what can he do, Gu Jue asked him to come, if he dared not come...Huo Yichang Gu Jue himself would not show up at Imperial University tomorrow.

   Moreover, until now, Huo Yichang finally realized one thing.

  That is, if Su Man hadn't been acting as a demon, he would have been with Su Wan long ago, so what's the matter with Commander Gu!

  So, he walked in without looking at Suman.

  Suman: "..."


  Most people today are not qualified to participate in this magnificent wedding.

  Everyone can only lie on the Internet and wait eagerly until some photos and videos come out.

  Someone has already edited the video, and all kinds of videos are extremely popular and remain high.

  Of course, some people still think that Su Wan is not good enough for Commander Gu.

   When everyone in the luxurious banquet hall began to enjoy the delicious food, an explosion notification scrolled on the Internet.

"To celebrate the manager of the Su Family Restaurant, Su Wan has a happy wedding. The first 199 guests of the Su Family Restaurant in the ten districts can enjoy a free order. Among them, those who are lucky can also draw the God of Cookery Delicious food made by hand.”

   As soon as this news came out, the whole Internet exploded!

   This is a great handwriting!

   You must know that each of the ten districts of the Interstellar Federation has at least one Sujia restaurant, and the food of the Sujia restaurant is recognized by the entire federal empire as the most expensive and the best!

  So, the group of people on the Internet stopped beeping, and quickly silenced them all, rushing towards the Sujia restaurant in their area!

   Duck! Try to be the first 199 guests!

  Why one hundred and ninety-nine?

   It's not easy, that is, I wish the two couples a long and happy life!

  The Internet was very peaceful and peaceful, and there were a few bad voices, which were quickly drowned out.

   No matter how you control the comments, it is not as easy to use as this trick!

   Cannibals have short mouths.

  Most importantly, the commander's wife is too open-minded!

  Su Zhen also saw the news. He lowered his voice and said to Mr. Su beside him, "Father, wouldn't the restaurant lose a lot of money in this way?"

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  (end of this chapter)

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