Blame The Villain For Being Too Beautiful

Chapter 255: Extra Story 2 (Childhood sweetheart)

Song Xuyi is five years old this year.

She is the pet of the kindergarten. She has been white and well-behaved since she was a child. Many people like her.

That day happened to be Song Xuyi's fifth birthday.

Song Xuyi was making a wish when suddenly a beautiful shooting star appeared in the sky. Song Xuyi thought about the beautiful little girl in the class next door, and solemnly made his five-year-old wish to the shooting star—

"Meteor Meteor, I want to be friends with the most beautiful person in the world!"

On the second day, the little girl Song Xuyi took the lollipop she received the day before to find the little school belle. The little school belle was very happy to accept Song Xuyi's lollipop, and she hooked up with Song Xuyi and shared the lollipop. , agreed to become good friends.

Song Xuyi felt that his dream had come true, and he couldn't help but smile all day long.

And that night, when Song Xuyi was about to go to bed, a strange letter appeared on the table. This letter had a very strange signature, and it was signed—a letter from a good friend from seven galaxies away.

At that time, Song Xuyi had only learned some characters, and only knew a few of them. It seemed that he knew that Song Xuyi hadn't started learning characters yet. This letter contained stick figures one by one:

The first picture depicts a little girl rubbing her eyes and wishing for a shooting star in the sky;

The kid Song Xuyi saw this picture and immediately recognized it—the kid who made the wish was himself!

The little girl Song Xuyi was very happy and immediately fell in love with this painter: because this person painted himself so cutely in the painting!

Song Xuyi opened the second picture again. The first picture in the second picture suddenly appeared in front of a little girl standing by the window whose face could not be seen clearly.

In the third picture, countless stars were drawn, and a vector arrow was drawn inside, strictly indicating the distance from Song Xuyi's planet to seven galaxies.

The fourth picture is still a little girl with no face. The little girl stretches out a hand, as if she wants to make friends with Song Xuyi.

The next few sheets of paper were blank.

The author has something to say:

The little girl Song Xuyi thought about it, and felt that these blank papers should be painted by herself. After thinking about it, Song Xuyi took out a pencil and wrote a few words he knew crookedly on the first piece of paper, "come seven girlfriends" , She originally wanted to write the word "Hello", but she couldn't write these two words. Song Xuyi finally bit the tip of the brush and drew a waving man with an incomparably bright smile on the paper.

Miraculously, when the drawing on this piece of paper is finished, the piece of paper disappears immediately.

Song Xuyi was still a little entangled at first, because her wish had come true, she had become new friends with Xiao Xiaohua, and the alien girl who wrote to herself didn't know if she was good-looking: after all, Song Xuyi had seen a movie , the aliens inside have dry skin and protruding eyes, which look really scary.

But after seeing this miraculous paper, Song Xuyi immediately dispelled the doubts in his heart: Although the new friend may be ugly, she should be a very good person, and she is willing to share this miraculous paper with herself!

Song Xuyi's eyes widened, and he became interested and enthusiastic again, and drew a picture crookedly: inside it was a little girl who also stretched out her hand. Said that he was willing to become good friends with that little girl.

Immediately afterwards, Song Xuyi drew another picture, which showed a little girl drawing with a pencil: Song Xuyi remembered the plot in the movie, and wanted to be a little teacher to teach this alien friend the language of this planet.

On the last piece of paper, Song Xuyi drew a lollipop—Song Xuyi wanted to express his hospitality and to show that he was a fair person. I gave Xiao Xiaohua a lollipop during the day, and when this new friend came to my planet, I was willing to share the lollipop with her.

After the last piece of paper disappeared, Song Xuyi went to bed and fell asleep.

In the next few days, she didn't receive any more inexplicable letters on her desk, and she played more and more with Xiao Xiaohua at school during the day.

Children usually have a lot of forgetfulness, and Song Xuyi almost forgot that friend from aliens that his parents didn't even believe...

Until about a week later, a strange, shiny metal box suddenly appeared on Song Xuyi's desk. As soon as Song Xuyi's hand touched the box, a sweet childish voice came out from inside—

"Xu Yi, you made a mistake in your previous letter! It should be "good friend" instead of "girlfriend". I can write, and I only have one good friend, you, not seven."

Wow! Is this the voice of the alien kid?

Song Xuyi thought the voice was very pleasant, and wanted to listen to it more, so he couldn't help shaking the small box. As soon as Song Xuyi's hand touched the small box, a mechanical electronic sound came out from inside: "Traveling through time and space consumes a lot of energy, and can only reply fifty words!"

Fifty words? The new friend is so good, I can count to fifty!

Song Xuyi was incomparably amazed: she could only count to twenty at this time, fifty words is really too much for her!

Song Xuyi couldn't help but praised the small box: "Your voice is so nice! Your paintings are also very cute. When you drew me before, you looked like me, as cute as me! You are so good at studying, you can I can count to fifty before I can count to twenty! Do you like lollipops..."

Song Xuyi felt that there were a lot of things she wanted to ask her new friends, but before she finished speaking, the small box in front of her eyes suddenly disappeared. Song Xuyi realized later that what she had said exceeded the word count. For the first time, Song Xuyi felt When it comes to regret, it is also the first time that I have made up my mind to study hard: I must study as soon as possible, count to fifty, and then I will be able to reply to new friends well...

But Song Xuyi hadn't learned fifty yet, and the new friend's box came again.

This time the new friend's box was much bigger than before, and the new friend's voice still came from inside: "Xu Yi's voice is also nice, and the person is very cute, I have never eaten a lollipop..."

This time, when Song Xuyi shook the box again, the mechanical voice inside changed the words: "The storage space has been expanded to support five minutes of speech!" "

Song Xuyi's eyes widened!

She knows how long five minutes is. Her mother told her that five minutes is five minutes when a sign on the watch is rotated by one large space!

Song Xuyi was extremely happy. While looking at the watch next to him, he quickly said what he wanted to say like pouring beans: "You have never eaten a lollipop! You are so pitiful! When will you come to play with me in the future? At that time I Be sure to treat you to lollipops! In addition to lollipops, we have many other delicious things here! I treat you to eat them all! My mother gave me a lot of lucky money! By the way, we still have many super good-looking people! You I’ll definitely like them after seeing them! These days, I’m watching a singing competition with my mother, and there’s a sister there who’s really super beautiful, and many people like her, she’s even more beautiful than the little school belle at school…”

Song Xuyi chattered about sharing his life and hobbies with his new friends, and after five minutes of talking, he still had something to say.

And when Song Xuyi received the box again, the new friend told Song Xuyi: "Xuyi, my name is Rong Yu." Thank you for everything you told me, I will find a way to visit you on your planet in the future! "

Song Xuyi really likes his new friend's voice, it sounds very nice. I always try my best to coax my new friend to say a few more words, but the new friend doesn't seem to be very talkative, and most of the time he listens quietly to Song Xuyi's words.

But Song Xuyi can feel that this friend named Rong Yu likes her, because Rong Yu is really working hard to be able to meet Song Xuyi. The tools for communication between the two range from paper to voice boxes. Later, when Song Xuyi was nine years old At that time, an interstellar phone that could make ten-minute calls appeared on Song Xuyi's desktop.

On her ninth birthday, Song Xuyi wanted to coax Rong Yu to sing her a birthday song at night, and pestered her parents to get the cake back in advance, but it rained heavily that night, and there were many accidents reported in the news.

Song Xuyi didn't know why, listening to the news of the accident on TV, looking at his parents and grandparents beside him, he wanted to shed tears for no reason.

"Because Xu Yi is a kind girl." Song Xuyi expressed her inexplicable and sudden mood to Rong Yu. Rong Yu on the interstellar phone was more gentle than usual this day. She sang a birthday song to Song Xuyi and comforted her gently. Song Xuyi: "Xu Yi is so cute, bad luck will not be willing to befall you, we will all live happily."

After Song Xuyi was admitted to junior high school, she and Xiao Banhua were admitted to different schools, and the relationship between the two gradually faded away. Everyone had new friends all of a sudden, but as time went by, Song Xuyi became more and more determined: No matter how long it has been and how many people she has known, Rong Yu is her best friend!

But it was also when Song Xuyi was thirteen years old. For a long time, Song Xuyi was unable to contact Rong Yu again.

Song Xuyi was extremely flustered, and only then did he realize that it was Rong Yu who had been contacting him all along, and he couldn't unilaterally contact Rong Yu at all.

His mood suddenly became extremely disturbed, and he seemed to have lost interest in many things. Song Xuyi began to study hard: Maybe if he has learned the knowledge, he will have the opportunity to go to seven galaxies in the future to see what happened to Rong Yu matter.

And it was at this time that the school transferred a transfer student.

When the transfer student transferred to Song Xuyi's class and stood on the podium, Song Xuyi froze in place: As a face control, Song Xuyi likes to see all kinds of beauties, but Song Xu has seen so many beauties , except for Wen Wen, the idol that Song Xuyi's whole family likes, Song Xuyi has never seen such a beautiful person in reality!

The little **** the podium was more dazzling than the sun, she smiled at Song Xuyi, Song Xuyi felt like his heart was about to melt!

Accompanied by the little girl's self-introduction, "Hi everyone, my name is Rong Yu, and I'm Xu Yi's good friend", Song Xuyi's eyes widened, feeling like he was dreaming—Rong Yu actually came to his own planet !

Rong Yu looks so beautiful!

It wasn't until the head teacher arranged for Rong Yu to be Song Xuyi's deskmate, Song Xuyi pinched himself hard, felt the pain, and after confirming that it wasn't a dream, he stared at Rong Yu who was smiling beside him: "You're really here! I Really happy!"

"How long are you here this time? When are you going back to your own planet?"

Song Xuyi chattered and asked many questions, and Rong Yu answered her gently:

"I don't have my own planet anymore. Our home galaxy has been annihilated in the universe," Rong Yu lowered his head, his eyes were a bit sad, but when he looked at Song Xuyi, there was a smile in his eyes : "But I want to thank you. Because I have been wanting to see you all these years, I have paid special attention to the situation of galaxies and have been developing tools for traveling through the universe. Half a year ago, I discovered the message that the universe was about to go violent/chaos, We poured the power of the planet, developed a large number of spaceships, organized everyone to evacuate, and drifted to many galaxies."

"Although our parent star is gone, the people in our galaxy have survived!"

"I will live with you on this planet in the future, and this will be my second hometown!"

"Don't worry, I will treat you well in the future!" Song Xuyi did not expect that Rong Yu would have such a hard time during this period, and felt very distressed for a while. After class, he emptied his change and bought Rong Yu the promise he had made. After school, he took Rong Yu to his home and asked his parents to cook a special and hearty meal for Rong Yu.

It was also at this time that Song Xuyi knew that Rong Yu had moved to his next door. Looking at Rong Yu's beautiful parents, Song Xuyi felt unprecedentedly happy. In an instant, it seemed that even the gloomy sky became brighter: for a Yangou For me, what could be happier than being able to see beautiful women with both eyes open and closed?

Song Xuyi then went to school with Rong Yu by bicycle, and went out to play together. The two were almost inseparable, and Rong Yu was better than Song Xuyi imagined: she never seemed to be angry with Song Xuyi, and she always smiled when looking at Song Xuyi Yingying's appearance, her grades are also very good, almost every time she is the first in the whole grade...

Such an excellent girl will naturally attract people's attention. Ever since Rong Yu came here, Song Xuyi has helped others deliver countless love letters to Rong Yu, some of which were written by boys and some by girls, but Rong Yu always tore them open to read. Put it aside at a glance.

Until one day, a blushing boy stuffed a letter to Song Xuyi. Song Xuyi thought it was another letter for Rong Yu, and handed it to Rong Yu, but unexpectedly, Rong Yu glanced at it, squinted his eyes, and turned the letter to Rong Yu. Put the letter in the bag!

Song Xuyi's eyes widened: Rong Yu never ignored all love letters, and this was the first time he accepted a love letter. Could it be that Rong Yu likes this type of boy?

Song Xuyi recalled the boy's delicate and shy appearance, and couldn't help asking: "Ayu, are you planning to fall in love with this boy? Although he looks cute, but mom and dad won't let us fall in love early... "

"Xu Yi, do you think he is cute?" Rong Yu's eyes suddenly narrowed, Song Xuyi didn't know what was wrong with him, and suddenly felt that Rong Yu in front of him looked a little dangerous, but Rong Yu immediately smiled as usual I got up and patted Song Xuyi's head: "Don't worry, I'm careful, and now I only focus on studying, and I hope Xu Yi will accompany me, and we will be admitted to key high schools together."

"Although we have to be in our twenties to be considered an adult on our planet, when I come here, I should abide by the rules of this planet. I will be with the person I like after the college entrance examination at the age of eighteen..."

Rong Yu took a deep look at Song Xuyi, Song Xuyi felt that Rong Yu looked a little weird, but he couldn't explain why it was weird for a while, and at the same time, after listening to Rong Yu's words, Song Xuyi suddenly felt something strange in his heart Unclear sourness: Rong Yu's words show that she already has someone she likes, and she spends all day with her, yet she doesn't know who she really likes? !

However, when Song Xuyi asked Rong Yu who he liked, Rong Yu, who had always kept no secrets from Song Xuyi, looked away and patted Song Xuyi's head: "I can't tell you now."

Song Xuyi's eyes widened, never thought that Rong Yu would have a secret in private!

After Song Xuyi clung to Rong Yu even more tightly, he wanted to find out who Rong Yu liked, and Rong Yu also took advantage of this opportunity to pay close attention to Song Xuyi's studies. Key high school.

At the beginning, Song Xuyi thought that Rong Yu liked the little boy who sent the love letter, but soon after the little boy sent the love letter, Song Xuyi saw that Rong Yu had a conversation with the little boy, and the little boy ran away crying. , the little boy saw the two of them and walked away, with a sad face...

After excluding the little boys, Song Xuyi really couldn't think of who Rong Yu would like.

With the passage of time in high school and the coming of the college entrance examination, Song Xuyi became more and more anxious: Even though Rong Yu never fell in love in high school, Song Xuyi always remembered that Rong Yu said that she had someone she liked. Yu would smile at another person, would be with another person, and from then on he could only be a light bulb, the more Song Xuyi thought about it, the more he felt uncomfortable.

Song Xuyi spurned his possessiveness towards Rong Yu. As a good friend, Song Xuyi felt that he should bless Rong Yu, but Song Xuyi couldn't control himself. Whenever he thought of Rong Yu being with someone else, Song Xuyi felt extremely sad .

This emotion reached its peak after the college entrance examination.

Rong Yu is so beautiful, she can definitely be with the person she likes.

And it was also in this season that Song Xuyi's idol Wen Wen announced that he had pursued his girlfriend and planned to marry her.

Even though as a rational fan, Song Xuyi has already smacked a lot of sweets between Wen Wen and his girlfriend Bai Qingshao in private, but hearing the news that they are about to get married, Song Xuyi still feels a little disappointed: It seems that everyone in the world has begun to have love. A single dog alone.

Wen Wen's last concert before her marriage was the day after the college entrance examination.

Song Xuyi desperately begged Bai Lai to pull up Rong Yu and go to the concert with him.

I don't know why, Song Xuyi and Rong Yu talked about Wen Wen many times, but Rong Yu was not very interested. At this time, knowing that Wen Wen was about to get married, Rong Yu finally nodded when Song Xuyi wanted to go to the concert. Wen Wen was praised for the first time: "As a mermaid, her singing voice can be regarded as top-notch, and she is also a rare mermaid who can escape the fate of vicious curse..."

Because Wen Wen's debut appearance is a mermaid, everyone has been calling her a mermaid these years, and Song Xuyi didn't think much about it. During the concert, Song Xuyi used the atmosphere of the concert to cry heartbreakingly, wanting to borrow This relieves the sadness in my heart: Wen Wen is getting married, Rong Yu is about to be with the person he likes, and I am the only single dog left in the world...

But when Wen Wen appeared in front of everyone with his wife and children, Song Xuyi couldn't help being happy again, and blessed them loudly.

Crying and laughing at the same time, Song Xuyi lost his strength after a lot of tossing, and finally it was Rong Yu who carried her back home.

Under the sky full of stars, Song Xuyi cried too much before, and couldn't help but began to hiccup. Rong Yu's voice was condensed like never before: "You like her so much? I've never seen you so crazy!"

"You don't understand, you're a person who is about to fall in love," Song Xuyi thought of Wen Wen's upcoming relationship with his partner, feeling sad, and couldn't help feeling depressed: "It's not all because I like her, I also love her." I feel happy for her, my idol can get happiness. But other people's lives are in pairs, and I am a single dog, and I will always feel a little sad when I look at it..."

Song Xuyi originally wanted Rong Yu to comfort herself, telling herself that even if she fell in love, she would not forget her good friend, but unexpectedly Song Xuyi heard Rong Yu's sneering voice—

"Heh, who said I don't understand!"

Rong Yu put down Song Xuyi, turned his head and looked at her deeply, Song Xuyi couldn't help but clenched the clothes beside him—

"People who are liked by others are always in love with each other, but I fell in love with a dull elm lump these years. She didn't know that I liked her for so many years! She also accepted love letters from boys in front of me, and for other women. Crying and laughing, you obviously called me girlfriend when you were young, but you regret it when you grow up, and you just want to be good friends with me..."

"It was you who told me that I made a mistake. It should be 'good friend' instead of 'girlfriend'! "Song Xuyi retorted subconsciously, and realized the meaning of Rong Yu's words only after he realized it. He couldn't help but widen his eyes and his heartbeat slowed down for a moment, and then it started beating fast again...


The person Rong Yu said he likes... is himself?

"I made a mistake when I was young!" Rong Yu answered the words politely, looked deeply at Song Xuyi, his eyes were a little disturbed: "I have always wanted to be your girlfriend all these years, Xu Yi, would you like me?" Won't you try it with me?"

Song Xuyi looked into Rong Yu's beautiful eyes, those eyes were as usual, full of himself...

Song Xuyi's heart was beating faster and faster, and a strange but joyous emotion overflowed from the bottom of his heart. Song Xuyi bit his lower lip tightly, his face flushed, but he clearly heard his own voice like a gnat—


To Song Xu's surprise, except for her, everyone else seemed to know that Rong Yu liked her. The family members were not surprised by this, the students were not surprised by this, even the teacher was not surprised...

The two were admitted to the same university together, and when they graduated, they got married under the witness of all their relatives and friends.

Without those ups and downs and pains, all the loved ones are always by their side, and the two live a happy and peaceful life after marriage, and they will grow old together hand in hand.

This is a story that Song Xuyi wrote for Rong Yu and herself, a story between them in the new small world.

And in the thousands of universes, please believe that there will always be a world that belongs to all of us: love what we love, have no regrets, fulfill our wishes every year, be happy and peaceful!

"End of Extra Story"

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